Thursday, February 16, 2017

Phone a Friend ~~ another small finish

sitting pretty but too short
A friend recently asked for a sewing favor. Her frail mother has fallen two or three times. In one particular fall, her phone flew several feet away, so she could't reach it and lay on the floor of her kitchen for two hours before a visitor found her. 

The idea was to make her a small bag that will hang across her body and hold her Jitterbug phone. The Jitterbug is a flip phone but has an emergency call button on the outside. 

Should she fall again, the cross-body bag will hold the phone close enought for her reach it, and she won't even have to take the phone out to make the call.

need perspective?

I've worked on this small bag a few times using Richard's flip phone as my model.  Last weekend I completed the bag and realized that it was much too long, so I cut it down. 

Velcro for easy access
 Of course I cut too much! Yes, I measured.  It happened anyway. So tonight I added some of cut off piece back to the bag. I decided to put the stripe fabric on the outside to add a little pizzazz. I consider it a work in progress, so I'll take it to work and have my friend try it on her mom this weekend. 

front of bag after all changes
back of bag after all modifications

My only concern is that if the bag is not quite the correct size, she'll just use it anyway. Such a sweet lady, my friend. It might be difficult to convince her to tell me if the bag needs any more adjustments. Of course, I have the safety issue to fall back on...if I need it.

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If this particular one doesn't work, I think it will be time to start with fresh fabric. Don't you?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pin It Weekly #192

It's time to pin! What are you pinning?

ruler box  So clever! Would be great in a craft room to hold embellishments.:

Fancy Fretwork sewing basket:

DSC_2833 adj blue:

Build a Cutting Table | sherry found a cutting table for her quilting studio the third bedroom ...:

Large Hexagon Quilt Tutorial ~ the polkadot chair. love the large hexies and colors here.: New Friday Tutorial: The Super Simple Squares Quilt

RARE Antique 1902 Soezy Our New No 10 Table Clamp Sewing Machine | eBay  sold  815.00:

Farmhouse Star Quilted Pillow 16" Filled

Quilted Pillow:

Patchwork & Cía: Table Runner - I love the soft colors of this one and simple quilting.:

Funny little machine on ebay now. It's a Class 123 W Needle Feed Short Horizontal Cylinder Machine. Kind of cool!

French 1812 - Sewing case with needle, thimble, scissors, et al in walnut case.

Humble Quilts: the designer of this quilt is Sachiko Yasuda. It is called Buds in A Basket - Picmia:

Overly ambitious borders. Just how I roll. #fmq #apqslucey #apqscanada::

Folk Art Spinning Wheel | eBay:

Blog — Willow Cottage Quilt Co.:

So, my pins this week have been mostly about vintage sewing: machines, items, a darling basket, some kind of strange spinning wheel (did you guess that?), and some not so vintage beautiful quilts and studio ideas. As always, you can find these pins on my Pinterest boards. Have a great week!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Back from Beta!

We survived Beta! It got a little dicey at times, but with almost 7,000 teenagers in one room (albeit a large room) one can expect some tiny issues to present themselves. My duties at convention are relatively easy--if everyone cooperates. I am in charge of stage left. Because the stage is 60 feet wide and 40 feet deep, it's impossible for one person to manage it all. So someone has right, someone has front, I have left.

Betas hanging out in the hall.
photo from National Beta Club website  

The person on stage right handles sponsors, trophies, minor issues and overall stage persons, like the officers, MC, etc. The person in front of the stage manages judges, timing, candidates, scoring, etc. I'm the third man so I get all the backstage kids. We have three types of entertainment: candidate skits (1 minute), special talent of four or fewer competitors (4 minutes), and group talent of five or more competitors (8 minutes).  I manage anyone who is in one of these three competitions. 

River Center Baton Rouge (Last General Session)
photo from National Beta Club website
That means I can manage a single person from a club (special talent) or I may also have control of a group of 80-100 with props, backdrops and costumes (group talent and candidate skit). I assign areas for each school to put their "stuff;" call schools to come and prepare for their entertainment, keep them relatively quiet, line them up, get them on stage and off stage, make sure their stuff is safely put in place (to avoid accidents); get them in and out of the area (to avoid overcrowding) and help the sound people as necessary. Oh, and let's not forget that we are trying to meet time constraints so that other things can begin on time. If you're curious about what kids can do while at convention, go to Beta Club Conventions or to the LA convention program here. It's really too much to say in one post. 

Making doggy toys from old socks in the Service Project room.
photo from National Beta Club website
Of course I didn't take any pictures with all the goings-on, so these are all from the National Beta Club website or Twitter page. 
I'm exhausted from remembering all that work, so I'll take a break right about here. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: C A N D Y

Happy Valentine's Day! I thought we might find some inspiration from the candy that sweethearts tend to rely on as the perfect gift. I hope my sweetheart brings me one of these: 

A detailed, scrumptious look at the chocolates in Whitman's Sampler back on 1955.
maybe one of you could give him a call and tell him.  Be specific. Say, "Go to Walmart and buy a Whitman's sampler for Mary for Valentine's Day. No other kind. Whitman's. Just Whitman's." Then write it on a piece of paper and hand it to him. Yes, it's like that.

