Monday, May 2, 2016

Stash Report: April 2016

Are you aware that Hancock Fabrics is closing all of its stores? Yes, this could be a problem. In addition to the fact that many are losing their jobs, an icon is ending its run, and sewers will struggle to find fabric, there's yet another problem: I can't resist the temptation to purchase still more fabric! 

I have enough. Really, I do. I cannot possibly sew every bit of it before I die at the ripe old age of 118.

Kona® Cotton
My enabler, though, has to take some blame for the most recent purchase...he insisted that we go! I mean, I intended to go. I knew I'd be buying some Kona solids. I actually hoped there's be plenty of Kona. There was. Photos and confession tomorrow.

Tonight, a stash report that shows I am almost breaking even with purchases and uses. I don't know how this is good or bad, but I have a feeling...

Stash Report for April 2016
Additions and
Projects from stash
Works in Progress
(not in report)
Used this month:
Memory Quilt (9)
Circle Quilt (WIP)
Added this month:
Small Projects (1½)
Used in 2016:
(bags and painting)

Added in 2016:

How has the recent announcement that Hancock Fabrics is closing affected your stash? 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Lonesome Dove Neutrals

We've been watching the 1989 miniseries Lonesome Dove. Four hours of the movie last week and, now, another four hours of Return to Lonesome Dove. It's our second go watching these, but Richard loves them.  He really likes westerns. 

Lonesome Dove (DVD) (2 Disc) - Larger Front
Today we need some inspiration and, since there seem to be only neutral colors in the movies--it feels almost as if it were shot in sienna--I started thinking about neutral quilts.

Return to Lonesome Dove (DVD) (2 Disc) - Larger Front

Could the colors be more neutral with these muted grays, beiges, and browns? All beautiful, of course, but without much pop.  
Gray isn't just gray -- it comes in a wide variety of intensities and shades, with subtle nuances that add a designer approach to any decor. And the right shade is a matter of personal preference. "First find out what emotion you want your space to play into -- airy, earthbound, dramatic -- then proceed to choose your color from there," says designer and PPG Pittsburgh Paints color and design adviser Vicente Wolf. /:

So for some inspiration--
Edgy - Asymmetrical surfaces and soft colours - New Kaza Concrete three-dimensional tile collection @kazaconcrete: Benjamin Moore Paint Colors - Neutral Paint Colors. Great Soothing Color!:

The traditional combination of gray, beige and brown colors in one palette. Warm tone emphasizes dark chocolate color and enhanced by light shades of brown. Harmonious and stylish combination of interior decoration cafe, restaurant or kitchen. Perfect solution for a wardrobe in the fall or winter.:

Gorgeous soft cushions in gentle neutral tones. Doesn't the blush work well with the different shades of grey?: The rugs and Linen patterns with their light but having graphic patterns are truly Scandinavia:

Neutral colour palette, but remove the over the top girl/ French influences. Beautiful cottage living room (Tweak It Tuesday): Whites with golden undertones, like these yummy shades, are a step above basic white and offer a cozy vibe to boot. And the trick to making white not boring? "Layers of different whites and a variety of different textures are what make a room interesting," color expert Grant K. Gibson says.:

And now for some quilts--
Modern gray and white neutrals quilt - Diary of a Quilter - a quilt blog

Grey Matter – Quilt Now Magazine | Quilt Jane

LOVE NEUTRAL QUILTS!!!!  Additional Images of Spotlight on Neutrals by Pat Wys -

Rising Trends: Tips for Quilting With Neutrals

Baby Herringbone Quilt- Neutral Baby Blanket- Mint, Gray, and White - READY TO SHIP

Helen's Quilt... I like how so many quilts are done in straight line quilting lately...

My take on gypsy wife quilt.

Landscape Quilt full size by Ink & Spindle, via Flickr

For some reason this quilt talks to me...Life is going to slow down. I want to make a quilt--just because...

low volume awesome. (Warning: This post contains a swear word).

make us  // gum tree quilt [ faffling . muted colours . irregular piecing . quilting . sewing ]

My Swoon (Thimble Blossom, Camille Roskelley great pattern) quilt handmade with Dear Stella White Gold Palladium fabric and Kona Ash and Snow

With over 5,000 pins, my Pinterest board, "heart, quilts" includes these and many other beautiful quilts. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Quilt Painting ~~ Finish

I should be sewing and having fun at Fountainbleu State Park with other crafty friends, but I've worked so much on testing that I decided to take a raincheck on the weekend. I just didn't think that I'd be able to drive the 2½ hours to the lodge. So I thought I'd finally share this finish.

Several weeks ago I told you about a painting class that I "attended" at school with both students and other teachers. We painted a cotton stalk with the cotton bolls. I really enjoyed working in paint medium, so I decided to combine it with quilting. 

