Friday, May 22, 2015

Crazy X Quilt ~~ Finished!

Yes!  A Finish!  Some time ago I joined a bee group online that consists of many of the same people who were involved with the Louisiana Traveling Quilt.  We added a few more folks and in no time we began building blocks for the Queen Bee.  
You've heard of queen for a day?  I was Queen for a whole month in February. (On a side note: being queen is cool--I understand why real queens don't give up the crown.)  

So, I got several blocks that I designed (sort of) and requested.  One of the fun parts of being in a group is reporting back to everyone on your progress. They loved it when I told them the quilting was finished...oh, that was a while ago, but everyone said, "you're what?!" and other such nice things so I felt special all over again.

I have a post about the "X Block" here, but if you read that post, you know there were a few surprises.
Surprise 1: I gave directions that allowed each quilter to choose her own size, so the blocks are all sorts of sizes.  Okay, I figured that is something I can handle with, what else? fabric!

Surprise 2: The X strips could be wonky, straight, or angular.  That means the blocks also are not square.  Heavens, I didn't see that coming.  I also didn't see just how wonky they really sweet husband (the man who sees every problem) politely pointed that out.  He wasn't so polite with the smirk, or the laugh.  And I didn't appreciate that shaking head too much, either. 

Surprise 3: I figured it out all on my own, thank you!  (Take that, negative husband man.)  

Can you see how the quilt name was changed from X Quilt to Crazy X Quilt? (We'll say it because the X's are crazy, not the "designer.")  It's been a trip, but challenges are good. 

And when we take the challenges for what they are and handle them, well, it's even more fun.  

Imagine how special I'll feel when the bee hive finds out that the quilt is on the bed in the new camper.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pin It Weekly #115

For organizing ~~
I love this coffee station!! Organizing the Kitchen: Our New Coffee Station - Driven by Decor (scheduled via

Eight Things You Can Do to Make Your Master Bath Feel Like a Spa  ,

guest bathroom

so clever...hanging baskets in the kitchen...or anywhere else! I'm thinking kitchen, pantry, bath, mudroom/entry, bedroom

baskets on the wall for fruit and veg. ommmmg this is so cute!!!!!!!!!!   itll add such a cute touch to the kitchen .

And if you're into organizing, check out this "OCD" board, it's well worth your time...
Ladder for hanging clothes out to dry in laundry room - adorable and energy efficient!

Storage Solutions All Around the House • Great Ideas and Tutorials! -- Diy'able? -- Would love this!

50 Organizing Ideas For Every Room in Your House — JaMonkey - Atlanta Mom Blogger | Parenting & Lifestyle

For decorating ~~
Hamper: Love this elephant hamper, it operates as decoration and as a laundry basket! Best of both worlds!

Tutu Basket Tutu Gift Basket Tutu Baby Shower by MissMadelynsBows, $55.00

front door arrangement. Cute for spring. And different than the usual wreath.

EVERYDAY VICTORIAN & VINTAGE DESIGN PRODUCTS FLASH SALES. Get yourdeal today @ Get $5 for free with coupon code:PIN0SRASUK1V

What a unique #DIY project!  A broken picnic basket has been transformed into a decorative basket.  |
GREAT list of ideas for unorthodox things to hang on the wall. What to Hang on the Wall {besides art and photos} via interior designer @FieldstoneHill Design, Darlene Weir Design, Darlene Weir Design, Darlene Weir
Just need to convince my hubby to paint our cabinets white. Would look nice with the stainless appliances.

Decorar mesas con vajillas de colores | Decoratrix | Decoración, diseño e interiorismo

Neat stuff I found while looking for baskets ~~
Buffalo Chalkboard Home Decor by 163DesignCompany on Etsy

Cute Home Decorating Idea.  .

Entry old trunk pillows Whitewashed Shabby chic French country rustic Swedish decor idea

Mechanical lobster art by Scrapwood Renaissance:

easy 15 minute barstool makeover

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

One Lovely Blog Award

What a nice little honor I've award!  More specifically a nomination for "One Lovely Blog Award."  Kaja, of Sew Slowly, nominated me, which is terribly thoughtful of her.  We met through her blog or mine: I really don't remember, but I don't think it matters whose blog had that honor.

Much more important is that we have had a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other.  She's a fabulous quilter who is brave and bold in her quilting.  She's also pretty innovative--see her "Built me a wall" post to see an example of that. 