This was a tradition at our house at Christmas.  It still is today.  Whitman’s Chocolate Candy Ad Bob Hope (1950):

Forget that I told him what I'd like. Then I told him what I want. Your job is to remind him that it's Valentine's Day and what, exactly, I want for a gift.

people in 1944 kissed like this over CHOCOLATES. was a simpler time.:

WWII War Valentine's Day Ad/  Whitmans Candy by mamiezvintage, $12.00:

How to create a candy bouquet arrangement. This DIY gift is great for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Graduation, and it makes a great Father's Day gift. Tutorial found at The Bewitchin' Kitchen: Valentine's Day Sweet Treats | Easy edible craft for almost any holiday or party theme! Maybe favors?:

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and although I don’t subscribe to the idea that we should show affection one day out of the year, I do LOVE the Valentine candy, heart shapes …:

The Safety Cat is a self-defense, personal protection tool designed mainly for women. It is made out of very strong aircraft aluminum and unlike similar products made of plastic, provides more durabil                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Candy Bouquet in a mug: Mixed Box Candy Bouquet – Bella Grace Boutique Inc

And as always, quilts in the theme...

Such a cute Valentine quilt.  Simple to make, even without a pattern.  This will make good use of scraps from Moda French General Rouennieries quilt fabrics.:

Chocolate Dipped Quilts: XOXO Valentine Quilt - my girl would like a purple background with bright red x & O's!:

Twisting Heart Valentine Quilt:

Red/white heart quilt - just love it!!! @Renee Peterson Peterson Peterson Peterson I*heart*paper:

Log Cabin Valentines Quilt--I love handmade quilts!! I wish I had time to make something like this, it is amazing!:

Plaid valentine quilt by Marjo (The Netherlands). MBW quilts en andere stofzaken: februari 2012:
Kim Schaefer –– Charming Wall Quilts All Year 'Round! • 12 seasonal wall quilt projects • Quick and easy-make one for yourself and more for gifts • Transferring appliqué designs is a snap with this ha

Splendid Sampler Block 3 by Dianna Alger.:

Patchwork Heart Quilt Blocks: LOVE this! Could see intermixing blocks of these with heart blocks and  such for a Valentine quilt.

I wrote this tutorial last year for Ucreate, and decided this year to share the whole thing on my own blog for the first time. This throw pillow can be made any size or shape your heart desires and comes together very quickly. Supplies needed:  WonderUnder or HeatNBond – enough to trace 5 hearts Scraps …:

My Valentine Quilt ... by FN | Quilting Pattern. @Becky Hui Chan w.:

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day. May you get your favorite candy and lots of it!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Skinny Bag ~~ finished!

I returned home to my sewing studio. After three days of Beta convention, I needed some stitches to calm down.

At convention, I opened my suitcase to discover that my medicine container had accidentally opened. Pills were all over the clothes and corners of the suitcase, and one found its way into the toe of a shoe. That one was difficult to find! I spent a bit of time shaking clothes and searching suitcase corners, but they were all there and I am happy to say I did not miss a dose of anything. 

While I was shaking and searching, I had a brilliant idea: to make a bag that would hold the pill container so the little individual caps can't open. And that is what I started stitching only minutes after arriving home. It's a bit too big, but for now it's going to work. If the container opens, the pills can't migrate to the ends of the suitcase. 

Edited from here: 
I may make another one about an inch smaller I have cut this one down so that the container will fit tighter in the bag. The original purpose was to prevent pills from getting out, after all. One of the things I'll keep kept is the angle on the corners because that allows the bag to open wide. Since this fabric (from the lovely Pretti at Sew Pretti Quilts) is from the same line as the last bag that I made, I'll use another piece and then figure out how I can use this bag I wanted to keep this one. 

Now that I've made the adjustments, the container fits perfectly in the bag and there's no wiggle room, so the lids can open, which means pills can't slip away. Yay!

Look how much better the container fits.
Compare the extra space in this one
to the extra space here.
The bag swallows the container.
All I did was to cut off the zipper (and straighen the new edge). I used the same zipper, which means the edges almost met the corners of the bag, so it opens wide. That allows me to get pills out without having to take the container out of it's bag. Very convenient!
bag 1 for holding medicine bottles

Although you can't tell it from the pics, the new bag is actually much longer than the first one: at 12 11 inches it's twice as wide, in fact. So for now I have two bags from this beautiful line of fabric. Coincidentally, both are meant specifically to hold medicine.

bag 2 for holding pill container
At this slow rate I'll eventually have a whole set of these pretty bags. Thanks again Preeti! The fabric is beautiful!

Edited again: Because I've already gotten a request for a pattern, here is a "sort of" pattern.  Enlarge it to fit the length and width of your pill box. I quilted the fabric first and eventually got it into this general shape using the measurements of my container. I recommend that you cut a piece of scrap and check it against the actual container. 

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