Friday, January 23, 2015

Spoiled and Happy

I am.  I'm very spoiled.  I expect all manner of wonderful things from my darling husband.  36+ years have taught me that he'll do things for me that many other husbands don't do for their wives.  Not that we compare in a "na-nanny-boo-boo" kind of way, but wives do talk about their marriages and husbands.  

This business of being spoiled really shouldn't surprise anyone.  My sisters accuse me of being spoiled and my friends long ago agreed that Richard does too much for me.  

What's a girl to do?  Tell him NOT to be sweet and kind and thoughtful?  No, not, nada.  Instead, I just spoil him back and try to keep up in the thoughtful department.

Really this post is about something I read thanks to a FB friend.  You know how people love to "recommend" some article or whatever that they found on a different website?  I have several friends who love to share.  I might click on half of the sites. This is one about dating (like I'm into that!) and how chivalry is not dead, entitled "9 Chivalrous Habits Of A True Gentleman That Make Women Melt."

Being spoiled, I was curious about what I might be missing. These are the nine habits and a few ways that Richard spoils me.

1. Opening doors
Richard does open doors, but he also remembers to lock the door when we leave the house.  All I have to do is pull it closed behind me.  Yes, I’m always the last to walk out.  No, he doesn’t complain.

2. Saving the last bite of food
Admittedly, he doesn’t do this often.  However, he does serve my plate of food before he serves himself.  Okay, I serve him, too.  It turns out that whoever gets to the table first takes care of the other one--that's just our way.    

3. Spending time with your family
Not only does he spend time with my family, Richard did what he could to help care for both of my parents, and not just during their illnesses.  Together we made the decision years ago to remain in Louisiana and care for our parents.

4. Suffering through a girly movie
Yeah, but I have seen a few guy movies in my day….keep in mind that we raised three boys.

5. Sending flowers
Richard does, but the best gift I ever received from him was the year he replanted a complete rose bed for my birthday.

6. Walking on the outside of the sidewalk
That, plus watching for traffic at crosswalk and in parking lots and any other safety deal he can conceive of.

7. Kissing your forehead
Richard’s a sweetheart, so he kisses my forehead, holds my hand, hugs me in public, winks and blows kisses on the sly.

8. Filling up your gas tank
The last time I put gas in my tank was in early summer.  He “forgets” about once a year just so I remember how nice it is.

9. Putting your jacket on
In his defense I rarely wear a jacket, but he helps the granddaughters, especially the little ones to button up and put their shoes on, so yes, he pretty thoughtful.

To all this I would add one more sweet thing that my hubster does: he leaves me love notes.  Sometimes the note says only "Love You,"--like the sticky note he left in my classroom closet while helping me over the holidays--sometimes it's much more, but always it's wonderful to receive.

Would I be spoiled?  Oh, yes, definitely.  I'll be the first to admit it, but it can't be helped since he spoils everyone--the children and grandchildren, his parents (as he did mine), and anyone else he can.  I guess he just can't help himself.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pin It Weekly #98

I thought that for fun I'd post some pins from a few of my Pinterest followers because what are followers if not smart?  These are from Kelley Blunt's "Handbags" page.

Chloé PARATY MEDIUM LEATHER SHOULDER BAG #handbags        #handbags



Alexander McQueen 'Heroine' cross body bag #handbags#handbags

Salvatore Ferragamo Hobo - Kittie Framed Python #handbags

Greig Matthews. By Ronnie Boehm.
Ukrainian ballerina Oksana Bondareva

Anne Souder   Ukrainian Cossack Dancers

Olga Smirnova and Vladislav Lantranov

This is interesting: Elizabeth Sprague has over 17,000 followers and well over 3,000 pins, but only four boards....all about food!  I thought we'd look at a few of her "Cupcakes."

Blue Velvet Cupcakes with Easy Vanilla Buttercream Frosting   "These Look Amazing.,Yummy and Delicious!" .
margarita cupcakes   "These Look Amazing.,Yummy and Delicious!" .

Watermelon Cupcakes .
Christmas cakes. Encourage your children to weigh out the ingredients. Use the phrases... Which is heavier? Which is lighter? How much more .... did we neeed? .

Magic Cookie Bar Cupcakes - Yummy Crumble .Easy DIY Snowman Cupcakes .

Mini Blueberry Cheesecake Cupcakes .Cupcakes con rosas y mariposas .

This final grouping is from 
Mari Santana's "CESTAS (BASKETS)" board.  
cherokee basket

French Country Wicker Garden Cart

I have being eying a basket like this for YEARS. I have a vision for it in the dining room corner.

