Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Pin It Weekly #225

Are you ready for Christmas? I sent a text to my sisters asking who had won the game that we all play at this time of year: the-get-it-all-done game. It turns out that everyone still has time to win: no one is finished. In fact, by listing all of the things we have done, we began to realize just how much is left to do. Ah, the holidays! 

Holiday Embroidered Christmas Table Runner | christmas | Pinterest | Christmas Runner, Runners and Christmas Table Runners

Very often, when I am looking at Pinterest, I begin with something I'm interested in, such as this gorgeous table runner. But then.
1880's Dresses | All The Pretty Dresses: 1880's Sage Green Bustle Dress

I see something else that is interesting and that leads to something like this odd little garment. Whale bones, padding, ribbons. Who needs all this? And for what!?!

18th century accessories - Google Search

And that's about the time that I fall into the rabbit hole. Getting out can be, well, let's just say it requires a great effort.

Ca.1865 hoopskirt. Palais Galliera.

Danielle Jordan - Costume Technologist | DRAPING & STITCHING

Stays (corset) and panniers (hoops), English, 1770-1790. V Museum.Ivory panniers More

Pantaloons - undergarment worn by women under dresses. Before this century women wore nothing under their garments. However, during this time women's dresses became a lot lighter and sheer, calling for a garment like so.Image result for different types of crinoline

Medium Victorian Bustle Pad Available In White by SallyCDesignsDIY Side panniers tutorial by temps de elegance in French and English.

Image result for Maestro Classical english costume

Imagine wearing any one of these accessories. 
I can barely stand a bra and panties. The poor women who wore all these extra undergarments!

The purpose of all these extra wires, whale bone, and fabric? To push the breasts up, squeeze the belly in, and give the hips extra padding. Ha! I can't imagine wanting extra padding anywhere or for any reason. Even in a rabbit hole. Which one do you think is the oddest of the undies?

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