Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Quilt Inspiration

Let's take a look at a few inspiring quilts, shall we?  These come from two of my favorite quilting blogs. They are not the only blogs I visit, of course, but some that I visit often and like very much.  Why not go by and say hello after checking out the inspiring part of this post?

From Carla at Grace and Favor, who is a grandma and quilter we have a couple of darling quilt

Take a close look at Carla's perfect points.....I'm a bit jealous!

For fun a grandchild's mug rug for hot cocoa and cookies.  Now there's a grandma who is inspiring!

Birds on a Wire definitely is worth going to her blog to see.  You need to check out the little clothes hanging beside the quilts.  This is one of my favorites of her quilts....yes, inspiring!

Another fun project: a scrap bucket made of scraps.  I have to make one of these for the studio.  I probably won't use matching scraps since I don't have any, but there are some unused blocks around somewhere........ 

Amber's blog, A Little Bit Biased, is a recent find for me, and I spent perhaps a bit too much time reading her posts and ogling her quilts during the Thanksgiving holidays.  She definitely has lots of talent for both writing and quilting.
As her header indicates, Amber is also the owner of Gigi's Timble Quilt Patterns.  If you're considering purchasing a pattern, visit her site for some fresh takes on old favorites and for a few surprises also.  Her patterns can also be found on Etsy.

I hope you're inspired to get to your sewing rooms and pull some fabrics out!  I love that feeling of pulling fabrics and getting started on a new project.  Don't you?  Hmm, which color gets to be first this time?


Carla said...

Hi Mary. I follow both you and Amber's blogs. It's nice to know we inspire each other ; )

jenclair said...

Love the cheerful colors! The rug mug tickles my fancy--too cute.