Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: B U T T O N S

Here's a repost of a 2013 Sunday Quilt Inspiration.

I'm working on a quilt inspired by a few of my grandmother's buttons.  My mom gave them to me many years ago and I've kept them all this time.  I can't bring myself to use them because they may be lost, so they serve more as a memento of her than as buttons normally do.  A few days ago I saw a quilt on Pinterest that I decided I wanted to replicate.  
Image © Love Patchwork & Quilting  Cute as a button! Applique Quilt by @Kate Mazur F. Jones

Well, I can't replicate anything.  The moment I begin working, I start making changes.  Before I realized it, the only thing that my quilt had in common with the Pinterest quilt was that I was still sewing fabric buttons.  In no time I was thinking of that plastic bag of my grandmother's old buttons.  I pulled it out and looked for unusual specimens.  They are pretty much basic 1960's button salvaged from all manner of clothing, but I was inspired by the colors, shapes and designs.   

I thought that you might be inspired by a few buttons also.  You don't have to make a quilt exactly like the one I started with.  People have used buttons to make many different projects, so I thought I'd show you a few.  Maybe one these projects will inspire you.  Just be warned: for some of these, you'll need boxes of buttons!

I love this idea, especially because it looks more like a piece of art than as a globe. It can also be done using a styrofoam ball, and tons of studs (seeing as I always seem to lose one of the pair).

Super-pretty button bracelet... lots of color schemes in the Etsy shop:

Ideas for recycling those buttons we get with shirts etc we purchase that just get thrown in the drawer & never seen again.

Love Buttons

48c68add21f36eac098bc81afed35b8a.jpg 396×600 pixels  Free Wire Name Information.  FREE NAIL ART INFORMATION  More Fashion At   WWW.THEDILLONMALL.COM

This would be cute told hold Alana's jewelry on.

Not just any pillow: a ring bearer's pillow!
Vintage Ring Pillow: The buttons are so cute!


Love these earrings.
vintage buttons turned earrings ~ great idea!

Buttons on a plain sweater or sweatshirt. I might have to do this.


So, now a few button quilts, because why not?

patchwork buttons

Cute as a Button quilt

Fabric covered button small quilt.  Could be done with yo-yo's too.

Have a lot of wonderful buttons and looking for a way to showcase them?   A Button Quilt!


Happy Quilting,

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