Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: YELLOW

It's been 50 years since the Beatles made their debut in the United States.  While I was never much of a Beatles fan (I was too young at 4 years old), I do recognize many of their songs and remember listening to their hits on the radio.  The girl in the next picture looks as though she could have been a screaming, crazy fan.

Although I was not a Beatles' fan, I associate yellow with my youth in the 1960's, and I can't really say why.  Maybe it was the yellow submarine, maybe the mustard yellow in my mother's kitchen, which, incidentally, she hated and we still talk about.  

Yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow. repinned by #smgdesignselectGirl in yellow.But male must pay money for her. Why?Because she in yellow.

Looks so refreshing! Wouldn't this be perfect mixed with our Miss Ollie's Sweet Tea?

Yellow is so welcoming! It might just consume my life

Yellow Beetle by hilary bravo

This VW bug is definitely a memory of the 60's.  And look at this darling drawing: isn't it great inspiration for a quilt!

Gray and Yellow Landscape Art Print by pictorialboom on Etsy

Yellow lanterns light up the night!
Sunny day Marbles

Sunflower Bouquet

The yellow is like a dose of sunshine.

Scrappy yellow quilt- would be cute if each square was a different colour

Light bulbs: pocketful of sunshine

Orange and White Triangle Quilt

Chevron Blanket

Vintage Yellow Quilt Top or Table Runner

Interestingly, I have a small piece of quilt top in these colors that my grandmother sewed.
Pretty yellow quilt

yellow quilt

gray and yellow quilt by Namoo -- antother color combo I want try!

And this gray and yellow brings us back to today.  I keep promising myself that I will make a quilt in these happy colors.

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Christine @ Quilters Diary said...

Love the yellow! It is my favorite color, along with purple. And red. And blue. And a few other colors. But yellow is my MOST favorite. Thanks for the inspiration.l