Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: F E A T H E R S


Oh, the things you can do with a single feather--pen a letter, tickle torture, tuck back a lock of hair, paint a picture, make a pendant...

Feathers make for great quilt ideas and adding them to other pieces of art can also work wonders in adding interest, color and form.  Let's work through this idea in an orderly manner.  

First, a few photos of actual feathers.  
Argus Pheasant Feathers | Classic Salmon Fly Tying Materials | Fly Tying Feathers

beautiful colors of Macaw Feathers. Photo by Michael Fitzsimmons.  Source:

And from the real thing to the art of the thing: several photos of prints and drawings.
Feather Pattern Print I really like how the feather pattern also has patterned within the imagery themselves - also how the feathers are positioned in different angles

Garden Feather-Original Artwork 5x7 Ink and Water Colours. $40.00, via Etsy.

If I ever got a feather tattoo, this would be what it would look like...I Could Let You Out You Know or Prayer for Freedom by rowenamurillo,

Tribal Feather Art Print 5 x 7 by courtneyoquist on Etsy, $9.00

Vintage Instant Art Printable- Gorgeous Feathers - Plumes - The Graphics Fairy

Then from the art of the thing to the use of the thing: feathers used in everyday objects.

Peacock in the Garden Masquerade Mask Art Masks by Marcellefinery, $125.00 Elaborate Mardi Gras Mask! My Big Day Events, Colorado Event Planning
this calls to me ....... we can do this with all of our wonderful paper designs, right? DIY dream catcher
Fashion Illustration Print Fabulous Feathers by anumt on Etsy, $21.00

With a Tahitian pearl to match my earrings!Jane Taylor Millinery, A/W 2014. Emery - Felt Beret Hat with Feathers.

And from the use of the thing to fiber with the thing: fabric!
He will cover you with his feathers,     and under his wings you will find refuge; -Psalm 91:4

This is a vintage feather fabric, BUT I think it would make a neat art project for the kiddos.

Liberty of London fabric // I remember falling in love with the color blue the first time I saw a peacock feather.. & Now, on fabric in peacock design.. Oh my..

And on to some sewn items, followed by quilty items.
DIY Graphic Tee...make with a fabric marker (sounds like Joann Fabric has). Love.
Pretty DIY Fabric Feathers Dishtowel with free pattern!

feather bed quilt (anna maria horner pattern)

AMH feathers twin size quilt | Flickr - Photo Sharing! A quilt, but inspiration for a paper crafted feather with patterned papers

Love the mix of feather blocks with the bird blocks

patchwork quilt top with appliquéd scrappy feathers by anna maria horner

Wonderful "Birds of a Feather" quilt made with blocks from the Mid Century Modern Bee and Suz from PatchworknPlay. Even the signature blocks on the back make a cheerful quilt all on their own!

Amazing Quilt   I would like to do something like this with scraps from quilts that I have long do I wait to gather scraps?  or do I just do it now?

Angie Hughes | Textile Study Group

Feathers with selvages by Julianna at Sewing Under Rainbow.  Design by Joanna at Shape Moth, for the Forest Quilt Along.  Free pattern link.

Jude Hill feathers

Feather Quilt Mock-up - I really like this grey mixed with these bright colors!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Art 101

Earlier this week our basketball coach asked me to drive the middle school team to a tournament about 40 minutes away.  I rarely drive the bus for another teacher but she was in real trouble and we're friends.  I relented, but it wasn't too difficult to convince me.

Now I agreed with stipulations: I would drive only, not be responsible for kids off the bus, and I would be allowed to grade papers while they played.  I'd planned to grade essay that evening and didn't want to put it off. 

It was too hot to sit on the bus without a/c, so I was going to grade papers in the gym, but the noise and game were very distracting.  I gave that up after the second paper too twice the my normal time for grading.  I decided to beg for an cool area.  (The floor in a hallway if nothing else.)

I got very lucky.  Just outside the gym is the cafeteria and the door was open.  Yay!  Tables, seats and lights.  Plus, once I entered, I discovered the art.  How cool are these three dimensional pieces?

And check out the dream catchers.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pin It Weekly #84

Welcome to the weekly opportunity to enjoy a few pins from my favorite Pinterest boards.  Tonight . . . 

upcycled vintage sewing machine tables, 
Upcycled Vintage Typewriter Table by @Taryn {Design, Dining + Diapers}

rincones detalles guiños decorativos con toques romanticos | Decorar tu casa es

Antique sewing machine table legs repurposed into new non-sewing table

turn vintage sewing table into desk or side table I have one of these, do know if I could ruin it or not. One of my favorite pieces of furniture

Vintage Repurposed Folding Bar Serving Table In A by DesignWithUs   Lisa - $548. SERIOUSLY.

Repurposed Antique Sewing Machine.  I have an old sewing machine with the fold open top, not nearly as cool as this but now i know an idea of what to do with it!

rustic table top with recycled legs from sewing machine. @ Do It Yourself Remodeling Ideas

dress forms, 

Vintage Print Paris Map Mannequin by CorsetLacedMannequin on Etsy,want for my toile put "C's" wedding dress on.

A collection of beautifully time worn dress forms #vintage #dress_form #sewing

I love dress forms and mannequins...Had an awesome one that I sold, but it's in a good home. :)

look at the wire form you could use all, kind of things you find at a yard sale

Love the vintage mannequins. I have a mannequin in our bedroom and plan my outfits in advanced. Amazing how often I switch my accessories.

Bought an ornament. Placed it in our home, decorated a bit ... so nice, could sit the whole day looking at it

and odd shaped vintage cabinets.
Industrial cabinet & oversized lamp

Antique Oak Cabinet

Chippy shelves


1800s Drawer cabinet
French Printers Cabinet

Thank goodness I can't afford all these vintage items!  I'd buy every single one!  Yes, I have a crazy need to save things.  

Great piece

I love this

Not like keep them.  Well, that, too.
Adore this!!!

But no, I mean save them from being lost or destroyed or damaged. I want everyone to love things of aged beauty, to protect them, to use them.  Yes, use them!  They are too beautiful to waste away unloved.  
La Droguerie

What do you think?  Do you agree?  Do you have to save stuff, too?