Thursday, August 25, 2016

Pin It Weekly #167

What's going on in your world?  There's lots of rain here. Plus, it looks as though there will soon be more if the weather systems headed toward the Gulf comes just a bit closer than the weather guy is predicting. I don't know how Louisiana could possibly hold more water. 


Martha Fultz has 218 boards and well over 100K pins! Wow! Now that's dedication! Here are a few pins from her boards:

French country:
Isn't this piece gorgeous?

Pinterest Pretties.....Blue and White Love! - The Enchanted Home:
Who doesn't love a toile look?

Sewing room organization! Oh yes...need some of that!
x: Make these w heavy duty velcro strips on back for easy hang up, swapping & removal to organize crafts, art supplies, journals, home office, command center. Use over PVC pipe tubes or shower curtain tension rods. Also great for closet organizing in bedroom, bathroom & kitchen. Mix n match fabrics to the season & holiday decor just like we do for table runners & place mats.

Martie Netuschil has over 11K pins on her board of cake stands alone! Talk about going over the top! But look at how pretty these are?
Beautiful cake stand
Purple Cake Stand $26.99 <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.cakestandsgal...</a> - Cake Stands Purple

Don't be fooled by Simon (sorry no last name)'s 15 boards...he has over 1,000 pins on those boards. The first one is a texture of rocks to make it hard and crumbly. The second has some soft grass. 

ESCAPE – Wild Hunt – Team Old-School - Page 4 - Polycount Forum

New Life:

And from his "Abstract/Design" board.

\\ Desii_Grace //:

Multi color parrot 35×100cm by Sunthorn Phrachannok Price: $65 Description: 35x100cm painting on white canvas

.Saatchi Online Artist: Indrė Bankauskaitė; Painting, Digital "Dream Guide":

Have a great weekend. I'll see you for Sunday Quilt know when!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Vicksburg, MS, Quilt Show (art quilts)

Art quilts from the Old Man River Quilt Show in Vicksburg, MS. 

I should explain that the quilts below are actually five sections of the same quilt. The quilters began with a single picture, blew it up to this size and cut it into five sections. Each person received a different section and was to complete it to the exact dimensions.

That's how they link together. Each one used her own fabrics and chose her own techniques. I have to say, it's gorgeous in person! I hope that I have an opportunity to work with friends on a quilt like this one.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Vicksburg, MS, Quilt Show (modern quilts)

You know that I love modern quilts, right? Well, I was deeply impressed with the number and advanced skill of the modern quilts in the Old Man River Quilt Show.  I took detail photos of almost every one so that I can return to them for close study...until the phone died, anyway.  (Oh the agony!)

Tomorrow I'll post pics of the art quilts, so don't miss that one. You will be impressed, I promise. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Vicksburg, MS, Quilt Show (traditional quilts)

It's time to share some photos from the Old Man River Quilt Show in Vicksburg. Hope you enjoy these.

Firstly, "The Supper," a quilt made by Dr. Don Locke and has over 51,800 squares only ½ inch each. It is based on Leonardo DaVinci's "The Last Supper." Of course it's very impressive but one needs to stand quite a distance from the quilt to really appreciate its beauty. The closer you get to it, the more you can see the squares in "pixels" which distorts the overall picture. Never the less, it's amazing to see and I couldn't help but to think of the time it must have taken to make.

These are some of the traditional quilts from the show. 

Since I took about 100 pictures, I can share many more with you. So come back tomorrow, and I'll share some of the modern quilts that were in the show.  

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: M U D

Mud? I know, it's not something that most of us would consider a good thing. Maybe when were children playing mud pies, but not likely as adults today. 

But if you've seen pictures of the flooding in South Louisiana, you've seen mud. Muddy furnishings. Muddy clothing. Muddy appliances.  All sitting on the side of the street waiting for dump trucks to haul it off. 

And you've seen lots of muddy water. Water is naturally muddy here. Slow moving and muddy in bayous. Fast moving and muddy in rivers. Not moving and muddy in swamps. Every body of water seems to be muddy, especially when stirred up. Rain water stirs up the mud. 

It's all very sad for the families who have lost everything: homes, jobs, vehicles. Thankfully, help is arriving slowly; volunteers are pitching in with the cleanup. People are able to begin to rebuild their lives. But in the middle of it all is the mud. 

Stinky, smelly mud that will soon begin to rot and carry disease. Muddy water in every hole or bowl-shaped object breeding mosquitoes, which also carry disease. Mud pies may have been fun play when we were children, but it is not pleasant to victims.

But mud can be inspiration for creative endeavors, not just mud pies.  Here are ten quilts that could easily have been inspired by Louisiana mud. 

modern quilt - Flicker image of beautiful colors & textures - sort of a log cabin I think?:

A Manly Quilt for your Man by MyStitchesJustSew on Etsy, $300.00Quilt de otoño Batiks de vuelta tiro Patchwork por PiecesOfPine:

Features:  -Country Cottage collection.  -Material: Cotton fabrics.  -Cotton filling.  -Pattern: Patchwork.  Color: -Multi-colored.  Material: -100% Cotton.  Style: -Cottage/Country/Rustic.  Life Stag

Earth Patch Quilt by Donna Sharp Quilts | Donna Sharp Quilts & Accessories |

Gotta love a quilt named "Jake"  -  Nice masculine colors, isn't that sharp?? :)    I'm missing you alot right now, can you tell??? *grin*:

Blue Ridge Beauty, pattern by Bonnie Hunter.:

Second Hand Clothes by Red Crinoline Quilts.  I made this one for my daughter for Christmas a few years ago.  I love this pattern.:

Quaker Quilts: April 2012:

Love this Halloween quilt!:

Please continue praying for the tens of thousands of displaced families who are still battling the mud and water of the floods. They need your help. Should you choose to donate money, please choose carefully. Two safe nonprofits are the Louisiana Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Capital Area Animal Welfare Society (CAAWS). In both cases you can include a note with instructions that your money is to help flooding victims.