Oh my! what fun! Of course, I chose fabrics (in this case blues with a touches of gray and navy) and sewed them up in a variety of lines and curves. I made the quilt sandwich on the long-arm so that I could quilt and paint interchangeably. 

I chose the places where I wanted the cotton bolls to be and drew them out with a few stitching lines. I then quilted around those areas so they would pop forward. At this point I stopped to paint inside the stitched areas. For the most part, I switched back and forth between stitching and painting until I felt that it was done.

After it was all done and dry--which took several days--I mounted it on an empty frame that my art teacher friend, Leta, had given me and decided that I really do like it. 

In fact, this project is the result of those free frames. Leta told me she knew I'd "do something with them." And so she gets credit for putting me on the path to painting both pieces. 

Imagine what she'd have me doing if I actually took her art class! Her classes are painting another project, this one with a Louisiana theme, and some of the works are pretty amazing. Because I've been busy with testing, I haven't been in much, but what I have seen I love. Now to share this work with her so she can see what I've been doing.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pin It Weekly #151

I am getting a bit excited about this coming weekend--I am going to the Sew-Craft-acular Weekend at Fountainbleu State Park just north of New Orleans, right on the shore of Lake Ponchartrain. 

Sunset Fountainbleu State Park:

There are six of us who are going. Each one is bringing her own projects to work on but not necessarily sewing projects.     
Took portraits this morning at this beautiful spot. I love Louisiana.   ***Fontainbleu State Park, across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans:

These pins are some of the images that other folks have taken at Fountainbleu and pinned to their pages. 

Fountainbleu State Park, Louisiana:

Oak with Spanish moss, Fountainbleu State Park:

Can you see why I am excited? There's sewing, quilting, crafting, and food, plus these awesome places to see when we need a break. 

Fountainbleu State Park:
Sugar mill ruins

I want to take a picture here, its the visitor center at fountainbleu:
Visitor's center

Expect a post on the weekend fun and maybe even a few projects...assuming I can get some packed up by Friday.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Of Amaryllis and Puppies

What can I say? I love these beautiful amaryllis. They bloom every year at this time and are huge, even for amaryllis. 

Apparently the bulbs are multiplying because there have never been so many before. A closer look shows that there are eight open and two more are close to bursting.

While I can't get the color quite right in a photograph, I can tell you that they are lipstick red with a tinge of white on the backside of the bloom. I bought one bulb in a box meant to bloom on my desk, then once the flowers were finished, convinced Richard to plant them in the yard. 

I can easily see them from the kitchen window, a perfect location! I'm a bit tempted to dig them up and separate the bulbs, but they are doing so well, that I've decided (again) to leave them alone. Apparently the camellia shrub is a wonderful neighbor because they get along beautifully. 

And of puppies...this is a typical evening at our house:

Little Little claims her own seat.
Candy claims a lap.
Cotton claims a footrest (mine).
Have a great week. Thanks for visiting,

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: S U E S S (as in Dr.)

Yesterday I asked for a rain check for Sunday Quilt Inspiration because I was exhausted after preparing for testing all afternoon and night. So tonight I'll do my best to catch up. 
I also mentioned that my sister pointed out this cute cup on FB.  It's the beginning inspiration for tonight. Join me and Dr. Suess, will you?
Giant Oh The Places You'll Go Sign by SwitzersSweets on Etsy:

A fun craft project for Read Across America Day! Directions and photos here:

Free Print of the Week: The Lorax-Inspired Earth Day Coloring Page |

I will never forget when my high school English teacher read this book to us on the day of graduation. Not a dry eye in the room!

Dr. Seuss Makes Reading Fun Photo Booth Party Props - 19 Piece Set

Pre-K Tweets: free printable Dr. Suess fish!
dr suess classroom door decor - Bing Images

Dr. Suess footprint crafts for kids - cat in the hat & thing 1 and thing 2

Definitely wearing this to school as soon as I get it!

Dr. Suess

And some quilts!
Robert Kaufman  Fabrics is a wholesale converter  of quilting fabrics and textiles for manufacturers as well as a supplier to  the retail, quilting, home decor, bridal, uniform, and apparel industries.  Established in 1942.

dr suess quilt - I know and have this pattern. This is a must!

Dr. Seuss quilt. Maybe have each student draw a scene from their favorite Dr. Seuss book and put them all together to create a classroom quilt.:

FREE pattern: Dr. Seuss paper-piecing block (Fandom in Stitches)

Cat in the Hat Quilt by Elise of Lovelea Designs

love this dr. suess bag!

Dr Suess Baby blocks

Dr Seuss panel quilting

Dr Seuss Quilt: cute and simple pattern, I especially like since I have these fabrics

Wavy line, spiral line, line pattern, space foreground background middle ground near/far

Dr suess quilt

You have brains in your head, 
You have feet in your shoes, 
You can steer yourself any
     direction you choose.
                       Dr. Suess