Saturday, October 26, 2013

Deep into Hot Pink

A customer recently contacted me to make her a queen sized quilt like this one.

Although these two are not the same quilt, they are alike in many ways: same fabrics, same sized blocks, almost the same setting, etc.  I made the first one (with an around the world setting) and used the left over fabrics to make the second (which has a random setting).  Erica wants a quilt with a random setting and lots of this hot pink.  In fact, she shopped online and sent me the links for the fabrics that she likes.

I did the rest and tonight we have several yards of yummy hot pinks in a variety of patterns and values.  This will be a fun, lively quilt, don't you think?

I'd love to get started on it, but first I have a few projects in the works that must be finished.  But whose to say I can't pet these for a while when there's a minute to spare?  That's why they are sitting on my table right now, waiting for a little "how are you" and an "you are so pretty."

Happy Quilting,

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jenclair said...

:) I have projects like that! No time, but lots of love and petting.