Wicker Trunks
french bee skips

I've had great fun finding these groupings and boards...
Well, actually, I only followed the links to the boards, thanks to my sweet followers, but you know what I mean.  Thanks to everyone who adds pins and photos and shares them with the rest of us!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Modern Monday -- Rain Clouds

A week or so ago I posted "Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Rain" and it inspired me to start thinking about how I could use some of the many blue scraps in the scrap bin.  The problem is that I have many more to go.  At least I've begun working on using a few.  For fun and contrast, I tossed in a few fabrics in the brown/beige family.

I cut the larger pieces into small squares and began stitching them together to make "fabric."  This I squared off into almost the same size blocks.  While I wanted them squares to fit together easily, I also wanted a more organic look.  

After making seven fabric blocks, I chose a light gray background to connect them all.  At some point I decided that I needed two more blocks, but I really wanted them to look different than the others.  Enter the open face block, which is basically just a rectangle of background fabric encircled with strips of blue.

It's not finished, of course, and I could still make a few changes. It's no surprise that I had only a half day to work on it, but it's well under way, and I have a plan for quilting it.  Hopefully, I'll be able to finish the top tomorrow after work.

I'd love to see it loaded onto the long arm in a day or two.  That would be pretty awesome, and maybe I can figure which way is up.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: P E A R L S

Love pearls.  
Our lives our like the process of a pearl....constantly being refined into something beautiful.That's it... it's the one... NANCY!!! I found it! "How I long to linger, on your sweetheart's finger!" I would definitely say yes to this.    

Love pearl earrings.  
Visibly Interesting: Freshwater Cultured Pearls on dainty solid 14K Gold hoops designed to hug the ear lobe ringed with diamonds.

Love pearls bracelets.
Pretty in Pearls Monogram Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet

Love pearl necklaces.  
Chunky Layered Ivory Glass Pearl Necklace by HMbySemraAsciogluvia

Love pearl embellishments.  
could make this and adapt it into a wall-hanging Pearl Monogram Cake Topper White or Ivory by LLBridalDesigns, $32.50         How to make a Christmas tree out of jewelry? - Learning to do everything yourself ~ Can see this done as embroidery/beading too

Love pearls.

Every girls needs hangers like these hanging in her closet (; Some day ill glue gun them all like this (:      DIY:: Vintage Costume Jewelry: Upcycled & Repurposed made out of those "lost 1 earring" now what? Bracelets, that's what!
Yes, even the fake ones, since those are the only ones I can really afford.  Costume jewelry?  I'm on it!  

Wedding, Cake Topper, covered in Vintage Jewels, Gold, Crystal, Pearl,  Letter M Reserved for Andrea     vintage made into necklace. make residual income online while creating stunning wearable pieces like this.

What doesn't look good in pearls?  Jeans?  Pearls.  Sundress? Pearls.  Comfy tee?  Pearls.  Name-brand suit?  Pearls.  Wedding dress?  You've got it...PEARLS!

12 Fall Outfit ideas | Fashion Inspiration Blog I would definitely make sure the jeans did not have holes, but aside from that this is a cute outfit.   My aunt had one similar to this only in tangerine with a matching Bolero jacket. I wore it in 1979 to my Jr high 50's day dance.

i LOVE the denim shirt paired with the blazer, & the chunky pearls just set it off!      Amal Alamuddin was spotted in a pair of grey jeans teamed with a black top and leather jacket
Possible hairstyle?      simple and beautiful-- I didn't have a big wedding but if I would have this would have been THE DRESS!!!  I love it, maybe one of my girls some day...

Bridal Necklace Swarovski Bridal Jewelry Pearl by somethingjeweled

So what do pearls have to do with quilts and quilting?  Not so much.  Unless you love both.  Then you find a way to incorporate one into the other.  A little inspiration...

String Pearls, Free motion quilting,  


Green Fairy Quilts

Grit's Life: Türquilt

Grit's Life: Hexagonquilt "La Passion"

Free Motion Quilting, Dots and Dashes


Shop | Category: Feathers / Pearls / curls | Product: Curls and Pearls E2E
Shop | Category: Feathers / Pearls / curls | Product: SP Pearls and Paisley e2e

Rose and Pearls Mandala to color or embroider- JPG or transparent PNG format.

A mandala to color- available in both JPG and transparent PNG format

Flowing mandala to color- also available in transparent PNG format #coloring #paper #mandala

spiraled and dotted mandala to color- also available in transparent PNG in a larger size. #crafts #coloring #embroidery

The last several designs come from a blog I discovered while writing this post.  Shala lives in AK and posts mandalas on her lovely blog, Don't Eat the Paste, and Pinterest, which is where I found her work.  Please visit her here and here.  (And say thank you from Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts!)

Don't Eat the Paste

Have a great week!