Thursday, February 27, 2014

As promised....

I said I'd show you the scarves I've made recently and here they are.  As modeled by the new mannequin in the studio.  All of these were made with recycled fabric samples that my sister Laura gave me when she came to visit the last time.  

I pulled out a couple packets of sheers and separated the packets. Then came the difficult part: pulling out the heavy duty staples and cleaning off the paper backing.  Sometimes the paper will peel like a banana, but usually it takes the patience of a saint.  It wants to tear into strips about a quarter inch wide and maybe an inch long.  Ah well, ya gotta work for some things.

This colorful one is an infinity scarf, which means there are no short ends, instead they are sewn together so make a complete circle.  It's twisted and double-draped on Lady M.

My favorite is the heavier solid white.  It's really soft and warm.  I like the sheers, but they are a little scratchy.  I wore the colorful one to mass on Sunday and fiddled enough that Richard told me to be still.  Well, that didn't help!  I absolutely cannot stop wiggling (or giggling) just because someone says to.  And I surely can't stop itching just because we're in mass.  No, I couldn't take it off: I was wearing it to cover up the only cleavage I have.  Anyhoo, I now plan to wash before wearing.  Maybe some fabric softener will help.

Lady M has not complained one time about the itching.  I suppose I could learn from her, but she's not explaining anything.  :-)  But then her head isn't big enough for a mouth.

Happy sewing,

Pin It Weekly #56

Sorry about the pun, but scheduling a post to publish is just not working for me.  Actually, it's not working at all.  So, it's Thursday evening, I'm updating and publishing.  

On Henry Street

This pretty drawn pin is from Kathy Schmitz, or at least, that's where the pin leads.  She has a great website that give all sorts of instructions and other information that I'm pretty sure you'll find interesting.


Doodle Page

#9 HOUSE by lunardesigns15, via Flickr

  ruth davis
I don't know exactly where all these pins are from, but I'm thinking we could probably figure it out.  I love the playful, fantasy feel of the all of them and wanted to share.  More fantasy and fun: 

gorgeous!  12x24 Original abstract folk art acrylic and oil painting on stretched canvas by Karla G

cute quilting design...

Mystical Beaded Fantasy Quilt by ArtQuiltsArtQuilts on Etsy

art quilts - fantasy flowers in brilliant by Barbara Harms of BarbaraHarmsFiberArt on Etsy   ...........

I am SO inspired by this gorgeous fantasy quilt wall hanging. Not only are the fabric choices amazing, but I love the quilting techniques.

Fantasy in Paradise was created by Laura Steiniger, Tucson, Arizona to depict fantastical birds-of-paradise flowers. I love birds-of-paradise.  Photo by Phyllis Dobbs, 2013 Spring International Quilt Market

I ❤ fiber art . . . UNDERWATER FANTASY- ~taught by Judith Baker Montano

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you enjoyed the fantasy.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Whew . . .

although I've been busy sewing a bit, I haven't been able to write any posts, thanks to the overwhelming amount of school work.

Richard gave me this cute mannequin for my birthday  I have it in the studio and have dressed it with a slew of scarves that I've been making lately.  My favorite thing about it is that the burlap fabric has all the writing on it.

It has a French theme so it's really fun for me: I'm teaching French II this semester.

I'll write a post about the scarves later, for now we have a surprise visit from Will, our oldest son, and family.  They came to eat the leftovers!  

Happy Quilting,

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: TRADITIONS

Just a few traditional quilts because I am very late getting this post out and I do have to face students in the morning.

beautiful popping stars - love the neutral colors that really pop!

The Little White Farmhouse - Pinwheel Quilt <3  ldk- notice quilting

Love the look of this block - might look great in monochrome, or a restrained palette.

PRAIRIE CROSSING QUILT KIT  So typical of the times.  You'll need to tell them it's not actually an antique!  Kit has Julie Hendricksen's piecing directions, and fabrics (prints and an ivory solid) for the top and binding.  • Quilt Size: 57" x 72" Throw  • Project: Pieced  • Project rating: Intermediate    Price:  $ 99.99

Stars in the Cabin Quilt -- great carefully made Amish Quilts from Lancaster (hs2969)

Quick Puffy Quilt Pattern ePattern

And before I close I have a treat for you!  If you have not met Barbara Wood, it's time you do.  She is a lovely blogger from Georgia, who shares her quilt story on "wont-to-be quilter."

She often begins her post with "Beautiful day!" and has a spirit that is catching.  I love to read her blog posts just because she lifts my spirits so much.   Here's a sneak peek of something she's working on, but she can tell you about it much better than I possibly could.

Have a great week,

Birthday blues

I am blue only because it's already gone, but I really enjoyed "my special day."  I spent most of it in the studio making a handful of these little bracelets.  

They are fun and easy, unless you get a bit carried away!

Which I may have done!  I'm making some to give away to my sisters and nieces.  It's occurred to me that I don't have enough.

So already I need to make more!  I may have to go with a different color scheme.....I'm a little over the blue.  But I did have fun and it was a great way to spend my birthday.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.  I appreciate and love my followers!

Happy Quilting,

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy me!

Today is my birthday, so I'm spending most of my day in the studio.  I've started a secret project, so no pictures, yet.   I'll post pictures when the secret is out, so come back!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pin It Wednesday #55

Wow! #55!  Pretty Awesome, isn't it?  And to think that I was afraid I'd forget or lose interest, or something.  
orchidMoth Orchid - Phalaenopsis; by peaceful-jp-scenery

Since we're still going strong, I'm sending you all some exotic flowers in a variety of colors (although most are orchids).


Yellow Cymbidium OrchidS

Hibiscus 'Cloudburst'

Black Orchid

i love the colors and textured background              love the pants.

I hope you know how special you are to me and wish you years of art-filled joy and fun.

Peahen & chicks

this-is-wild:  Springtime(Mark Burns)                 Mother and baby Burro.

And play!


Baby Dusky Langur

Red Fox Cubs

And may your quilts always be comforting to others in just the right size, color and style.

Thunder Bay Quilt Guild's recommended comfort quilt sizes.

quilt how-to


Quilt from Jodi Nelson at Pleasant Home. Pattern is Water Lily from Sherri McConnell. Quilted by Abby Latimer.

Jen Eskridge, Modern Quilts

Quilts art quilt silk painted original  flower garden wall hanging

Thanks for sticking with me for a whole year of Pin It Wednesdays!  I LOVE my wonderful followers,