Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: T R A I N S

First, some trains...
Essex Steam Train's "Engine 40" passing through the autumn foliage at Canfield Woods in Deep River, CT.: RailPictures.Net Photo: MILW 150 Milwaukee Road EMD SD40-2 at Peedee, Idaho by Center for Railroad Photography and Art:

Shasta Daylight

Vintage Steam Engine Photograph, Monochrome Photography, Gray, Train Art, Home…                                                                                                                                                     More:
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RailPictures.Net Photo: BNSF 6762 Burlington Northern Santa Fe GE ES44C4 at Trinidad, Washington by Reed Skyllingstad:

Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scottland. - Click image to find more Travel Pinterest pins: RailPictures.Net Photo: CP 8907 Canadian Pacific Railway GE ES44AC at Jasper, Alberta, Canada by Tim Stevens:

Between the 450 m long Wiesen I tunnel and the 969 m long Bärentritt tunnel on the line from Filisur to Davos, there is a gap of only few more then 10 meter, where the passengers have a glimps of less then 1 second daylight, when the train cross the bridge of the creek, which fall down to the Zügen gorge. "C-C" or Rhaetian crocodil Ge 6/6 I # 415 with the "Davos-Landwasser special" caught in the right moment.:

LMS Coronation Class locomotives, introduced in 1937 to commemorate the coronation of King George VI. These streamlined trains were designed by W. A. Stanier.:

Then some train quilts...
Our kids are blessed with so many great family members who adore them {and spoil them.} This includes an abundance of grandparents. They hav...: Train Quilt Patterns | photo details eliot s advent calendar:

Cute and quicker way to put a train quilt together:

An awesome quilt Pics of my finished train quilt!!!! - JustMommies Message Boards:

My boy would think this was the best.:

Free pattern for Santa's Workshop Train Applique on

Train Station block.: Adorable train quilt:

Saw this train rag quilt online.  Amazing creation.:

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Painted and Quilted and Framed...Oh My a Finish!

I'm not sure which should be listed first, since I both paint and quilt these pieces at the same time. In fact, sometimes I paint then quilt too soon. I can't seem to wait when there's something in my head wanting to get out. 

I've discovered that not waiting can be a bad thing: the needle picks up the paint and the thread dredges through that small, tiny little drop. You can't imagine how much paint can get carried from one stitch to another and another and another.

In other words, it makes a mess. Take the stitches out, right? 
That requires touching the paint and spreading it around via the seam ripper. Bigger mess, that. Okay, so let it dry. Ha! removing stitches that have been stitched and painted on...let's just say it ain't easy and it sure ain't fun!

Honestly, the best option is to stay out of the paint while it's wet. And since it's rough on the needle once it's dry, it's probably a good idea to stay out of the paint altogether. Such a difficult idea to stick with.

But handling the paint and the needle just right means creating a three-dimensional effect, which I really like. On this painting, the largest cotton boll has a high relief that protrudes from the background plane, but it also has a sunken relief caused by the quilting process.  

My goal is to learn more about how to create a variety of reliefs and to learn how light plays on the piece as a result of the quilting and relief work. 

I experimented with the quilting by creating interlocking circles and then echo quilting the shapes that these circles created. I also experimented by playing with size. This one is 12" X 20" and my sweet husband made the frame for me. 

At first I didn't like the piece. I thought the background and the painted sections blended too much. But now that it's finished, it seems to be growing on me. I honestly believe that seeing through my camera lens is what changed my mind. Somehow it has a different look and mood. 
Definitely it has improved my mood!

Thanks for visiting. Please make suggestions and leave comments. I'd love to know what you think.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Pin It Weekly #202

Pin It WeEkly #202the four year AnnIversary is only 6 weeks away! we're shooting for 25 pins a week until the anniversary! Stick with us and HAPPY WEEKLY.

Lili Collins is a follower who loves movies. How do I know? I've seen her Pinterest boards. My surprise! Of her 45-50 boards, all but about five are of particular movies. You really should see this. I spent too much time (of course) on her movie boards. Then I found this! - 1890 Victorian: Queen Anne - Historical Home in East Central Alabama in Roanoke, Alabama:

This looks like the perfect place to start my cat collection. More trees is all that is needed. The windows are so beautiful, and that door. Wow.: Beautiful house in Norway:

Victorian and stone, great combo!:

omg - I could actually see me on that porch, or upstairs, or inside or anywhere in this gorgeous home:

Lesa Bolman has 20,000 followers! Her board "That's Clever!" one reason why... 
glow sticks in balloons <3:
Love these balloons with glow sticks inside.

