Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Christmas Glitter

I love Christmas. The sparkle. The glitter. The beauty. 

Mercury glass balls are the perfect accessory...(really, balls of any type!) @Jen Hekhuis Nelson

Rose gold, gold, and silver Christmas treeI think white is an amazing colour because it is snow colour. White colour makes perfect Christmas decor. Well with the help of white you guys can have a wonderful white Christmas scenes at your homes. You must try the ideas given below.

Fill column vases with ornaments or silver and gold sprayed small natural items (nuts, little pinecones). Dollar Tree has these vases for only one dollar, although they're a small version, but could be grouped by the half dozen and raised to different levels with stacks of coasters or something underneath.

Floreros para decorar en navidad Vases to decorate at Christmas #Centrosdemesanavide├▒os #Comodecorarennavidad #Decoracionesnavide├▒as #Florerosparadecorarennavidad #ideasparanavidad #Navidad2016

Christmas living room with silver and gold mantel display

Okay so not quite this intense but I love the colors. Imagine with just a hint of light teal!

Victorian Christmas Wreath, Silver and Gold Christmas Wreath, Elegant Christmas Wreath for DoorA trio of lantern filled with inexpensive silver and gold ornaments from HomeGoods for simple, beautiful front porch holiday decorations (sponsored pin)

stunning-ornament-and-crystal-christmas-swag                                                                                                                                                                                 More

You may not find many large quilts in silver and gold, but you will find many quilted table runners, tree skirts, and stockings. 

Quilted Table Topper in Gold and Silver Christmas QuiltedRustic Glam Decor Quilted Table Runner in Neutral Shades of

Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: Silver and gold table runnerChristmas Table Runner, elegant, handmade, quilted, fabric from Kaufman Flourish Line Measures 46.5 x 15.25 inches Made by Chris This gorgeous fabric has beautiful brilliant silver and gold metallic with the most gorgeous ornaments, poinsettias, medallion and blue snowflakes etched

MAKE NEW FRIENDS by Wendy Sheppard: Pair classic silver and gold for a beautiful wall hanging quilt. To create this pretty wall hanging, Wendy Sheppard used triangles that seem to float!

Gold Regency Dupioni Quilted Stocking Main

Already dreaming of Christmas. Channel Quilted Velvet Stocking | Pottery Barn

Our sweet, snowy tree skirt features sparkly, embroidered scrolls on a bright white backdrop, wrapping your tree with the magic of a glistening white Christmas. It makes the perfect place to put your expertly wrapped presents.

Silver and Gold Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt

Gold tree skirt.

Do with silver and gold with driftwood! Love

Item #: C226 Holiday quilted ornament, no sew folded fabric technique, three layer ornament. This ornament is silver and gold themed. The center of the ornament is crafted with gold glitter cotton fabric. The second row is alternating gold glitter fabric and white/silver glitter

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Pin It Weekly #225

What colors have you been pinning?

I'm going with gray and a soft blue because I have to choose colors for our bedroom so that we can finish the bathroom. Since I'd like the two to coordinate, I have to decide now. Ah, the stress!

Soft blues have the ability to make a space feel tranquil. My favorite soft blues are those that have a grayish undertone. In my opinion, they look more sophisticated than that of a baby blue. Depending on the lighting and the other colors in the room, some may come across more gray or green. With that said, here are my favorite grayish blue paint colors. Sherwin Williams- Sleepy Blue Benjamin Moore- Summer Shower Benjamin Moore- Smoke Benjamin Moore- Yarmouth Blue Benjamin Moore- Sant...

Something neutral like this for a second guest room. Light blue with tan.

This room is aesthetically soothing by its use of a monochromatic color scheme. The use of varying tones of soft blues is a great way to freshen a space while the white adds a level of sophistication.

Bedroom with a Peaceful Color Scheme - Walls painted in Benjamin Moore's 'Silver Gray 2131-60'.

25 Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas to Brighten Up Home Interiors and Add Vintage…Pinspiration: Brighten Up Your Apartment Decor For Summer

Beautiful blue bedrooms for girls. Or for a guest room or anything!! So light and clean!

INSPIRATION: 10 Ways to Hotel-ify Your Guest Room | The Everyday Home

Andrew Howard Design -perfectly balanced bedroom retreat - Soothing palette of blues, whites, gray, soft blue, seafoam, sage - nailhead trim, bench - White Bungalow 5 three drawer side table - crown moulding - patterned drapery, panels

These soft, bluish grays seem to be winning out. I'd like for the room to have a calm, neutral feel so that I can change out quilts on occasion. I have several that we use in the camper, but because they don't fit in the bedroom decor, I've never put them on our bed. That is about to change.

So I'm late with Pin It Weekly, but that's been my life all week. Sorry. Enjoy your pinning!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

A Quilted Art Piece

 There are many posts that need to be written, but it seems that though I completed a piece, I haven't shown it to you. So I'm using it as my finish for the week. Otherwise, I'll have to show you the holes in the walls, again. The only thing about those is that the pros are finished creating the holes. Not very interesting.

 The story begins back in June as we were preparing for our trip across the Southwest. I teased you with this little snippet. I finished hand-quilting the piece on the way home and let it languish while I thought about what to do next. Then sometime in August or September, I decided to take another look and mounted the piece on a frame that Richard built specifically for this piece. 

