Friday, December 19, 2014

Pin It Weekly #94

Happy Friday!  It's a good one for me--Christmas vacation begins today!  Well, actually, it began today!  I've had a nap, planned my Christmas menu, did some shopping, and wrapped gifts.  Before all that I also finished grading papers, put all my grades into the computer, and finished off other paperwork...with students!  

Gift Wrapping Guide: 15 Ideas for Creative Homemade Tags

names in gold sharpie... this kind of pretty simplicity is right up my alley. Perfect for rustic packaging for christmas
I like the names written on these.  Using a glitter pen would add a nice touch.

30 DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas/ Holidays

Love the idea of mixing brown paper with traditional wrap!

Glamorous gold and black gift wrap #packaging!!! Bebe'!!! Love this festive and dramatic gift wraps!!! Bebe'!!! Love these elegantly wrapped gifts!!!!

How cute is this?
Already thinking of where I am going to use this idea.  Cute gift wrapping ideas for kids

Easy Paper Poinsettia Gift Topper - gorgeous, but you could change the colors and make it look like another flower for different holidays or occassions.

Unique and Creative Wrapping Ideas for Christmas and other Holidays via @Jenna_Burger,

Easy and Creative DIY Gift Wrap Ideas - Haystack in a Needle - Click Pic for 25 Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

boxes into snowman Christmas wrapping great way to wrap  a few presents for the same person

DIY Stunning Gift Bag...instructions are included for this lovely Christmas gift bag.   By Annabelle Stamps.

Made these this year. So fun and so sparkly! Can't wait to make black ones with purple trim for Halloween!

Christmas candle.....

Love this wooden box filled with Christmas goodies: The Fancy Shack (idea for my coffee table tray)

Styrofoam covered in glitter.  Much less expensive than the   big ornaments at the store.

Rustic "JOY" Wine Bottles Could easily be done with blue instead of red

Old Box...filled with vintage glass ornaments, pine, candles in glass holders, & pine cones for a festive holiday centerpiece.

Want to display multiple candles at varying heights? A great way to do this is with cake stands! #Centerpieces #Christmas

12 Days of Easy Christmas Decorating: More Christmas Porch Decorations | #Christmas #Decoration

would be nice to do this with 3 purple & 1 pink for Advent wreath. Use a glass cake plate!

Want to try something new for your Mantel this Holiday, Try this Noel Mantel Piece.

Pine Cone Bow Ornament…..and other Dream Tree Challenge details (for those who asked!)

DIY Christmas box centerpiece cute! could use dollar store boxes and candle holders, with some spray paint for color!

Snowy Pinecone Candle Jars are the perfect mason jar crafts for winter.

Ribbon Wrapped Candles | 28 Insanely Easy Christmas Decorations To Make In A Pinch

Christmas Lantern Decoration. Would love them along the front porch lighting the way to the door. Very welcoming.

DIY ornament centerpiece...really pretty!

Planning a Christmas party? All the recipes and decor inspiration you need, here:

Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas
and a blessed New Year.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Interesting Quilting Information

A few quick facts~~
    Vote for this quilt at Quilt Gallery.  Follow the link to vote.  Thanks!

  • The estimated value of the quilting market in 2014 is $3.76 billion (up 5% since 2010)

  • Total number of quilters in the U.S. is 16.4 million(down 23% from 2010)

  • Average quilting household annual expenditure is up 36% to $298

  • 12.2% of quilting households are considered “dedicated,” responsible for generating 60% of quilt industry spending ($2.27 billion)

What happened?
The quilting industry has grown in leaps and bounds since its resurgence in 1976, coinciding with the 200th anniversary of the United States.  

For more information visit~~ 

A modern quilt that shows off some pretty Lola Pink fabrics.

Monday, December 15, 2014


Last week my long-arm looked like this...

It all started right here with this tiny little spring or, rather, this broken spring.

The problem, of course, required getting into this ridiculously tiny hole with a ridiculously long-handled (correctly sized) hex tool. 

Since these tools come in many sizes and two types, it's good that I remembered that Innova is an American company.  Turns out that their machines require American tools.  Yeah, that's unusual.

While everything was open, I attempted to clean and dust.  There wasn't as much fuzz and dust as I expected.  The machine is about four years old (I guess) but for all the fuzz that I remove from the outside and bobbin area, cleaning was surprisingly easy.

But my baby was in good hands.  See these handsome (somewhat hairy) hands?  They are the only ones I'll trust with my machines. 

And since one thing leads to another, Richard also worked on the motor since it was dragging.  He cleaned something called the bushings (sorry, I was at work and didn't get a photo).  He's quite adept at sewing machine repair, my sweetheart is (having retired from a supervisory position at a garment plant after 25 years), and although it's a bit disconcerting to see my machine's insides, it's all is back!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Nativity Sets

Such a pretty way to display a nativity... Or a Christmas village! wood crates. I like the idea of stacking these to make a pseudo bookshelf for a rustic Christmas display, and I love the lights inside, everything looks better lit up!Since today is the Third Sunday of Advent, the Catholic Church rejoices the closely approaching coming of Christ.  We still have another week to prepare, and should seriously pray for our families and others, confess our sins and consider how the coming of Christ has changed the world.

Of course, all this preparing has me thinking of the Christ child, the infant. Although it's impossible to understand fully the mystery of Christ's coming, that he chose to begin his journey as an infant completely reliant on humans is an enigma that I find fascinating and beautiful. 
christmas!  I haven't been able to find a nativity set that I love (with how much some of them cost... yeah, I need to LOVE it) this is a great filler until I find "the one"

Such a pretty way to display a nativity... Or a Christmas village! wood crates. I like the idea of stacking these to make a pseudo bookshelf for a rustic Christmas display, and I love the lights inside, everything looks better lit up!As such, I love nativity sets.  My family has one, of course, and it's a huge part of our holiday tradition, but I love to look at the artistry of other (much more extravagant) sets.  So I thought I'd share some pins with you.  Some are elaborate and expensive; some are simple and handmade, some are somewhere in the middle.  But they are all beautiful, and my thoughts are that you can also look at how they are supported with unusual or everyday pieces that work as bases and backgrounds.

by the nativity

Christmas Nativity...I like the lights behind it and the star! And the Oh Holy Night Sign above it! I just really like this one.

Great Way To Display The Willow Tree® Nativity Set. I adore willow tree figurines and have wanted the nativity set for years!



Interesting way to display a nativity.
I adore this. I wish it wasn't sold out everywhere. I will have to hope they make more for next Christmas.
Vintage Nativity Scene Set Made in Italy

Vintage Christmas Nativity Set

Fabric Nativity Set.

savvyhousekeeping nativity sets attractive modern cool simple

Nativity Set!

LEGO Christmas nativity scene

Nativity Scene

Nativity Scene

Nativity Scene.

Nativity scene

Nativity Set in Felted Wool

nativity ornament- I've been wanting a Nativity ornament for my just seems incomplete without something to explain the meaning of the season :)

Wool Applique Patterns | The Pattern Hutch -Primitive Gathering- Applique Table Mat Patterns ...

Stained glass art ~ I love this simple manger scene

Simple Nativity.

nativity quilt / bello para hacerlo en repujado, patchwork decoupage o esmalte sobre madera

29c6de999372fe3ad60310e0fe55002d.jpg (393×600)

'stained glass' nativity quilt

FREE Christmas quilt pattern. Learn how.

"Nativity" by Kerry Grunwald (close-up), New Braunfels Area Quilt Guild 2009

Nativity Quilt at the Anglican Church (Perth, Australia)

O Holy Night

Nativity Quilt

Nativity Quilt

Merry Christmas!