Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Apparently there many, many aren't many people interested in receiving my selvage scraps. Only four people left comments, but one of those four should win.  Drum roll, please...

Number 4 is the winner! That would be Linda! Here's her sweet comment, which I do appreciate. 
Linda said...
I would make coasters, mug rugs, zip pouches, pot holders, etc. I have started saving selvages for the past few months. Thank you for such a generous giveaway.
Linda "Cookie" Lawrence
Mandeville Louisiana 

Interestingly, Linda lives in Mandeville, which is only about three hours from my home, right on Lake Pontchartrain. So it shouldn't take long for her to get it.

Linda, I've sent you an email. Please send your address so that I can get the selvages out to you asap.

To the hundreds three of you who entered this fabulous giveaway, thank you for your kind comments. Keep entering--perhaps you'll win next time! 

Happy quilting,

Monday, July 25, 2016

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: SELVAGES

Uhm, on Monday? Sorry all. We had a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon, so no internet until, well actually, I don't know. Then this morning I had a doctor's appointment so I'm quite late in getting this post out. My apologies.
The exact selvage pieces offered in the giveaway.
Since I've been offering a giveaway of a bag of selvages, I thought I'd offer a few ideas of how to use them. I may have done this before, but it's such a popular item on Pinterest that there are lots of new projects, so hopefully I'm not repeating any. 
SELVAGE Christmas Ornaments Little Holiday Birds to Brighten your Tree. Love that the hanger comes down to be feet.

Sweet merciful heaven - this zippy isn't made with selvages, it's made with SELVAGE FABRIC that someone designed and had printed out @ Spoonflower!  I think I've died (dyed!) and gone to heaven, lol!:

How to sew selvedges together to make a panel of fabric ~ Sew Delicious

Pincushion by AngelaGreenwald, via Flickr

Selvage scarf. I bet I have enough selvage edges for this!

Selvege edge bookmarks! What a great piece of artwork this turned out to be!

selvedge pincushion - cute gift idea!

Selvage Blog: See Kathi Price's Selvage Fabric Bins!

Cup Cozy.  I like the style of this cup cozy and the fact that it's reuseable.

A few selvage quilts...
Isn't this glorious!?!? Detail of "Selvage Pencil Case."

Selvage feathers - mini Audubon quilt by Elena McDowell | at carolinasquirrell at Etsy

My Best Selvage Quilt Ever! (So Far Anyway) | The Q and the U - Quilting Blog | Bloglovin’

Modern Selvage Quilting: Easy-Sew Methods • 17 Projects Small to Large by Riel Nason

I love the use of selvages on this unique quilt!

Modern Selvage Quilting: Easy-Sew Methods • 17 Projects Small to Large by Riel Nason

I hope this inspires you to start saving and using those selvages. There are many more ideas on my "selvage, projects" board.  And don't forget to leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a bag of selvages. Not many people have commented, so you'd have a pretty decent chance of winning. I'll sent them where ever you are.  I'll announce the winner tomorrow.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

In One Day—a sneak peek

Actually, I suppose it's not technically one day of work if I had the fabric all cut out. I'm working on a quilt for one of the boys and his beautiful wife. They have a king size bed, so it's to be a king size quilt. Oh, so big!

A small pile of blocks 
Not one to lose timeand there's precious little before school begins againI decided to cut out some of the pieces before we left for the family reunion last weekend. I even packed up and brought everything with us, just in case, you know?

There were two problems: the living/dining area in the camper was set up for sleeping since we brought a couple of grands, and I visited/talked with everyone too much. So no sewing happened. 

Two of the blocks waiting their turn
This week I played with all the little things that I've been wanting to do. Well, that and I worked at my real job, since I had to attend a professional development workshop on Monday and give one on Tuesday. I needed some easy sewing after all that!

I'll return to that school work again this Tuesday, but I'm hopeful that I'll finish this quilt top at some point during the week. I will also be working on the pattern writing, since I think this might be a good design. The positive comments on one version of the quilt here have encouraged me and though I'm making some changes, I like the idea of writing another pattern. Stay posted to see how this goes!

Blocks sewn into strips but not necessarily
arranged in the correct sequence here.

So how much did I get done today? Almost half of the quilt top. I did sew a little yesterday afternoon, but I didn't advance very much. Today I must have hit my groove! I love the outcome! Now I just have to cut out the other half of the quilt and sew that together. 

Finally, don't forget to leave a comment on yesterday's post, Forgotten Selvages, for a chance to win a bag of selvages. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Forgotten Selvages: a giveaway

I've been collecting a small bag of selvage junk trash edges for several weeks now. I'd read on someone's blog (sorry, I don't remember whose) that she cuts selvages before cutting into her fabric and collects these long selvages in a bag then sells them on Etsy. What a good idea, I thought. Then I thought of another a better way to use them.

Oh, not me, I don't want to start that! I already have enough fabric to keep me in quilts and other sewing for years many, many more years. So I've been collecting them for you! I know, I'm such a good person! I wonder how many yards of selvages I've thrown away in my lifetime. 