Stacked coffee tables for shelves:

I am doing this. How many of the many flashlights in this house work? Pinner writes "Idea for emergency candles! good shower gift too" Yeah, okay, phones work, but why use that battery up:


Karen Ristau has a board titled "Best Friends." How sweet is this? 

Best friends photography idea:

haileycheyanne: Jump On It:

omg i was looking at this picture when the little daughter (5 years old) of my parents' friends sitting next to me asked "where is the other guy? he should be sitting next to her, shouldn't he? why isn't he there?" i didn't know what to answer x.x: Good friends are so precious and so important. Thanks, Alainna. I can't imagine life without you either.:

Best Friends Art - Sisters - Watercolor Painting Print 8x10 | by Heatherlee Chan | Lady Poppins | $20.00

Carolyn Phillips has lots of quilt boards--and I'm going back to check those out--but she also has an "Altered Books" board that I want to share with you.

I have no problem being addicted to creating mixed media art! :) | I found tips for working with #metal and more, at #mixedmedialove:

What a cool way to use a book!    Wouldn't that be cool to hang up in your room?: ~:

france papillon | Journal on Monday: week 104:

Sweet...look at the lace border!! <3 we should do something like that :):

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: G R E E N

I spent most of today working on a green baby quilt. 

It's been one of the easiest quilts I've ever worked on. I started with scraps a few days ago and have finished the quilting. Only binding and label left to go. Since I have so much green in my head, I thought I may as well go with it. 

Green colour palets that stand out and are eye catching, compared to our forest green - Olivia:  

They let you order books by color, subject, size, or binding!  Librarian meets decorator.  My dream.  :

#3.  This photo represents the moss which the main character describes within the short story.  Notice how the moss takes on a yellow hue...always brushing off on everything.: A good reason to eat kiwi: KIWI fruit helps your digestions with enzymes, it contains actinidain, a protein-dissolving enzyme that can help digest a meal much like the papain in papaya or bromelain in pineapple. (Photo from P.S.- I made this...):

Color Palette #2820 | Color Palette Ideas | Bloglovin’:

green peppers: Emeralds are gem-quality beryls which are green to blue-green

This is our luscious silk/rayon velvet fabric. We sell by the yard, so let us know the how many you need in the "Quantity" field before submitting your order. All yardage will be one continuous piece

Brilliant Luxury by Emmy DE ♦ Gianvito Rossi 'Gianvito' Alligator PumpsVintage green charm for my dream kitchen, because accessories really tell the story of who we are.:

Bright Green Fabric Bundle:

Green quilts? Oh, there are a few!
Curious Nature Crosses, Woods by CoraQuilts ~ MrsCarla, via Flickr

Triangle Garden by felicity.quilts, Quilting your Quilt tutorial @ <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>

Red Pepper Quilts: Spring Quilt.  (Might be fun for scraps.  4 strips 2 inches wide x 6.5 long.  End up with 6 inch block.:

Lone Star Log Cabin Quilt -- wonderful adeptly made Amish Quilts from Lancaster (hs6788):

beautiful green "Nearly Insane" quilt by Luann at Loose Threads

Urban Amish’ is a traditional Amish quilt design, which fits perfectly into our modern world. The Amish lifestyle is rich in beauty and tradition, where they have been creating many of their favorite

modern quilts | It's Easy Being Green Squares Modern Quilt by tanneicasey on Etsy:

'Modern Curves' by Anita Shackelford - Green Tumbler Quilt:

Selvage Blog: Happy St. Patrick's Day! (Green Quilts):

Ocean Waves | green and blue quilt. half square triangles. quilted feathers:

Green Venus by Helen Howes.  Quilt Fest 2015.  Contemporary Quilt (UK).: Pretty!  Love the colors... so soothing and BEACHY!:

Twelve fantastic quilts and I've barely scratched the surface. If you'd like to see more quilts, visit my "Heart, quilts" Pinterest board.

What have you been working on lately? Any particular color?
Have a great week of happy quilting.