Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pin It Wednesday

Marley came by earlier for Trick or Treating.  Our town moved the festivities to tonight because it's supposed to be storming tomorrow night.  Of course that put me in an All Hallow's Eve kind of spirit, although I am not watching any scary movies.  Not even some of the not-so-scary old movies.  I can't handle them.  They are too creepy and I lie awake at night fretting.

So instead of watching a scary movie while waiting for trick or treaters, I chose to appreciate a few "scary" quilts and decorations and share them with my not-so-scary friends.

Sew Spooky Block of the Month

Jack O Lantern Applique Template

Halloween Quilt | HerKentucky

What Did You Call Me? wallhanging from the book Happy Haunters by Kelly Mueller of The Wooden Bear.

Mr. October Awaits Wall Hanging

If the Hat Fits Quilting Kit or Book

HALLOWEEN WITCH MOON- see this as a quilt. So cute!

Trick or Treat door banner, 11" x 30" (pattern available)

Halloween quilt this is adorable

Halloween decor for the home

Halloween decoration | Flickr – Condivisione di foto!

loving the Halloween quilt patterns... must do!

RAZ Autumn & Halloween Decorations #trendytree #raz #halloween

Halloween Decorations (16 Pics)

Happy Halloween,

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flowers and Apologies

First, my apologies for not posting in a few days.  I suffer from depression and it has gotten really bad in the last few months.  Some days are horrible.  I'm on a new medicine that may be helping but it's difficult to tell.  And while this isn't an excuse for not writing, it's all I have.

I spent part of the weekend putting some flowers together for the family graves for All Saints' Day.  Cleaning the graves and putting new flowers on them is a tradition here in the deep South, especially among Catholic families.  This weekend congregations everywhere will pray for the souls and bless the graves.  

Rich and I first went to Moreauville to visit my grandmother and grandfather's graves.  We forgot to bring a broom, so we stopped at the dollar store on the way.  In no time we had swept the dust, grass, and cobwebs off the grave and gravestone.  I arranged the flowers and snapped a few pictures so my sisters and other family members can see how pretty the flowers are.


The next grave is my great-grandparents' and great-uncle's grave.  Yes, all three in the same plot.  The concrete is barely above ground, so it gets very dirty in the course of a year and requires lots of scrubbing.  He has a Woodmen of the World vase on his grave, so I didn't need to buy a vase.  

We also went to visit my parents' grave.  Cleaning that one is easy since it's still new.  Rich took the reins on this one while I arranged the flowers in mom's sewing basket vase.  Dad bought the vase before his death, so it's really special to us.  

And that was the big part of my weekend, except for the many papers I graded, but there's nothing interesting about that boring chore.  How did you spend your weekend?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Deep into Hot Pink

A customer recently contacted me to make her a queen sized quilt like this one.

Although these two are not the same quilt, they are alike in many ways: same fabrics, same sized blocks, almost the same setting, etc.  I made the first one (with an around the world setting) and used the left over fabrics to make the second (which has a random setting).  Erica wants a quilt with a random setting and lots of this hot pink.  In fact, she shopped online and sent me the links for the fabrics that she likes.

I did the rest and tonight we have several yards of yummy hot pinks in a variety of patterns and values.  This will be a fun, lively quilt, don't you think?

I'd love to get started on it, but first I have a few projects in the works that must be finished.  But whose to say I can't pet these for a while when there's a minute to spare?  That's why they are sitting on my table right now, waiting for a little "how are you" and an "you are so pretty."

Happy Quilting,

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pin It Wednesday is the Big 40!

And to celebrate, let's look at old stuff turned new again!  Reclaimed, recycled, revamped, renewed, reborn, re-somethin'.  I won't even do the upcycle thing; instead I'll just get to the pretties.

>Found this on HG Crafts< Wall of words, This is a project I made using a bunch of old wood an pallet wood i had. I cut sanded and then painted it in shades that match my decor. I used the Cricket machine to help with the letters and fonts....then distressed it using sandpaper, Wall of words, Home Decor Project

Shelves from old wooden box crates.

I adore this! A 90 year old door made into a headboard.

Repurposed crib into porch chair.

how to paint a vintage sign style table: an easy step by step project without a craft cutter!

repurposed doors | Repurposed door | For the Home

Wow. I am pinning this just to keep her website!

14 Wooden Crates Furniture Design Ideas

Blue and White

Reclaimed Wood Frame

Repurposing wooden doors and shutters


Cape Cod Kitchen Island available @ is a timeless design. #coachbarn #furniture #design

hillside landscaping

Mike Project...barn wood top,,different sides

The Cottage Market: 25 Repurposed Shutter Ideas

Repurposed windows

crib upcycled into a wagon

Repurposed shutters

Lego table! Great idea! These old step tables are in all the thrift stores for practically nothing.

Recycled Bird Feeder

Okay, doesn't this prove that 40 is a great number?  I wonder how many of these doors, windows, shutters and so on are over 40 years and how many more they have in their new jobs.  Like most 40-somethings they are filled with stories and have something to teach all of us about what is really important in life.  Here's to those of us who already know.

Happy crafting,

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: TEAL


I've been working in teal and white today.  Well, between bouts of stomach ache.  This miserable bug will not go away.  This morning I even tried using Facebook to give it away.  My post reads 
"FREE to good home: stomach bug. Comes complete with all necessary equipment: bedside pan, cold compresses, two day supply of Alka-Seltzer and Pepto. Doctor's excuse available on request for small fee. Must take ownership immediately. Contact Mary."

Trina Turk "Santorini" Bed Linens - Neiman Marcus
great quilts and a great causeNo, it didn't work, although I did get quite a few comments--all no's! Can you believe it?

Working in teal did, however, give me the idea that it would be interesting to see what Pinterest has in teal quilts and fun.    

    Star quilt; I love the colors, need to mix up my color selection. LLM     

Teal Brown and Gold Quilted Star Christmas Ornament.

Silk Scarf in Turquoise and these colors!

Teal and Brown Minky blanket.

Aqua Bedroom...I want to redo my bedroom in this color! Without the birds on the sheets though...

lap or baby quilt  in teals  Caribbean Waves by MooseCarolQuilts, $210.00

Quilted Table Runner Teal Turquoise Aqua by atthebrightspot, $68.00

@FryeStyle Ornamental Teal Art Quilt by Hilary Frye

Love the different teals in this quilt with the white stars

Teal Quilt

Happy Quilting,