Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter and Valentines

We've had three snow days this week alone.  It's such a rare break to get one snow day, but a total of six in a year is amazing.  Of course, we'll have to make up all but two.  Of course, The reasons for the days off are the icy roads and loss of power.  

But the fun ends tonight: school is set to start back tomorrow.  I'll admit that I enjoyed the time off.  Movies till midnight, sleeping late, sewing all afternoon, peace and quiet.  The kids couldn't drive through the ice, so they called their dad to check on us.

One of the things that I did while we were off was to take care of this box of valentines.  When we were at Beta Convention, students from across the state came into the service project room to create valentines and activity booklets.  The valentines go to Valentines for Vets (which I delivered to the local VA Hospital for disbursement) and the activity booklets will go to St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  

The kids do a great job with the valentines.  Some of them have really heart-felt sentiments and some are beautiful.  As the school in charge of the service project room, all we have to do is provide the materials and make sure the finished products find their way to where they belong.

 Last year I mailed cards out to the three VA hospitals in our state, but this year I didn't get busy soon enough, so they all went to the Pineville hospital on Monday.  The person in charge there will do the rest.  This really helps my club because we have to raise the money for mailing costs.

So tomorrow veterans around the state will receive valentine cards and notes from some thoughtful, sweet teenagers.  Pretty awesome, don't you think?
I hope you and your Valentine have a wonderful day tomorrow.

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