Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: E L E P H A N T S

Try spelling elephants with spaces between the's strange.  This morning I was reading a few blogs, as I tend to do pretty often now that I've cut back on the number of quilt magazines I purchase.  I ran across Sew Fresh Quilts and had to take a closer look at her darling "Elephant Parade" quilt.

See that cute little pink guy near the bottom?  That one just gets me.  I like elephants.  But baby elephants, well, they are too adorable.  They look hugable and loveable and cuddly.  I know, it's a crazy fantasy to want to hug a baby elephant that probably weighs as much as I do (and I'm not skinny!) but I can't help myself.
21 Photos that Prove Elephants Make he World A Better Place - Buzzfeed
Recently it seems, Facebook is wrought with baby elephant videos. One in which a baby is stuck in a hole and can't get out is just heartbreaking.  Of course, the folks with the video camera help and save the day, but the struggle is real...because the little guy is not so little.  But he's cute and mom is right there in a panic unable to help.  Heart-wrenching, I tell you.  
aww, love elephants.  They always look like they are smiling.

This video shows a newborn baby being protected and helped by the entire group of elephants as he struggles to get up.  The video is a bit long (9 mins.) but let it stream and advance it so that you get to the end if you just have to see that he makes it.

as if they are ever this small <3 <3 <3 heart melting

Adorable elephants to help you celebrate Elephant Appreciation Day

I'd like to pet one.

Since they're so darling, I thought I'd look for a few quilts with elephants on them.  Turns out that there are more than just a few. Plus, there are elephant fabrics, softies, pincushions, and other items.  These are some of my favorites.

Fan Friday: Gray Matters Quilt from Quilters’ Paradise | Camelot Fabrics. Freshly Made

E is for Elephant but I would want a giraffe and browns instead of greys---keeping the pink/blue/yellow pastels

Pattern: Elephants on Parade.  I adore this.  Not sure I know anyone who could make it, though....

Baby Girl Quilt, Modern, Organic, Toddler,Mod Basics, Ellie Family, Gray Chevron, Coral, Gray, Cream, Elephant, Birds, Poppies
Fabric worm -- great fabric website! - such cute prints I haven't seen anywhere else.

Quilt from Scrap Happy Quilting from Annie's. Order here:

Pinterest. elephant quilts | Elephant quilt. Don't love this pattern, but ... | Baby Quilt Patterns

This Elephant Pin Cushion is Adorable!!! I REFUSE to Buy the Pattern (Because I'm Broke!) BUT I Think I will Try to Create my Own Pattern. ***For those of you who would like to purchase the pattern I've linked the picture to a place to buy it.***

How to Make An Elephant Doorstop (that's too cute for the floor!)

The Bobbin Patch :: Kits :: Bag kits :: Jumbo Bag.  I want one of these really bad!

And this brings us back to the Sew Fresh Quilts "Elephant Parade" quilt along.  This is the quilt you'd be making if you quilt along with Lorna, but she suggests that you can make other items just by using the pattern to make the elephants, then modify the project to suit your needs.  I'm thinking pillow since I have too many other projects going right now.  

Sew Fresh Quilts: Elephant Parade Quilt Along! It starts today - February 1st, but can be joined at any time.

Lorna is already in week two, so maybe you should scoot on over and get started!

Happy Quilting,


Kaja said...

I have seen this on Lorna's blog - it is very cute, isn't it. And I love the elephant pin cushion - maybe I'll try to find a pattern.

QuiltSwissy said...

OMG. I love the elephants! I have to check out that quilt along with Laura....thanks!