Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Laura Aftermath

Thank you, everyone who has been asking about how we handled the storm. Our family is safe. That's all that matters. Friends have lost bits and pieces of their things, but it's just stuff, they are safe. Those we know who live in or near Lake Charles all evacuated in time, with one exception. A young doctor stayed behind to care for patients in the hospital who were too sick to move. What a hero!

SLEMCO tagged Tweets and Downloader | Twaku

Everyone lost power. But slowly, the power is coming back on, and not a moment too soon. It is HOT in Louisiana in August! Yesterday and today the temps got up to the high 90s with heat advisories because the heat index is easily over 108 degrees. 

Thank A Lineman - Cleco Service Functions and Information - Cleco  

I can't imagine how these linemen are working in this heat. Just being outside in shorts and a tee-shirt is difficult. They have to wear all manner of protective gear, heavy climbing boots, hardhats and thick rubber/leather gloves. Heroes. Every one.

Laura is now a monster Category 4 hurricane | Live Science

Death toll up to 16 for Hurricane Laura - ABC News

The destruction that Hurricane Laura left behind on the Louisiana coastline is shocking. Coming ashore as a Cat 4, with a water surge of 15 feet, it was a horribly devastating hurricane with a death count of 16. 

6 Reported Deaths, Chemical Fire Burning In Aftermath Of Hurricane Laura |  WWNO

Photos: The Aftermath of Hurricane Laura - The Atlantic

We dodged a bullet': After landfall, Laura now tropical storm; residents  along Louisiana, Texas coasts pick up the pieces

Devastation everywhere': Louisiana city wakes up to storm's aftermath | US  news | The Guardian

Chemical Fire Burns At Chlorine Plant Near Lake Charles In Aftermath Of Hurricane  Laura | WWNO

Area American Red Cross Volunteers Staged For Hurricane Laura Aftermath,  Contacts On Ground Invited To Provide Info |

Glass falling everywhere': Video, images show damage in the aftermath of Hurricane  Laura

 There are no quilts tonight. One reason is that without internet, I haven't been pinning, but the real reason is that it just doesn't feel appropriate. People are hurting--physically, emotionally, psychologically. Let's give them a little more time to heal. What you can do to help is to give to the American Red Cross and to pray for a quick, safe recovery while we watch four additional systems, three of which are expected to come into the Gulf. 

National Hurricane Center

All images from Google images unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

CQG meeting

 I almost missed the window of posting about our August Cotton Quilters' Guild meeting. There will be another meeting in just a few days. In addition to having our meeting, this month we held a sew day which, I am happy to report, was a great success. But I'm getting ahead of myself. 

President Maggie

Treasurer Irma and Secretary Mary C.

 social distancing and masks

Some of the blocks for our current BOM, which I have yet to begin. Oh dear me! I've decided to finish my current BOM (Sugaridoo) before beginning another. Hmm, maybe not the best idea, but it's decided. Now for a really cool show and tell. Everyone has been busy. It must be this quarantine business.

And two more items, a set of bags that Sheila made. I love how professional they look. She used cork on the bottom one which really gives it a good structure. 

And lastly, also from Sheila, a felt quiet book about "The Three Little Pigs." This is the cutest little book you can imagine. There are several pieces that are separate from the book so that the reader can play by moving the pigs, the wolf, the building materials, etc. around. I think there's even a pot to put on the fire in the brick house. She explain how she makes them and that she makes several every time she builds a new house. I was really impressed!