Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cotton Robin round 2

First the first time, I participated in the Cotton Robin hosted by Julie. See this post about round 1. What fun! I recommend that you look into it and join next year.

For round 2 I received this center block, but it didn't look like this. Oh no! It looked oh so much better. Don't get me wrong--this block is fantastic and anyone can see the potential. But some people just out do themselves!

See my problem!?!  Luckily, I was able to come up with something. Not anything great, and certainly not very competitive, but I'm not really much of a competitive girl. :) I play for fun.

I decided on a circle, although I had tried to make four hearts to go in each corner of the block. The problem became the corners of the block. Even though the circle is not perfectly round, I wanted it to appear somewhat so. My answer was HST's that didn't quite fit the width of the rest of the circle.

Luckily, the block went to Liz, who knew exactly how to quilt it. She quilted small hearts in each of the circle squares and small circles in the open white areas. 

Isn't this one precious little quilt? I love the small hearts in the inner border and the quilting is perfect!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Quilting LIfe

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: drunkard's path

Sewn: 23 - How to make a Drunkard's Path templateI'm working on a drunkard's path quilt with a lots of pretty colors and a mix of scraps. It's turning out much cuter than I first expected but still needs a few blocks to make it large enough. Since drunkard's path is on my mind, I thought I'd look at a few quilts using the pattern.

Wumba sized pillow 2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!a little gray: Scrappy Circles Pillow.  She used Jen's pattern found in the Winter 2013 Modern Patchwork issue.

All done! #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

A Quilter's Mixology in Review - Day 5 (and giveaways!) Thursday, June 19, 2014. This photo: Baby quilt, Medallion.

drunkards path | MishaMichele: Drunkard's Path

polka dot quilt - beautiful idea for all my polka dot fabrics!

drunkards path quilt by i like orange quilts-and-quilting

Black and White Trill 58″ x 68″ by Melanie Tuazon.  New Jersey Modern Quilt Guild.

squares & pies

Feng Shui Quilt- drunkards path variation- from Fun and Easy Quilt design

Drunkards Path

Raindrop baby quilt made with a drunkard's path ruler from Bloc Loc

DQS11 love the bright graphic sense of this one.

Cut to Pieces: A combo of a 9 patch and drunkard's path pattern, love this so much!  Adore the colors too

Aren't these some happy quilts? Every one filled with color and movement and joy. Have you made a drunkard's path quilt yet? Tell us a little about it in the comments, please. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Stash Report for June/July 2017

Running late but here nonetheless! Not tons of quilt finishes happening, but there have been a few. Oddly every quilt I finished have two things in common: they are small and they are mostly blue. But the blue scraps are slowly dwindling.

Stash Report for June/July 2017
Completed Projects 
Used this month:
Come Out to Play (3 yds)
Added this month:
Under the Haystack (2 yds)
Used in 2017:
AmandaJean’s QAL (5 yds)
Added in 2017:
3.5 gift
Small finishes (1 yd)

Friday, August 11, 2017

Cotton Robin round 1

I'm not sure how much I've said about the Cotton Robin that I joined back in January? February? I do remember jumping on board at the last second; then getting my block out after the deadline.  Way to make a first impression, right? I was so hoping to I get all the goofiness out the way and be serious or at least on time!  All that said, here's "Round 1: a block tells its own story."

In no time the block was in the mail and arrived at its destination, and a new block found its way to my hot little hands. 

I'd get so excited when a package came in! It was fun seeing what others were doing and looking at how they did it. Then, of course, there was the pressure of coming up with an idea that would work and pulling it off in time.

I found that the time factor was perfect. I easily kept up with every deadline, except the first. More on the Cotton Robin in a day or so.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pin It Weekly #210

I ran across this idea on Pinterest for displaying antique quilts using old windows. It got me to thinking about how old quilts that are torn or stained beyond repair might be repurposed. I hate the idea of cutting pieces out of a quilt, but some quilts are too far gone to do much else with them.
vintage quilt in an old window - Little Miss Shabby--Great idea now I know what to do with the quilt my mom made that's starting to fall apart!

repurposing a tattered vintage quilt for my spring mantel, crafts, fireplaces mantels, mantels, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor

This is a different type of frame, but the idea is the same. I really like that the design is not centered in the frame. 
I have several of my Mee Maw's old family quilts, many of which are tearing and fraying with age.  I hope to frame one of them as a headboard for our master bedroom in the near future!

And another idea for repurposing old quilts--pillows!
I recently found an old, faded and torn quilt at an antique store and restored it back to life by making it into these charming pillows. I carefully chose the best sections of the quilt, hand washed them and started my journey.    In designing these pillows I decided to leave the batting and fabric edges raw, or unfinished, along the outside of each of the 3 pillows to further give them a folk or vintage look. Each of the pillows are firmly stuffed with fresh new fiberfill.    No need to use ...