But I wasn't crazy about it. I kept thinking it wanted something else, but it wouldn't say what that something was. Eventually I set it aside and moved on to other projects. Leta, my friend who taught art before we retired, came by. We've been friends long enough that we're quite at home when we're together, so she doesn't mind looking around at my stuff. And commenting on my work. All of which is done with great love and encouragement. 

She ran across "this piece leaning up on the wall" and couldn't seem to get enough of it. When I told her a bit about it, she loved my concept. In short, she sold me on my own piece! Yes, the more she liked it, the more I felt confident that it really is the art piece that I intended. Don't you love good friends? 

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The House of Horror

Do you remember that our middle son's family is living with us because their house got sick with mold and essentially died? Remember that they had to leave and abandon everything? 

Our house is under reconstruction, yep, mold. We had a water leak, the water seeped into a wall, the wall soaked up the water, mold stuck it's dirty hands in our house. 

Eventually we discovered the water and began the search for the source. But that was after the wall had sponged up all it could take. The gaping holes in my bathroom, closet and foyer match the concrete floor. Water seep under the floor in the corner between the toilet and tub. How does that happen? Anyway that spot was super-icky. 

In a flash the kids were gone, piled into their SUV like sardines and working to find a place for the night. Poor little Marley was in tears until all of her dolls were safely in the car. Ella, of Elf on the Shelf fame, had to stay since no one could touch her, but she found Marley later that night, so no doll succumbed to the mold. 

Anyway we called in the pros and they have been quite helpful. Thus far they've dried out the walls, torn out the sheetrock that was molded, and made several calls to the insurance and environmental guy who is to tell us how sick our house really is. Right now, there are huge dryers (humidifiers) that are keeping the house warm and toasty in this cold wet weather we're getting.

Richard and I have relocated to our camper and are pretty comfortable. Adam, Jen and Marley have borrowed Will's family camper and made themselves at home. It's bigger than the two bedrooms in our house where they've lived for a year now. There's a slide-out for the living area and two in the "bunk house" which Marley claimed for her dolls. So I think they are going to be okay as well.

Richard and I don't need as much space. That is, until workers begin installing sheet rock. That dust may put me out of the house entirely. Right now clothes are draped over chairs and benches. I was forced to take everything out of the closet, so today I went through every piece and made smart choices. 

Some sentimental things have even found their way into the donation box: graduation gowns, a suit our boys wore for weddings when they were small, pieces I really liked. 

I'm trying to figure out how to contain the dust and grime that are always present during construction. At least, how to keep some of it off clothing, books, and surfaces. 

I'm also trying to put a positive spin on this minor disaster. It's just a few rooms and I get to redesign our very small master bath and closet. Richard has been very helpful in that regard. 

He assures me it won't take very long since he can hire Adam's guys, and our boys will pitch in as well. "We help each other in this family," he reminds me. Ah yes, family. We have family to lean on, and that is enough.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Robot

Richard and I visited our youngest son, Rory, earlier in the week. Seems he was a bit under the weather, so Wednesday we made a quick trip just because retired people can do stuff like that, just, whenever. (It's taking me a little while to get used to being retired.) 

Anyway, just under his newly-built (but still needing concrete) carport was this cute little guy. He's about three feet tall and does nothing except stand sentinel in the front yard. 

Apparently Rory had some sort of water-heater gadget and a few dead wires, etc. hanging around, so he sculpted this Christmas guard for his girls. I don't know what they do with it, but I decided to give it some fame: it gets to be inspiration for today's Sunday Quilt Inspiration. How much fame could a robot sculpture want?

I think my boy has a little of my creativity genes. In fact, they all do, but then maybe they should. 

So robots...
When I started looking, I created a board, because that's what I do with the stuff I find online. Need robot ideas? Go HERE.

 Robot Sculpture Gilroy

STEAM Project Recipes: Insta-Robots and Sewing Art | School Library Journal
A family or an army? I can't decide.

Dachsund found object robot assemblage

Miss Allspice Found object robotGadgets and Gizmos, Orange VBS, DIY, robots, exercise ball, inner tube base, duct tape letters.

These little robots make me smile.

sculpture robot Mr AMPERESFun clock Reminds me of the Exhibition at Shelburne Museum this season called "Time Machines: Robots, Rockets and Steam Punk." Very cool.

Robot Printable Cut outs    DIY Party Decor by TracyAnnPrintables, $6.00

Know what these can be inspiration for? Some quilts!

Chris made this for her grandson from Amy Bradley Designs Robots quilt pattern, love it!

hazel & company: The Robot Quilt with Plans of World Domination {or at least...bed domination?}

Robot Riot quilt pattern from Don't Look Now,  at Pipers GirlsRobot quilt! Adorable!

Upcycled repurposed Blue Denim art robot boys quilt square

..i am consumed with an overzealous love for this particular pattern..only, my robots with be pink.

If I started on this NOW -- 2012, could be done by time baby needs twin size quilt.  LOL

Robot-O-Matic Baby Quilt Pattern Download from

Robot play mat

Modern Baby Boy Quilt-Robot Nursery Bedding-Toddler Quilt This modern boy quilt features a fun print of multicolored robots and a double border of solid red and black and white polka dots. It is backed in a coordinating grey and white polka dot print. The binding on the edge is a fun, multicolored stripe that matches the colors in the robot print. What makes this item great: ♥ It is fully reversible. ♥ The binding is machine stitched to both sides for durability and style. ♥ It is made usi...

I've pinned most of these quilts to my "baby, quilts" board. It just seemed to make more sense. Have a great week!