Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Pin It Weekly #208

It's been a while since I introduced followers, so I thought that might be a good idea tonight. If you like fashion, you need to visit Mavis White's boards. She has over 17,000 pins on one fashion board alone.  I didn't know there could be that many fashion pins!
New Popcorn Long Chain For Women Chokers Alloy Ball Tassel Pendants Charm Jewelry Accessories Necklaces CE3372

DIGUYAO Fashion Boys Kids Sunglasses Aviator Style Brand Design Children Sun Glasses 100%UV Protection Oculos De Sol Ga

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Blusas Spring Women Blouses Long Sleeve O Neck Hollow Out Casual Slim Fit Shirts Leisure Solid Tee Tops Plus Size

Paula Fanny has a board on sports with just about anything a person would want to pin in that department. 

Sporting Kansas City Girls All Day I Dream About Soccer Tri Blend T-Shirt by adidas

Image result for simone bilesSports quote. Championship.

Lululemon's distraction-free gear is designed for sweaty, hybrid workouts.

Sports pins never apply to me, but I don't want to leave out sports fans.  Let's move on to Priscilla Grays' boards. She has several but the celebrities board caught my eye. Do you recognize them all?

black and white celebrity photographs | Jennifer Aniston Black and White - | Famous People Photos

August 30, 2013  - ELLE.comCelebrities 2013: Highest Paid Actors - Liam Neeson $32 million #celebrity

'Absolutamente todos os dias foram difĂ­ceis', diz Leonardo DiCaprio sobre novo filme

List of Tom Cruise characters, ordered from best to worst along with movie trailers when available. These characters are in order of how many times they've been

Did you notice that the men's photos are very "in your face"? I wonder why? Last one: DIY ideas from Fannie Emmy's boards. I hope my kids don't see this first one!

Car back Seat Organizer Storage Bag Box Case Multi-Pocket - Size:40*50cm,Our materials and sizes are specially designed - The quality is superior,reasonable price, quality assurance,and quality of ser

Simple DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas Using CratesDIY Projects to Make and Sell on Etsy - DIY Book Lover Necklace - Learn How To Make Money on Etsy With these Awesome, Cool and Easy Crafts and Craft Project Ideas - Cheap and Creative Crafts to Make and Sell for Etsy Shops

How to make your own sleep balm and help insomnia. via @

Which board is your favorite?

Monday, June 19, 2017

PO, Pay, Passports

Image result for passportsHave you tried to get a passport recently? Richard and I spent four hours in this sweltering heat doing just that. Thank goodness, I'd prepared for the disaster that we all expect when dealing with government entities: we found our birth certificates; made sure to have cash, checks, and cards; brought driver's licenses; packed lunch, water, supper and sleeping bags. 

Oh yes, I also read all the directions on the website, fill out the forms online saving them to my Google drive, and checked the hours of the post office (PO) we planned to use. Together we called the boys just in case 48 hours passed, so they could tell search dogs where to begin.

We started early. At the PO we discovered that our birth certificates are worthless. Seriously? We've had these for almost 60 years. These babies allowed us to get SSNs. Mine put me through college (twice). They married out of our parents' hair.  And encouraged divorced on several occasions. To replace such important official documents, there is only one place to go: The Courthouse. 

Now this is Louisiana where The Courthouse is important. Confederate generals may stand guard over the proceedings. (You just never really know.) George Washington, Huey "The Kingfish" Long, Edwin Edwards et al stare down from gilded frames hiding cracks in every recess of the walls.

Give the parish $1034 for papers that are different from the originals only in that most some of the information is wrong--on the new certificates. 

Go to the office supply store to make copies of the online forms because we needed paper versions. Why have the forms online, you ask? For the convenience, they answer. The real reason however is that as applicants we must raise our right hand; swear that the information is correct, bona fide, and unscrupulous; and sign under penalty of law that our children will without argument vouchsafe our identities. 