Okay, so on to the award and its responsibilities:
The award post is supposed to introduce readers to blogs I love and which you may not have read before.  Those who accept the award are asked to 

    •  Thank the blogger who nominated you
    •  Share seven facts about yourself
    •  Nominate other blogs for the award

I've covered the thanking part already (and I really do appreciate it, Kaja). So here are the seven facts about me:

  1. I teach English but would rather be back in my library
  2. I am not opposed to the not-so-new CCSS teaching system (or whatever it's called) and just want to tell other teacher to quit whining and teach already
  3. I am an English teacher, so a red pen lives in my head, but I don't necessarily use it all the time
  4. My husband of 36 years is the best guy ever and calls me sweetie, sweetheart, love, and doodlebug (yeah, it's like that--we're blessed, me more than him)
  5. I don't get jokes.  Well, I do, but it takes a little longer in my case.  Now, if I know it's a joke, I can almost keep up.
  6. I cry for everything.  No.  I mean EVERYTHING.  I may not cry on the spot, but I'm going to cry.
  7. Hate TV, love books, enjoy movies, love silence, am particular about my entertainment.

And (drum roll, please) my nominations--in alpha order, of course:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Graduation cramps my style

Graduation really does.  Cramp my style, I mean.  I am not one for pomp, or big deals, or circumstances that require wearing shoes that hurt my feet.  But anyway.

For a big deal, graduation was very nice.  Lots of parents, family and friends.  All the teachers.  School board members.  You know, all the people who were supposed to be there.  

The graduates were well behaved.  They do sit on stage, and everyone is looking at them.  Still, they enjoyed themselves a little.  One or two indulged in a jig after receiving their diplomas.  I guess it's hard to control happiness when you're overwhelmed and you've been holding it in for an hour.  

I'd mention all the awards and scholarships but, for a small school, we have a striking number of kids who do extremely well.  For example, every regular ed senior is Work Keys Certified.  

Half have received Honors Graduate awards, meaning they have taken and earned 12 or more credits in honors courses.  I lost track of the amount of scholarship money our senior kiddos earned.  I'll admit that I'm pretty impressed!  And pleased to be associated with our school and graduates!   Go BNTHS!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: C I R C L E S

I queried "modern quilt guilds" in Pinterest this afternoon and discovered that 30 guilds have Pinterest sites.  Each of those sites have various board and many pins.  There are a few guilds who are just starting their sites and fewer than 15 pins, but some have as many several hundred to a thousand.  If you are interested in modern quilts, fabrics and guilds, you might consider using Pinterest.
Making Art with the Golden Ratio (по этому же принципу рисуют спираль)

One of the themes I noticed as I looked through several of the guild sites is the use of circles.  

Sort of Circles Open edition giclee print by EloiseRenouf on Etsy, $25.00

Minimalist Abstract Landscape Art Print, Mountains, Mid Century Modern, Purple, Circles

Circles - Abbey Withington...Scandinavian inspired fabric intended for interiors. Painted with ink and screen printed onto linenAlexander Rodchenko  Hanging Spatial Construction no. 9 (Circle in a Circle), 1920-1921/1993  Plywood of peach-tree. 90 x 80 x 85 cm  Galerie Gmurzynska Zug

This is a custom designed stained glass window panel that was created to hanging in a long narrow window or sidelight. It measures approximately 9 1/2 inches wide X 57 inches long.  We find these long bubble designs look great when hung or installed horizontally above French doors or vertically in the side light of a front entry door. They add color, interest and privacy to a home.Hiroyuki Hamada

I wonder if I could get my very artistic daughter to make me something similar in oil pastels or chalk????
organisatin de l'espace : répétition, superposition... Couleurs, motifs, différents matériaux...

Love these circles and here's a step by step tutorial for it! Me, With My Head in the Clouds: Painted Circles Tutorial

Bullseye Quilt by Lynne Goldsworthy for Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine issue 11

Jan's MQG Riley Blake Challenge Table Runner

Color Wheel Embroidery Sampler #embroidery #sampler

applique quilt DIY

English paper piecing rings

53 Gorgeous Quilts = Inspirational Eye Candy!

circle quilt by Thimble and Bobbin, based on the original pillow by Ryan Walsh (the link). His tutorial isn't available any longer but it's still pretty to look at.

circles quilt by mamacjt with a tutorial

Googly eyes!!

I just LOVE a circle quilt - simple to make, but oh so cute - - love this holiday version.  tutorial via Sugar Bee Crafts

Piece N Quilt: free tutorials. This could work with the prints I bought for Sophie's quilt, on a white ground.

Melinda Quilts ETC: Customer Quilts  - Circle quilt idea....could be a neat one to make into stars and planets on a black background

Baby Boy Quilt - need to find someone to make this for me out of caden's clothes

Okay, I loooovin' this quilt!  How about big Kaffe Fassett, etc prints on b/w???

Been trying to find pillows that would bring in several colors in my living room and I think this is a great idea for that. These are small enough you could even cut down quilting squares that come in so many colors/patterns.

Ta-Dot! Designer: Mabeth Oxenreider Experiment with gentle curved seaming, then reverse-applique embellished strip sets for an exuberant quilt. - Download free pattern here:

Threadtales: Circle Quilt with Bubblicious Digital Quilt Design by Lisa Calle

If you want to easily go to the Pinterest site with all 30 modern guilds, click this link.