Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pin It Wednesday #55

Wow! #55!  Pretty Awesome, isn't it?  And to think that I was afraid I'd forget or lose interest, or something.  
orchidMoth Orchid - Phalaenopsis; by peaceful-jp-scenery

Since we're still going strong, I'm sending you all some exotic flowers in a variety of colors (although most are orchids).


Yellow Cymbidium OrchidS

Hibiscus 'Cloudburst'

Black Orchid

i love the colors and textured background              love the pants.

I hope you know how special you are to me and wish you years of art-filled joy and fun.

Peahen & chicks

this-is-wild:  Springtime(Mark Burns)                 Mother and baby Burro.

And play!


Baby Dusky Langur

Red Fox Cubs

And may your quilts always be comforting to others in just the right size, color and style.

Thunder Bay Quilt Guild's recommended comfort quilt sizes.

quilt how-to


Quilt from Jodi Nelson at Pleasant Home. Pattern is Water Lily from Sherri McConnell. Quilted by Abby Latimer.

Jen Eskridge, Modern Quilts

Quilts art quilt silk painted original  flower garden wall hanging

Thanks for sticking with me for a whole year of Pin It Wednesdays!  I LOVE my wonderful followers,

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