Monday, October 14, 2013

The Wedding Quilt is gone!

I was getting rather attached to the wedding signature quilt.  Since I usually go directly from putting the quilt together to quilting, I am usually ready to let the quilt go.  This time, however, the quilt left for a week or so to go to the wedding reception.  It needed the signatures, right?

When it came back, I loaded it on the long arm and started playing around with some quilting ideas.  Of course I second-guessed myself, but that was short-lived and tonight the quilt is gone.  By this time tomorrow the bride and groom will have had dinner with friends and received their hand-made signature wedding quilt.  

Reading the signatures and looking at the handwriting was such fun.  I know only one or two of the signees, but that didn’t matter.  I love that some signatures include personal snippets, others include Biblical quotes, and a few are coded phrases that only the writer and recipient could understand.  

Happy Quilting,

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