Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Stash Report: January 2016

I know, we're already into the second week of February and I'm just committing to giving a stash report each month...supposedly at the beginning of the month. Well, we know how that will go, don't we? 

Stash Report for January 2016
Additions and
Projects from stash
Projects from purchases
Used this month:
Building Blocks 1 (8 yds)
Added this month:
Building Blocks 2 (8 yds)

Used in 2016:
Studio Chair (1.5 yds)

Added in 2016:

These numbers are pretty accurate, but since I don't really measure the fabrics that I pull and cut, I have to do it using math.  You know how I math. That said, I somehow figured that the two twin bed quilts took about four yards for the front and a bit more for the back. I averaged that to eight yards total.  Note: everything came from the stash! Everything. 


The studio chair makeover is just a guesstimate. That's the best I can do. I'm pretty sure that I'm being conservative with that number but either way, it's the most accurate that I can math it.

I started two other quilts--one I just finished completely and the second is almost done, but these will go on the February report. Possibly on or near the first, but there are no promises in my life.

Happy Quilting,

Monday, February 8, 2016

Great Wolf Lodge, the wolves and the wolf den

Last weekend Richard and I joined two of the boys and their families at Great Wolf Lodge just outside of Dallas. That means we drove through Dallas with grands from the absent son in tow. Notice the pile of old utility quilts. Grandmay always has a quilt or two in the car.

The drive wasn't so bad, except that I was driving without a navigator (he was asleep in the navigator seat, thank goodness), and I was attempting to keep up with the maniac driver leading the pack. 

That brown SUV right in front....that one is very hard to follow.

The traffic was worse as we were driving in but I didn't get photos at that time since I was behind the wheel. Adam (the SUV driver) does not use his blinkers to signal when he wants to change lanes or make a turn. He also does not like city driving, so he drives extra fast in an attempt to get out of the city. He also doesn't listen to the chick on the GPS who knows where we're all going. It's frustrating at best, but we arrived without a hitch (or a hit) and checked into our rooms with plenty of time for swimming, sliding, and chilling by the pool. 
Ready for your next ride?  Take a trip on Coyote Cannon at Great Wolf Lodge.
Photo via Great Wolf Lodge

Grab a raft and up to 3 of your friends for a fun-filled thrill ride on the Howlin’ Tornado at Great Wolf Lodge.
Photo via Great Wolf Lodge
  I loved the Tornado slide (red/yellow slide above). It was rough and scary at first, but once I overcame the fear, my biggest problem was climbing the steps to the slide. I should have counted them.

The little kids played some game called Magic Quest. They walked around for hours waving wands at things that gave them clues to a scavenger hunt of sorts. 
Customize your very own wand to play MagiQuest at Great Wolf Lodge.
Photo via Great Wolf Lodge

 Every evening they attended a show under the clock tower, we ate dinner at one of the beautiful restaurants, and just wandered around the hotel people-watching and appreciating the place. I said several times: they know how to do a theme!

 All in all, the weekend was pretty awesome, in the words of the grands, and the adults seem to agree. We pulled it together for a few minutes to get family photos.  Hope you enjoy these.

The wolf pack 

Three of Will and Stacey's cubs
Jolie, the middle one, had a 13th birthday celebration with lots of free ice cream!
Adam, Jenny and cub Marley
Rory, Meggan and their cubs Caki (holding her magic wand) and Sophie
The old dogs: Mary and Richard
Happy Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)....enjoy the parades without me. The wolf den wore me to the bone, and I am down to just binding on the current chevron project.  Maybe the wind will die down and I'll get a photo of a finished project.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: F O O T B A L L

I think today is Sunday.  It's difficult to keep track. We've been away for a few days, playing with the kids at Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX, which is just outside of Dallas. In fact, visitors can watch the planes fly into DFW.  More on that trip later.
CAROLINA Panthers QB Cam Newton and DENVER Broncos QB Peyton Manning ~ Super Bowl 50 Championship game 2016.:
Using images and its New England Patriots colours, you realize you will have the ability to show it for the whole holidays!  # Super Bowl 50:                    Broncos logo - My FAVE NFL Team!!!   Go Bronco's!!!!!:

For now, it turns out that not only is it Sunday, it's Super Bowl Sunday for most Americans. I figure that means we can use football as inspiration for a few quilts.  First, some ideas for your next football game or party.

Mason Jar Crafts: Super Bowl Football Game Party Ideas:

The BIG GAME is coming up and that means a lot of parties! Get 4 FREE Super Bowl Party Photo Booth props and set up a fun area for the kids!:

Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Footballs - perfect for a Super Bowl Party and College Championship party!:

Game Time Football Themed Birthday Party + Free Printables via Kara's Party Ideas KarasPartyIdeas.com Cake, recipes, printables, banners, desserts, favors, games and more!   #homebowlherocontest #homebowlhero:

Party decorative for superbowl 2014 | ... Deviled Eggs #SuperBowl #partyfood ... | Super Bowl Party Re:

Cool chalkboard backdrop at a Football Party!  See more party ideas at CatchMyParty.com!  #partyideas #footballSuper Bowl Party Ideas - Whistle Water Bottles

2015 Super Bowl Commercial Bingo - Free Printables!:


Time Out for Treats!:

Concession Stand for Game Day party:

And, are you ready for some football quilts?
5 Sports Quilt Patterns- the football one would be great incorporating your favorite team colors!!:

Football Quilt. Free Pattern. Made this last year in a Packers pattern and loved it!!!:

football quilt - with a block H in the middle???:

Lavender Paper Hearts: Custom Ordered Quilt. She made it from an old football jersey.

Seattle Seahawks Quilt

Rah, Rah quilt.....Go Broncos! justsewreal.blogspot.com

Rather than just look at blue/orange Broncos and red/blue Patriots quilts, here are a few quilts representing other sports.  Just because.

sports quilt patterns for boys | boy sierran cartoon infant boy graphic patterns mdash . small sports ...:

Sometimes its tricky to make quilts for the boys in our lives. This is a great idea! Could be done with a football, basketball or tennis ball too! ~Anna from Janome:

Lacrosse Quilt: So in love with this!!

another sport quilt...maybe not so much blue
5 Sports Quilt Patterns

Fly Away Quilts: Applique Basketball Quilt

I'm going to play one the long-arm but you enjoy the game. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Choose Life

Our family is Catholic. Real Catholic. Cradle Catholics. Most of whom have never known or practiced any other religion.

I'm not saying this in a bragging way, although I am happy about this simple fact. The thing about being Catholic is that it requires more than just faith and believing. Catholicism requires action. Doing. Standing up--which can be awfully difficult sometimes. But sometimes Catholicism can be easy. 

Last weekend was one of the easy times. I joined our son and daughter-in-law, several grands, and our teen catechism class at the first Walk for Life in Central Louisiana

One of most cool (a grand put it that way) things about the walk is that there were people of many, many races and religions walking alongside us.  Another group of Catholics passed by praying the rosary. People chatting. People singing songs of praise and worship. People struggling to walk. 

People. Just everyday, ordinary people who share the belief that a child is a human beginning at conception.  Yes, even during gestation. A baby has life experiences in the womb. A human child, before birth or born, should have the same opportunities to live a full life as you and me.

And that's where I stood on Saturday. And it was easy to stand, easy to walk, easy to believe.


Personal Favors and Friends

On Thursday, a coworker said hello to me with the words, "Mary, hey, I have a personal favor to ask." Now this friend is one of those whose words can have two, maybe three, different meanings.  

She's friendly, you know? Friendly with words, with compliments, with 
happiness. I tend to gravitate toward people who are so generous and who have lots of happiness to share. My depression sort of demands it. 

She has a fun way of saying my name. Maarre--drawing out the "ar" part of Mary, sometimes leaving the "y" off all together. She is not the first friend to do that. Some of my best, most fun, friends do the same thing. Interestingly, they don't all know each other. 

They do all have the same, very strong personalities. They talk. A lot! It's hard to talk more than I do, but they all give me a run for it. 
They all have lots of interests, and ask about my interests, which they don't actually do, like quilting and sewing. They all ask about my family and my life outside of work. They are all real friends who are invested in me and with whom I am invested.

So when one of them asks for a personal favor, I ask what (just to be sure), and then say okay. In this case, the favor was to shorten the sleeves on a fuzzy jacket. A jacket that would be difficult to work with and would likely make a mess. 
But yes, it was.  Then I saw the beautiful button. So I told her to make sure it returned because I might replace it with a chintzy one. But I didn't.

This is a closeup of one sleeve after the repair. Can you tell that there was a change made? I don't think it shows, but I could be wrong. I tried really hard to match the thread and ended up using a Superior Thread in neutral. 

In the car ready to go back to her house.  I've returned it to her on Friday. I had a few days leeway, but I wanted to get this finished and returned for some reason. It's part of an outfit for a wedding and I wanted her to have time to make sure everything fits well.

 These are the sleeve parts that I cut off.  I haven't tossed them yet, thinking they would make fun cording on a project, but who knows how it will end for them? 

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