Anyway, here they are. All nice and neat, ha! at least somewhat rolled up into little packages and stuffed into a quart zippy bag. (They all but exploded when I took them out of the bag for a picture!) 

The bag is full and I've started another. Before you ask If you're interested in why I'm using this size bag: well, it fits into this size envelope, which I have many, many of. (That's another story.) 

Yep, here we are, a zippy bag full of stuffed with trash selvage edges and a giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me how you think you'll use them. I can't fathom why you'd buy selvages by the yard when you could buy beautiful fabric, but that's your business. I am just curious about what will happen to my these selvages, which btw are FREE! 

I imagine that by Monday a few people will have come around and left a comment, so I'll announce the winner then.  Good luck!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Little Things ~~ Finishes

I've been on a "little things" kick! All day has been spent on making little things--shorts for a couple of grands, a skinny pincushion, a box cover. 

Interestingly, all six of these little things were made in one day.  First, I started off making this box cover from some of the chevron fabric Preeti sent. Isn't it cute-cute? You know, it takes more than one cute to describe such a sweet idea. 

So here's how it happened: I bought these fancy little clips at Hancock Fabrics just before the closing. There was very little left, but I found them as I was walking toward the counter to pay. At 70% off they were still a bit expensive, but heck, I splurged!

The binders come in a nice plastic box with a lid, but you know while the box does a great job of keeping them contained, it's not very pretty. I thought about making a small basket to put the clips in, but it would have needed to close and I didn't want that bother. Eventually, I thought to make a box shape that just fits the cover, so it opens easily but looks good closed and the binders are not going to go spilling everywhere. 

The left over bits of fabric just would not go into the scrap bin! No, really, they insisted on being used. So I thought about Amanda Jean's skinny pincushion and decided to do something like that. This is what I managed. Not as cute as Amanda's, but sweet enough to donate as part of a door prize at our guild meeting.

And now, the girls' shorts. I made this yellow pair that is much too big for their skinny little butts! So I went back to the drawing board and tried again. The thing is I don't know their sizes, so I had to look at a completed pair to see if maybe I was close. I think I got it with the second pair, so I made another. 

Since their mom likes to dress them conservatively, I decided to make the legs just a bit smaller. Enter a new pattern and two more pairs.

I'm hoping the little elves on these shorts will appeal to the girls even though they have odd faces. Regardless, Richard and I mailed all of the shorts off with a note to give any that don't fit to one of their cousins.

There we are all of the "little things" that are happening around here. The only other thing to discuss in this place is politics and the heat index that's up to 115 degrees. (Neither interests me very much.)

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Edited to add: When I wrote this post, I forgot to add the selvage giveaway that I've been planning. I know, right? Some "plan"! Anyway, if you're interested go here and leave a comment.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Pin It Weekly #161 and Cajun (French Louisiana) links

Those of you who ready this blog somewhat regularly know that I live in Louisiana, was born and raised here, and love my home. Occasionally I share some information about this beautiful state. Usually it has to do with places that we visit. Today, though, I want to share two videos of Cajun French music. The first is called the "Cajun Wedding March." The bride and groom and their families walked (marche means walk) around the dance floor thanking the guests for attending.

This second video is the Cajun French version of "Amazing Grace," which is translated "La Grace du Ciel." The singing group is called Les Amies Louisianaises (The Friends of Louisiana). One of the things that I love about this video is that it shows scenes of our beautiful state. I hope you enjoy them both.

So now on to Pin It Weekly. Having just moved the new table into the dining room, I've been thinking about how to add a little color. Of course quilted table runners came to mind, so I started out looking for patterns and ideas. Honestly, I do not need to look for more since the board I've built already has 400 pins, but you know what it's like when you're an addict--you have to pin! 

On Sale: Windows Improv eProject – Quilting:

25 Table Runner Patterns:

Teaginny Designs: Autumnal Table Runner | wow, love everything about this:

Disclaimer: this absolutely would not be "simple" for me but it is stinking cute and I think I could probably handle it.:

Pressed Leaves table runner by Tonya Alexander.  Made with Kaffe Fassett fabrics and text print.  McCalls Quilting September/October 2015.:

Modern quilted table runner by sandydekker1 on Etsy, $36.00:


As you can see, I'm leaning toward a skinny, but long runner that has a modern vibe and probably lots of color. I started sewing scraps together this afternoon with no idea of how I might use them, so this may be something to consider, but also I like some other ideas, so we'll see. Then again, I may get over the whole idea! I'm reliable, aren't I?

Sunnybrook Farm: #Sunnybrook #Farm ~ Old red barn and stone wall.:

I've also been pinning some odds and ends, like this barn above and this cute bag.

Rainbow Rays - Free Foundation Paper Pieced Quilt Block Pattern:

Personalize DIY fabric storage bins to stay organized at home, in the car, at work, pretty much anywhere! Give our easy-to-follow tutorial a try and you’ll have useful and adorable storage bins in no time!:

Empty your drawers and reclaim some space by crafting a hanging jewelry organizer with the help of this tutorial by Jo-Ann’s. What can you see yourself using this organizer to hold?:

Cathy Cullis:

Doctor Who Embroidery Inspiration: