Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Pin It Weekly #278

Last week's Pin It was so popular that I thought I'd continue it. We met a few followers, so that's what we'll do again this week. 
Melinda Wingard Knox has many boards but her "home projects" board really caught my eye. Here are a few ideas that I had to follow.
DIY Concrete Fountain Instruction - DIY Fountain Landscaping Ideas & Projects #landscapingdiyWine Barrel with Flowers - Put Solar Lights in planters. Can't believe I never thought of this.

20+ Simple And Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas (Low Maintenance) Add value to your home with best front yard landscape. Explore simple and small front yard landscaping ideas with rocks, low maintenance, on a budget.", "pinner": {"username": "VintageHomeDecorIdeas", "first_name": "Wood Home |..

BEST Kitchen Backsplash i've ever seen! | Just love the picture galleries <3 #Kitchen #KitchenBacksplash #Backsplash #KitchenIdeas #KitchenIsland #KitchenDesign #KitchenMakeover #KitchenDecor #BacksplashIdeas

Ginger Denise Salinas has a board just for squishes! And here are some pins from her "slime" board. 
Unicorn Ice Cream ~ Butter Slime - Scented slime ~ Charm slime

Homemade slime is all the rage, so watch one of these how-to videos and learn how to make your own from unicorn slime to glitter slime.

scented watermelon Mini Crazy Poo squishy by Puni Maru

Ellie Halliley has a Disney board. If you're a Disney fan, this is the board for you!

If you call Disney "home", this sign is made just for you

Personalised Chalkboard Countdown hanging Plaque Sign Holiday Days until Disney

Disney Shadow Box Savings Bank adding money

Of course, we need one board about quilting. Here's one from Debby Lytton
Five Sweet Quilt Blocks for Easter and More - Quilting Digest

Cathy’s CRAZY BY DESIGN: Sewing a Blue Streak

Natalie Ross in Stitches....such a gorgeous pattern! Could do a Jelly roll race quilt with applique on top. Could be lady birds or flowers on top.A new quilt rack from a repurposed crib.

Do you have a board you'd like to share here? Just let me know in the comments or pm me. I'd love to feature your boards.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday Quilt Inspiration:

Greco Roman columns.

Camillo Boito-Ornamenti di Tutti Gli Stili, 1882  Doric Perfume Oil

Back when I taught Fine Arts Survey at Bunkie High, I studied enough architecture to be able to know the columns of ancient Rome and Greece. When I was pinning earlier in the week, I discovered these drawings. Of course, I had to add them to my "architecture buildings construction edifice structure" board.


Here's the thing: now I love them for a different reason. Oh sure, the architecture is stunning, but the lines, feathers, and scrolls are all motifs that I love to include in my quilting. Studying these drawings may be helpful in preparing for my next quilt.

Strangely, I didn't see the connection back then, but now it's quite obvious. 

The quilts I'm showing aren't about the curvy quilting, they are more about the straight lines and columns. When you search for column quilts on Pinterest, the responses tend to be more about the piecing, so that's what we've got.

The Quick Column Quilts miniseries is coming soon to PBS, or watch online by clicking here. Column quilts are ideal projects for quilting newbies and fresh concepts for quilting enthusiasts. During this 3-part series and in the book, I’ll show you how to replace traditional quilt blocks with sleek columns of fabric.Nancy Zieman’s Quick Column Quilts Blog Tour – Eileen's Machine Embroidery Blog

Twelve, ten-inch quilt blocks in multiple colors and patterns can be use to create the project of your choice! At least two dozen different fabrics were used to create these one of a kind quilt blocks. All are pressed and sewn to Missouri Star quilt paper to retain their shape. Just

Quilting - Bed Quilt Patterns - Pieced Quilt Patterns - Six, Slashed Bed Quilt Pattern

Icicles – Quilting Books Patterns and NotionsStripe inspiration. "Embracing Gray by Alissa Haight Carlton, 2010" via

"Crows" Flying Geese made from recycled Shirts

pretty quilt back from mila + cuatro: On Nanny's Lap

I Love Dirt – Quilting Books Patterns and NotionsShattered

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Of Theories and Friday Finishes

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to see a finish. Something. Anything. Since sitting is a bit of a problem still, I decided to finish something at the long arm. Hey, if you can't sit, stand.

So I dug around in the bin of "ready to quilt" tops (RTQ--they aren't UFOs if I intend to finish them) and found the easiest, smallest little pink quilt in the pile. I didn't count how many are in there, because some things are best left alone. As you can see, the bin is full. 

Now, don't think I'm just about getting the quilting done. I'm not. I enjoy a bit of slow stitching. Nevertheless, there are times when I want to finish without much hoopla and times when I need to practice. I want to be able to accomplish the practicing AND not take forever on a particular quilt. You know those quilts: donation quilts, easy quilts, fast-finish quilts, and those you just get sick of--that generally end up in the UFO-forever pile. Those need to be quilted. One way to get them quilted is to find a fast, easy, not-so-boring way to get them finished. I have the solution!

My Theory:
It's possible to accomplish a quick finish using graffiti quilting. 
The trick, I thought, is to quilt using only one or two large motifs. But you know that gets boring. Quick. The point of graffiti quilting is that the quilter can change motifs often to avoid boredom. 

My Solution:
I'd use the same basic motif and make little changes with each one. For this quilt I chose large basic flowers changing the centers of each one so I wouldn't get bored right away. 

My Conclusion
I am happy with the outcome. It was fast work since I was sticking to one motif. Thinking of ways to fill in the centers and the outlying edges was quick because I wasn't trying to come up with many different changes.  

Quilt Stats

Pink Pieces

35" X 41" baby / throw

Scrap fabrics from stash

Pink camo from stash

Scrap fabrics from stash

String pieced squares

Free motion in large flower motifs

I thought this might be one of my (possibly)
hair-brained ideas, that only occasionally turns out to be useful. But no matter, I have to figure it out or admit defeat. Yay! This one's a win! Do you ever get some idea that you just have to work out? 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

And in my personal life...

there's not much going on. I am slowly healing from the surgery two weeks ago. Mostly I am resting, napping, and sleeping. However, yesterday and today I went into the studio and actually made some stitches. Of course, some of those stitches were to hem up Lane's pants for graduation, which is tomorrow night. That  took all of maybe 15 minutes. 

The other stitches I made had to do with the Cotton Robin final round of mini-quilts. (Here's a sneak peak. Shhh!) It won't be long till the Big Reveal. That's when I can post about my doings on that front. I'm excited to see my own little quilt and to get reactions for the ones I worked on. This robin is such fun!

Yesterday, Richard and I finally went to the cemetery to put new flowers on mom and dad's grave. I meant to do that for Easter, but the hospital wouldn't give me a pass. So I figured Mother's Day would be a good plan B. I just couldn't get myself to take the trip. It's only about 25-30 minutes away, but any sitting in the car can be painful. So I've had to pick and choose my drives and take only one a day. Even so, not every day.

I bought these beautiful blue daisies and white magnolia flowers several weeks ago. I really like the way they look together. Dad's favorite color was blue and mom loved blue and white so it's a perfect combination for their flowers. I may add some red roses later in June in preparation for July 4th. What do you think? Will that be too obvious?

And finally, here's Meme riding her rocking horse that her poppa made. She has had it for at least a year and still loves to ride it. Though, truthfully, she's on it for about 30 and then she's gone again. She reminds me of a hummingbird, flitting around from one toy to another. Or one person to another.

How is life in your part of the world? Are you getting any stitching done?

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Pin It Weekly #277

Let's say hello to a couple of followers! It's been a while since we've done that, hasn't it? So. Time.