Charming Keepsake PILLOW made from ANTIQUE Dresden Plate QUILT - Cone Border

Charming Keepsake PILLOW made from Antique QUILT - with Vintage Lace and Button

And a final example of using old quilts as decor. 
Image result for chairs covered with quilts

Something to do with those old quilts that have stains or tears and can't be used on the bed!

Have you seen old quilts repurposed in another way? Tell us about it in the comments. 

Love Birds ~~ finish!

While Richard and I were traipsing around the western states, I needed to keep myself busy. When I get bored, I come up with ridiculous ideas, which often get me into trouble. At the very least I share my ideas. Not a good idea.
The original bird from Preeti

Close up to see the embroidery

Knowing this, I packed some handwork. One of the items I carried with me is the little bird quilt that I started when Preeti (Sew Preeti Quilts) sent a left over bird from her "He Tweeted She Tweeted" quilt. It was such a generous gift that immediately made me think of love birds. So I made a second bird to face the first and connected them. When I began quilting, I simply stitched in the ditch to outline the birds. Then I "finished" the edges of the quilt with a zigzag seam so it wouldn't fray.

My addition

Close up of their heads and faces.
Both have a little cap--how about the feathers in one cap?

That's where I stopped. My idea was that I would continue the quilting, including some thread painting, while we were traveling. 
Luckily, I decided before we left that some embroidery thread would do the trick, and I didn't need to pack some machine embroidery thread. 

The back using the feather fabric that Preeti included in the gift.
The little white stick is actually part of a broken plastic clothes hanger. 

 I keep my hand embroidery thread in this little pink bag that I bought on clearance for $2 several years ago. The front pockets hold my thimble, scissors, a needle book and extra needles. 

The back pocket holds a cross stitch that I started many years ago. I got halfway through the piece and found myself so lost that I abandoned it. I suppose I have so much work invested that I can't toss it

Of course, having a nice little organizer doesn't mean that you're organized. Every time I wanted to work, I had to pull every skein out to find a color. I decided enough of that. Yesterday I started cutting cardboard into mini-spools. While watching TV, I wrapped about 25 spools with thread. 

Still a few skeins of thread to wrap

 Today I cut more spools for the embroidery thread and some longer ones for the crewel thread. Digging through my stash, I found just enough rings so that I could sort colors. Now all of the blues are on one ring. I did the same with red, yellow/orange, green, purple, and neutrals. One ring will hold all of the crewel thread and another holds empty cardboard spools.

Much better!

Honestly, I don't embroider very often, but I also dislike disorder and am hopeful I'll be more likely to pick up my needle now knowing that I'll be able to get to work quickly and easily. If nothing else, the embroidery stuff looks much neater. 

Do you see what you started, Preeti? Talk about inspiration and motivation! That one little bird took me from quilting to embroidery to organizing. And the best part? I enjoyed every moment! Thank you again so much~

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Home from the West

Four Corners Monument (Google Maps screen capture)
Our whirlwind tour of the Great Northwest ended on Saturday as we pulled into the driveway.  The real end came on Thursday afternoon, however. We were driving through the Navajo Nation Reservation and made a quick stop at Four Corners, which is the only place in the U.S. where four states meet: Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. We took a quick picture, did a little shopping at the craft booths and were off again.

Richard and I standing on the marker

As we continued the drive, we decided that we'd had enough. Of course, we both had known it for a few days. There comes a point when we just get enough of the traveling. Richard does not know how to unwind. He is a mover. Always doing something. 

It's the reason that I don't have to drive. He can't sit in the passenger seat because he has nothing to do. I entertain myself but his interests are not as easily adapted to sitting. Woodworking, mechanical interests, and fence-building do not travel well. I tried to drive a couple of hours on Friday, but he was miserable and so was I. Lesson learned, again. 

Today was almost as busy as vacation: I had a doctor's appointment, a guild meeting, and new prescriptions to fill. 

All is well and I enjoyed the meeting very much. Brenda, one of our members, demonstrated how to decoupage fabric on almost anything. How about her adorable frog planter? Isn't this fun?

Only two of us had something to share but look at these pretty quilt tops. They are ready to go to the long-arm quilter. I really like the pattern on this pink one. It may have to go on the to-do list. Ha! I was the other person to share, but you'll have to wait for that because I haven't taken pictures. 

I did, however, take a picture of cute Miss Milly. Goodness she grew in one little short month. 

So how are things with you? Are you keeping up or have you fallen behind as badly as I have? We'll catch up again, right?