Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: C A T S

Looks like the mouse is playing the banjo for his life...picture What is there to say about cats? If you're a cat person, you likely have have some great stories. We're dog people, but there was a time when I was not an animal person at all. I was afraid of dogs, and maybe cats, definitely chickens. 

Over time I've overcome most of my animal fears...until a dog runs up barking roughly. Then I panic. I've even jumped back from Cotton, whom I've raised and loved for 13 years now. There's a certain growling sound...

Katzen lieben Menschen viel mehr als sie zugeben wollen, aber sie besitzen soviel Weisheit, dass sie es für sich behalten.: so pretty......  Himalayan cat - Himalayan cats are the result of crossbreeding Siamese with Persian cats.:

August 8: International Cat Day. Our feline friends are a big part of our lives, so now it's time to celebrate them in a special way -- with 22 GIFs sure to brighten your day.:

Sacré de Birmanie:…: How are you and your cats spending your day?

So sweet. A black kitteh with a black nose, just like our Lexi. ❤️:

Cat Quilts? Oh yes, many!

Jelly Roll Race quilt; look what a bit of applique can do! Check out the tutorial here

IMG_0248v2 by Laura333, via Flickr:

Temple Guardians pattern at Story Quilts:

Cat quilt by Miyako as seen at Ann Quilts.  This quilt inspired her own project.:

Fan Cats Quilt Top by Alanna Heaton | CQ Girl at Flickr. This is a commercial pattern from a Judy Kime book.:

This is a nice color scheme, but it would be fun to also have it in shades of aqua and coral.:

Cat Quilt Patterns | Heather Stewart Quilts: Crazy Cat Quilt Can Be Yours!!:

Purrfectly Pieced - Home Sweet Home Pattern: Purrfectly Pieced - Home Sweet Home is the Block 4 pattern of the Purrfectly Pieced quilt by Bonnie Sullivan. This quilt block features a sleeping cat on a stack of quilts! Finished quilt block measures 12" x 16".If you would like the full pattern set click here to purchase Purrfectly Pieced - Set of 5 Patterns.:

"Five Christmas Cats" by Cathy Baxter:

Ann Quilts: cat quilt:

Kitty Craft block 1:

cat quilts | Quilt Inspiration: The Best of Cat Quilts! Part Three:

Have a fabulous week, everyone. 


Warm Quilts said...

What a beautiful selection of felines and fabrics!

jenclair said...

My goodness, what a variety of cat quilts! I think my favorite is the first one because of the expressions and the silliness of the fork!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

It's amazing how many quilts we can make with one simple idea, isn't it? Thanks for visiting!