Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Dress?

When we were children, mom would make Easter dresses for us. Keep in mind that she had eight, all girls, so there were many dresses to sew. Truthfully, I can't remember whether there were new dresses every year or not, mostly I remember the idea of Easter dresses. 

Perhaps it was the only time we even got new clothes. My memory gets rather fuzzy somewhere along there and it's possible that the talk was new dresses but really they were new to in handed down from an older or bigger sibling. 

Anyway, it seems that even now I should be getting a new dress around Easter. Handed-down? Why, yes, please. Especially since it means I won't have to go shopping. I loathe shopping, especially for clothes. I decided to sew one using whatever I had on hand. I found some nice linen and a couple of patterns I liked. There would be only a few minor problems: I didn't like the thin straps of the dress pattern (there were no other options), and I really liked a top pattern but a top is not a dress. 

So I decided to combine the two and make one dress. Hopefully one that fit since neither pattern was the correct size. Have I mentioned that the patterns were way too small for my body? No? Hmmm. 

I know, right!? Who does this? But I wouldn't be wasting fabric as I could toss it all in the scrap bin and make a quilt. See? THAT is how my brain works. So I got going on Saturday around noon, with the kids coming for supper Saturday evening. Let's just say I couldn't see the pressure for the idea. Don't cha love an idea?

The idea worked. Quite well, surprisingly. By Sunday evening I had a dress. Not a completed dress since I've decided to wash it before hemming. Who cares at this point if it's another day or three since I haven't worn it yet?  

I did put it on and it covers my body without showing my bra straps or much of my skin. (Can you believe I'm modest? Good. Because I'm not.) But clothes should cover your body. Otherwise what's the point? Go live in a nudest colony so the rest of us are not distracted by your perfect beauty, wrinkles, tatoos, rolls, whatever. Some of us have ADHD. 

Oops, I digress, back to the dress. I'm perfectly happy with it, except it needs a belt or a waistline of some sort, but it's basically D-O-N-E, complete. If it's finished on Easter Sunday, doesn't that make it an Easter dress? 

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Barb said...

Every Easter we got new dresses as well and that practically was the only time we got new except on the first day of school...... I stopped making myself clothes a long time ago...great going.