Image result for passportsBack at the PO Richard begins his "processing" while I run back to the office store and get my "papers" since we got two for Richard (lucky b-word), but none for me. Richard flirts and gets his picture taken--it's great. What can I say? He's a good-looking guy. 

I race back to the PO, fix my hair take out my ponytail, refresh my lipstick and grimace for what is possibly the worst picture I have ever taken. I never take good pictures, but really? My eyes are open, so she says, "This is the one." 

I look like I'm a prime suspect on one of those cop show that Richard watches: sweaty, red faced, wild mussy hair, no makeup. In other words, impeccable. I had just trotted (okay, slowly) four miles blocks in 200 90 degree heat. Meanwhile every speck of makeup had dripped off my face, except what I had scrubbed onto my sleeve. Disgusting, I know, but "them's the facts."

Unfortunately I don't have a mug shot; I am certain I'd have been decent in comparison.  Thus, for the 10 years I will look exactly like myself on the one official document that I must use to travel the world. In other words, I can go anywhere looking horrible while my handsome husband is turning the eye of every security guard who frisks him he runs across. I doubt I'll be frisked. 

cupcakekristie: “ i’m outta here passport case ”A passport costs $110 and the expedition fee is another $60 and the application fee is $25 and the execution fee is $25 for a total of $5261 per adult. 

Sage advice for those without passports: prepare, print and make copies all your documents. Go to at least three ATMs for unmarked bills. Then prepare to cheese it up a bit. Maybe don't go after running a full marathon on a hot day. Better yet, have your passport photo taken on your way to your next swanky party.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Quilts for Guys, Men, and Boys

Happy Father's Day! Below are the fathers who have a great deal of influence in my life. All of the boys and their families were here today, making messes, huge ruckuses, and enormous fun.

Riley, my dad who died in 2012
Richard, my husband of 38 years (39 in July)

Will (oldest), Rory (youngest) and Adam (middle)
This quick-cut and strip pieced design is elegant in its simplicity. Three sizes included: 50" x 50" 66" x 76" 82" x 92"

Image of tear and repair (2)

Masculine quilt

Easy Quilts Summer 2013; absolutely love the black and white!! TONS of quilt ideas in here-- check it out!

Elsie Campbell, Artist, Dad's Plaids quilt - This is a pattern in her String Quilts book (2009).

Stepping Stones pattern - love the colors of the homespun fabric in this quilt; black fabrics were used for the the centers....

...quilt from old "worn - in" shirts... Lovely.

Recycled denim quilt @ Do It Darling~A Collection Of Ideas And Inspiration: Posted in~Do It Yourself: 5 Sep 2013 by admin... Love the patchwork on both sides. Should be easy to machine quilt in strips. Table runner idea, reversible!Kaitlin’s Thrifted Plaid Quilt « Eileen Quilts old quilts bring back great memories from my childhood.

string quilt -  I made a quilt exactly like this a few years ago in autumn colours and backed it with fleece. It is my favourite quilt and so cozy.

I love how simple this is! The yellow binding is adorable! (similar to the Pottery Barn set we like with vintage airplanes)= free pattern = Buffalo Check Quilt Pattern from Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio. Multiple sizes from mini to king. Free printable instructions.

Holy Smokes!! I need to make this for me!! I love my homespuns and this would be a perfect use of them.

Quilt made from homespun plaids using the hopscotch pattern.

There are many more ideas for guy-themed quilts on my "heart, quilts" board. I hope you had a wonderful day with your children and grandchildren. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rolling Along

I made two discoveries today. First if you want an organized space, I have a fast way to make it happen. 

Knock the entire organizer down. Haha  As you pick things up from the floor, you may as well put them in order. It really doesn't take very long to decide, get started, put things away. It all happens rather quickly. Try not to say the words I used...that slows things down.

The other discovery is that babies will sleep and play while you quilt! Dusti called and ask for free babysitting for a couple of hours. A "couple" became five or maybe six. Who keeps track when multi-tasking? 

