Our guild newsletter recently featured me!  Find the article and photos here.

 I am Mary, owner and designer of Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories.  I breathe, dream, craft and sew in quilts.  It seems that everything I see is a possible quilt. 

If you're here to lavay (or visit a while) you'll find tutorials on quilting, my quilts, and inspirational posts meant to help you get started on your next quilt. 

I know, it's insane at times, but once I became a quilter, life just made sense. 

Some of my most popular posts have been about the LSU Rural Life Museum, my pattern for a NICU gown, and most recently a post about designing fabric for Christmas gifts. 

I am happily married to an amazing man, Richard, who happens to be my best friend and husband of 36 years.  If he spoiled me any more, I'd believe I were in heaven.  As it is, we're pretty close.

Together we have three sons, three beautiful daughters-in-law, and seven adorable grandchildren.  Put them all in the same house for a Sunday lunch, and we smile when they leave.  

There's probably a better way to do most things, but our way works for us.  We really love our quiet lifestyle--family, gardening, sewing, quilting--and although we've had a few opportunities to change, we choose this life.   And this life is also what I write about: our farm, our silly grands, and sometimes about my crazy students.

I am a teacher and librarian for our local high school and teach classes for a nearby college. Teaching has been my vocation and passion for 25 years, but as I get closer to retirement, I am finding that I want other opportunities in my life--creative opportunities, such as reading, traveling and serving in our church.  God has blessed my family, and I thank Him every day for the many wonderful blessings.  He also finds His way into my writing on occasion. 

I really like to hear from my readers.  Please leave a comment on any post you run across or email me at mary.marcotte@gmail.com.  I'd love to hear from you.

Mary and Richard