Janice Crane has a board titled "decorating" that has some interesting pins. Check out these rocks. I think they are covered in felt then embroidered. Is that the sense you get?
pardalote: “ rock garden by lilfishstudios on Flickr. ”

I wish I'd had the idea for this Noah's ark wall!
ark of noah vintage toys

Or these book shelves!
Labirent Bookcase - Wondrous Furniture  - 7

And this is just too cute for words:
This is a perfect succulent garden masterpiece made from simple kitchen household products (Inspo: Sherlyn Hersom)

Dianne Gale has a "needlebooks" board! I can't show you all 15 but here are a few of my favorites.
gentlework: 2 weeks to goThis needle book fits in the palm of your hand...tiny, sweet and totally functionable! Both the front and back are decorated with tiny bees and there’s a fabulous spool of thread on the front cover that’s worked with padded satin stitches to look three-dimensional. Everything is then surrounded with a...

slope down to the right with needles

스탈공방 소잉파우치 특강에서 수강생님이 만드신 작품이예요. 오래된 제 소잉파우치를 뛰어넘는, 너무 예...

Explore tempusfugit.anne's photos on Flickr. tempusfugit.anne has uploaded 130 photos to Flickr.

sweet little needle book; there is enough information in pictures on websites to make this without a tutorial, which I could not find.

They are all so pretty and practical that I kind of want to make another--I have two already--just for fun. It would be difficult choosing one! Which would you most want to make?

Monday, May 13, 2019

Cave in Yellowstone ~~ an art quilt FINISHED!

A couple of years ago we visited Yellowstone National Park and much of the Great Northwest from the Dakotas to Montana and points south all the way back to Louisiana. (The post marking the beginning of that trip is here.) Although we have visited over half of the States, the beauty of our country amazes me. And I hope we live to visit the ones that are unbuttoned on our Across America map.

The beauty of the West, especially Yellowstone, has really stayed with me. I love looking at the photos and decided a while back that I needed to create an art quilt that would capture some of the beauty of those mountains.

 This is the sixth art quilt in this series. Because they are hand quilted with little space between the lines, it takes quite some time to complete one. Nevertheless, I really like this one. 

The yellow colors and striations, the darkness of small caves and rock shelters, peaks against a brilliant sky are all part of what I had hoped to capture in this quilt. 

Other pieces in the series: 
Indigo Dusk
Sunset in Utah
Big Sky in Montana
Southwest Strata
Louisiana Swamp at Sunset

I am enjoying making these art quilts and am not sure I've gotten it out of my system. In fact, I have the next one planned. Want a sneak peak this week?

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Easy Piecing

I've been thinking that sometimes a person just needs an easy project. Just a little mindless stitching to allow our brains to rest. Here are some quilts that would fit the bill.

Gingham Quilt- if I knew how to quilt I'd make a queen size one in light blue for our bed :)Easy Quilt Pattern

Easy Patch Quilt

This easy Half-Square Blocks quilt is a great choice for beginners and is the perfect choice if you're working with 10-in precut fabric squa...This tutorial will show you how to make a quick and easy beginner quilt using the quilt as you go method. This is a quick gift to make for the holidays.

Baby Quilt Patterns PDF Beginner Quilt Pattern Patchwork Quilts Girl Quilt Lovey Pattern Bonus SALE

plaid flannel quilt.  This is an easy to sew quilt and is perfect for picnics, ballgames, camping...or even to put on a bed!

Easy Quilt Pattern

15 Simple and Beautiful Quilt Patterns for Beginners - Ideal Me
Easy, beginner four-patch quilt tutorial. Great way to use a variety of fabrics and make a quilt that comes together fast.

Handmade Holidays Nov. 11: Easy Quilts to Make + Give | Sew Mama Sew | Outstanding sewing, quilting, and needlework tutorials since 2005.

Two Four Six Quilt   If you are a beginning quilter crafter, take a look at this project. It is a great one to do in a weekend for great results.

If you're new to quilting, any one of these quilts would be easy enough to begin with. Take you time, ask questions, and lay the blocks out on a flat surface or design wall. Feel free to email me at if you need help. I'll gladly try to help.