Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pin it Weekly #87

bookshelves in a small space

Ideas for getting organized at home so things can run smoother throughout the school year.

Crates made pretty! Great organization for shoes, etc. The drop box from Lowe's. Used for many different things.

#4. DIY Tupperware Lid Holder ~ 50 Brilliant Storage Ideas

Car Organizer using a Shoe Organizer

Red velvet cheesecake brownies I have met my match!!

Butterfingers Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bar

Neiman Marcus Brownies! To die for!!!   only 5 ingredients (yellow cake mix, eggs, cream cheese, butter, & powdered sugar) & is super easy to make.

Butterfinger Blondies with Butterfinger Buttercream


Cinnamon Roll Cake

Lemon brownies, uhm lemon yellows?

Apple Pie Bars

I ❤ crazy quilting . . .

crazy quilt detail, the ideaofmlots of detail, not the spider tho...

crazy quilting

#Quilt #Embroidery Series

crazy quilting

Crazy quilt block.

I ❤ crazy quilting . . .  Arlene stitched block#4 for Marya- ENGLISH GARDEN #1  DYB RR 2011- The first English Garden Round Robin was the brainchild of Maureen Greeson, an accomplished embroiderer with thread and silk ribbon. The participants in this round robin were Maureen G., Meg W, Marya, Kathy Shaw, Ingrid G. and Arlene from Australia.

I ❤ crazy quilting, beading and embroidery . . . Crazy Quilt ~ Love ~By Jo in NZ

you just have to see this woman's blog - such beautiful work  This is mine!  From my Button Crazy Quilt!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Modern Monday

Make that Tuesday!  I need to get my act together, but there's good news in the mess.  I've caught up with the Louisiana Traveling Quilt(s) for the North East Modern Quilt Guild.  Yay!

Now, there's no picture of the box, so I can't prove it, but Richard promises it found a way to the post office.  Regardless, it's out and I have photos of a cute little turtle to serve as my addition.

That's my little guy in the lower right corner.  He's had a rough life, but he's happy to have found new friends: the alligator and the crawfish.  The owl's job is to watch over everyone.    

Although I've loved all the tops, this one may be my favorite so far. But I think I've said that for all of them.       

But how could I not love this one?  It's chock-full of Louisiana!  

And so cute to boot!  

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: C E D A R

Yes, cedar!  I know, right?  How many ideas can a girl come up with using cedar for inspiration?  Well, it's surprising, actually.  Let's begin with a cedar chest to store the quilts.

Cedar Chest Designs -- My grandmother has an old hope chest, and I covet it.

refinishing a cedar chest

Cedar closets to store fabric (and other things) so that moths and other insects aren't a problem.

A cedar-lined hunting closet, part of our garage/clubhouse addition.

Featured on Houzz: a cedar hunting closet by Mosby Building Arts designer Adrienne Nienkamp.

Apparently guys like cedar for storing their stuff, too.  What about shelves?
Driftwood shelves made from Western Red Cedar and by driftedge for $175. I'm thinking I could make this (and better) for under $5

Industrial Floating Shelves. Use rough  cedar planks and plumbing fixtures. #diy

And, of course, anything that can be made with wood, can be made in cedar wood.  However, cedar doesn't rot and decay like other woods, so something made of cedar especially for outdoor use will last much longer.  That makes cedar a prized wood that can be much more expensive to buy.  

In addition, it's difficult to cut and hammer because it's especially hard and dry.  Oh, and there's the roughness.  It's really rough and requires lots of sanding and polishing to get that beautiful smooth finish that you see in furniture. 

Beautiful cedar wood ice cooler! Great deck / patio box or tailgating cooler!!

Backyard Landscaping Ideas Garden Structure Shower Structure: After a hot afternoon of gardening or for an apr├Ęs pool rinse off, nothing beats a cool shower. This outdoor shower is made from weather-resistant cedar and features wrought-iron hardware. A scalloped door opens to the changing area.

So you pay extra for cedar wood, but how do you know, for certain, that you're getting cedar?  The smell is your first clue.  It's a different smell from any other wood you'll encounter.  It also is a mixture of red and yellow.  The closer you get to the heart of the tree the deeper the red color and, of course, as you get farther away from the heart, the wood is a light (almost milky) yellow.

privacy-screen-cedar-timber-wood-supply ***Repinned by Normoe, the Backyard Guy (#1 backyardguy on Earth)

King Rustic Platform Bed 100% Cedar Wood. $2,200.00, via Etsy.

Interestingly, the darker the color of the wood, the stronger the scent.  And, even better, a quick roughing up with sandpaper will release the scent all over again, as will heating and wetting the wood.  So, using it for cooking adds a rich tangy flavor to food.  

Cedar-Planked Salmon pairs smoky cedar flavor with a  Sweet-and-Salty Salmon Rub for this simple and delicious salmon dish.

How to Make a DIY Cedar Smokehouse

Cedar Picnic Table - The Contractor Chronicles

Okay, last one: love this bench.  The colors are beautiful and it's easy to see the beauty of the wood.  It's finished, so the cedar smell will not be present, but it will last longer and the colors will remain vibrant much longer since sun and water can cause fading.
Hand Crafted Cedar Bench. $150.00, via Etsy.

So why all the interest in cedar?  My son has been busy on a cedar project and, since he's making it in our backyard, I've been keeping an eye on the progress.  I'll tell you more when it's complete.  

But this post is supposed to be some sort of quilty inspiration, so here we go--cedar inspired quilty things.

Red and yellow quilt blocks. I love the log cabin pattern.

Fabulously Fast Quilts by Amy Smart cheerful!  How simple and effective - great baby quilt idea with rickrack and maybe even some lace for a little girl

I like the sashing.  Beautiful!

I just discovered that there are not very many red/yellow quilts out in Pinterest-land.  Red, check.  Yellow, check.  Red and yellow together, not so many!   Apparently not many people have been inspired by the colors of a beautiful piece of cedar.  We should probably fix that!
Red Pepper Quilts. beautiful liberty of london tana lawn baby quilt--love the dashes of yellow and black and white polka dots