Don't be fooled by the cute pictures. Great-grandies can scream just as loudly as ordinary grandies. But for the most part we had lots of fun, and DeeDee (that's me) quilted for almost two hours while she napped, played and hiccuped. Apparently babies like long-arms as much as dryers.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Pin It Weekly #207 ~~ Four Years!

YahoO! and hooRay!
Pin It WeEkly #207! Fleur de Lis Quilts celebrates its fourth AnnIversary of 
Pin It Weekly

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm relatively impressed that I've been able to keep up four years of Pin It Weekly. Not that it's difficult, it's just the remembering that sometimes gets in the way. And life. You know what life is...husbands, children, grandchildren, sickness, work, grading papers. All of that stuff. Never the less, here we are with four years behind us. Sweet! I figured I'd spend a little time thinking about what I've enjoyed while writing these posts and maybe share that with you. How about one for each year.

1.  The people who share pins with me and who repin the items that I curate. Those I follow and those who follow me. 

3139 followers total
1563 followers on "heart, quilts" alone
2253 that I follow...what a joy it was to discover about a year ago that my followers outnumber the boards I receive pins from

2. The surprises that I run across. Generally those surprises get me to thinking in new, different ways. The things that make my heart stop for just a moment. Those things I didn't know exist. Those things that I could never conceive of on my own.

"Ribbon Chapel" ~ by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP Co., Ltd. ~ Miks' Pics "Modern Architecture" board @

Ballet Ballet Ballet

Night Scene - Peter Paul Rubens
Night Scene - Peter Paul Rubens

3. The pins and boards that inspire. Not just me, but those I share them with. The things that are so beautiful I want to be there to inspect and look closely. (Maybe even touch!) The handmade things that are so interesting I want to make them, too. At the very least I want to take it apart in my head and analyze every detail.

Barn Quilts of Grundy County Iowa Want on like this? Order one today in time for the holidays!
Richard and I made two barn quilts for our
sheds after our tour in Ashtabula County

Portrait of Lydia Delectorskaya - Henri Matisse
Portrait of Lydia DelectorskayaWorks by Henri
Matisse inspire me to look at color differently. 
"Canvas" pillows by she can quilt:
Items like these pillows encouraged me to
 give matchstick quilting a try.

4. The things that teach. No one can possibly know everything, of course, but I like to think of myself as a well-rounded being. (Except for those concepts that are vulgar, terrifying, or rude to otherx, which I can not tolerate and will never share.) That said I like to enrich my life by discovery and reading about the ideas and concepts that I've not been privy to in the past. 

Georgia O'Keeffe Yellow Sweet Peas 1925
Georgia O'Keeffe's works teach how to look
closely at a subject. This is Yellow Sweet Peas 1925 

Gees Bend Quilt...Martha Jane Pettway, born 1898. "Housetop"--nine-block "Half-Logcabin" variation, ca. 1945, corduroy, 72 x 72 inches
Gees Bend Quilt...Martha Jane Pettway, born 1898. "Housetop"--
 "Half-Logcabin" variation, ca. 1945, corduroy, 72 x 72 inches

Free Motion Quilt Along - Find the 45 videos posted in the 2012 Quilt Along right here.
Leah Day--the girl is brilliant!

5. And a few things I may not want to know or see! We may not be seeing these guys again...ever.

Cacodaemon auriculatus                                                                                                                                                                                 More

A snake was hit by a car. A woman picks him up, feeds him & gets him back to a full state of health. But then he bites her, injecting her with his deadly venom. On her death bed, she asked “after all I did for you why did you bite me?” ….. The snake replied. “ You knew I was a snake when you picked me up.”

No! It's not an alien! It's an Aye-aye. A harmless rodent-type animal native to Madagascar.  Freaky looking little thing!!

Thanks for celebrating Pin It Weekly with me! It's been an interesting couple of months...I hope you enjoyed it, too.