Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tranquility ~~ a finish!

A finish, a finish. [Sing it with me, y'all]. A finish, a finish. It's the one that I wrote about here.

Finally, after sitting on the WIP table for months, then sitting on the long-arm waiting for thread and sitting while I cruised through Leah Day's website looking for quilting motifs, finally it's done. Done sitting, maybe? Ugh, no, now it's waiting on a photo shoot. 

I just couldn't wait to show you, so I had Richard hold it front of his shed where dust and dirt were flying. Also, I realized too late that I hadn't even removed the markings. Yes, yes, I'm a mess. But I have a finish!

I wasn't liking those scrap taupes and beiges in the background... until I saw the pictures. Somehow they seem to float and throw shadows on the quilt. Don't be fooled--everything is pieced into the top and every inch of this baby is quilted, with the exception of the lime green bars and the smallest of taupe "droppings." 

I haven't counted how many different quilting motifs are on the quilt, but I really should do that if I can. Check out one little piece.


Quilt Stats
Name:  Tranquility
Size:  55 X 60 
Fabrics:  Scrap fabrics from stash
Background:  Kona taupe + various scraps
Binding:  Kona bison
Pattern:  Improv blocks
Quilting:  Custom free motion


Kat said...

This is really beautiful, and your quilting is killer! You should be proud!

Ariane said...

Congrats on a beautiful finish!

Karen S said...

Yay! Wonderful to have a finish. And a great one at that. It is always interesting how we can see things differently through our photos. And you have obviously had a lovely play with all the quilting designs.

Barb said...

What a fun quilt

Kaja said...

How funny - my very first thought was how much I loved the little pale bits floating around in the background. I'm glad you came to like them too. I like a lot the way you've used lots of different quilting designs - they all sit together well and give lots of extra interest.

grammajudyb said...

This quilt is a work of art! I am so impressed. I have friends who wouldn't like it, but "poo" on them. I love it! Modern Quilting, here I come!

Preeti said...

Such a fabulous quilt. I love how you combined modern improv piecing with traditional quilting patterns. There is so much to savor in this quilt. Not just a finish - a fab finish - YAY!!!