Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Pin It Weekly #227

Although I haven't been blogging as I should, I have remembered that there was a time when I had plans. I'll revisit those later in the week. I'm curious about how I (and you) have managed the plans we made way back in the beginning of 2017.  I wonder what those were?!

Frank Malan is a follower with a board called "Fashion Illustration." At first glance it seems to be men's fashion, but there are other pins tossed in, so I'm not totally sure. However, there are some interesting men's fashion pins included.

Street Style & more details

Street Snaps! Random Spring 2017 Street Style Inspirations. | Follow rickysturn/mens-casual for more Trending Men's Fashions is actually my ideal look, but it's super expensive. If I had a lot of money, I might go more for this always-dressy style, but alas!

See this Instagram photo by @tobilikee • 4,880 likes Women, Men and Kids Outfit Ideas on our website at #ootd #7ootd

So apparently I like the way men look when they walk. Interesting concept to learn about myself.

Ever wonder how many spoons you can find on Pinterest? No? Me either, but Lesa Bolman has. In fact, she has a board of "Spoons, etc." with 280 pins. Here are just a few:

Couverts en bois recycl├ęsDon Nalezyty - hand carved wooden spoons he's bringing to Spoonfest

Heathen Heart, Pagan Pride: Photo

Food As A Lens: Egg Nog A History, Part 2


Small Cheese and Serving Boards

Priscilla Gray has a board called "Celebrities." I don't recognize very many, but you may. Take a look.
And even more amazingly he smiles. SMILES I TELL YOU. | Amanda Seyfried Has An Adorable And Talented Dog
Amanda Seyfried

Emma Watson For more visit:
Emma Watson
Channing Tatum - Enough said... But seriously, I would love to meet him just so I could meet him... (Weeeeeell, THAT made sense...)
Channing Tatum

Let’s not overlook the fact that Taylor Swift also killed it onstage the night before the Super Bowl
Taylor Swift
Cate Blanchett
Kate Blanchett
Jake Gyllenhaal 2016
Jake Gyllenhaal
And that's a wrap. Have a wonderful New Year's Day (and weekend).


Sunil said...

Thank you for this information. Not only will it help me prepare better but it has certainly given me more confidence. Much appreciated!

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Kaja said...

Do you like to watch men walking in real life or is it just a pinterest thing? Wishing you and yours a very happy New Year, Mary.