Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: S P A C E

Watch out for the aliens! This week's inspiration: space. Especially those fun 1970s and '80s science book pictures. Wouldn't they make perfect fabric? I'd have so much fun designing a science/space themed fabric line with these pics as inspiration. And the quilt! Hold on, they are coming!

Cover from “Stars” a Golden Nature guide 1951:

Space Alphabet:

by El Gato Gomez:

All About the Stars by Anne Terry White, illustrated by Marvin Bileck (1954).:

The Look-It-Up Book of Stars & Planets by Patricia Lauber, illustrated by John Polgreen (1967).:


You Will Go to the Moon by Mae and Ira Freeman, illustrated by Robert Patterson (1959).:

Journey through space.:

Eszter Schall - Planets:

From the Earth to the Moon (1958):

Science Fiction 1970's:

The Walt Disney Story of Our Friend the Atom:

Here they are! As promised. Are they some pretty amazing quilts. Imagine these in a room for a little boy. And a few of them would make great sofa quilts for a big boy scientist. 

Sampaguita Quilts: Solar System / Space quilt If I ever actually learn how to quilt/embroider:

Space quilt I made for little Nic:

glaxy with 2 1/2 inch strips and many stars Sampaguita Quilts:

How awesome does this look!!  Solar System Quilt - looks a little tricky but not as time-consuming as hundreds of tiny pieces - sew planets and stars onto the blue base, then quilt in circles/a spiral.    Pinned for Kidfolio, the parenting mobile app that makes sharing a snap.:

Outer space quilt by c_nilsen, via Flickr:

convergence quilts:

Deep Space Baby Quilt  | The Land of Nod | "Pluto (not a planet, but still our friend)":

Similar, but not quite it.  less "stars", more planets, less noticeable background (maybe embroider some stars with shimmery silver thread?):

paper pieced quilt patterns | Handicrafty Sisters: Outer Space Quilt:

Space Quilt, Baby Boy, Blast Off, Outer space Spaceship, Rocket Planets Moon, Crib Bedding, Nursery Decor, Blue Red Orange, Astronaut Space Quilt Baby Boy Blast Off Outer space by SunnysideDesigns2:

Have a wonderful week, everyone!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Yellow Chevron ~~ Finished!

A few weeks months ago I made this yellow chevron quilt to test a pattern, which I've written about a few several times. This one is a smaller, crib quilt that did not take long at all. It may have been one of the first quilts that I made with my "In One Day" pattern. This is the pattern that I used for "That Big Chevron." Of course, this top sat on the growing pile of tops waiting to be quilted. I just wanted to test out the pattern in a variety of sizes, so finishing was not a priority. 

I think I like this one because it's so bright. That yellow and black are pretty fantastic together and, let's face it the polka dots pull it all together.  I quilted pebbles in the solid yellow and easy stippling in polka dots. For the black, I dropped in a loose, loopy rope design. All easy, quick quilting!

 Although the quilt looks okay turned on its side, to form a Streak of Lightning design, I still prefer the way it looks in the horizontal chevron pattern. 

As I think about it, I don't think I've seen a quilt with a Streak of Lightning design that I've liked a great deal. So maybe it's me. Maybe I just have a default design preference that I can't help going back to .

Oh well, if that's the case I am only now becoming aware of it, so apparently it hasn't hurt me very much. I guess I should pay attention to this idea. Well, maybe.

Quilt Stats
Yellow Chevron
45” x 50”
Stash fabrics-- Kona black, Kona bright yellow, polka dots
Kona black
In One Day pattern
Custom Free Motion Quilting – stippling and pebbling
September 2016

How about you? Do you have a default design sensibility that you can't seem to help liking over other designs? 

Linking up with

Outrage and Protest

Two Sundays ago, the local newspaper published the following article in which a local public school board member attacked the public school system. Shocking, right? Read the article (if you can). I'll see you back at the end.


Board member says APSD has failed its students

   Avoyelles Parish public schools have failed students and their parents and should be avoided by parents if at all possible, one School Board member posted on her Facebook.
  In a Sept. 24 post to “Avoyelles Parish public school parents,” Shelia Blackman-Dupas wrote that “with the exception of children attending Lafargue Elementary School, this system has done a disservice to both you and your child. Children in this system should be priorities, and not ‘warm bodies’ to fill seats for MFP funds.”
   Superintendent Blaine Dauzat called the board member’s comments “disappointing.”
  Blackman-Dupas’ online comments were not discussed at the board’s Oct. 4 meeting. However, she said after the meeting that she stands behind those comments -- which includes encouraging parents to send their children to charter schools and private schools, rather than nine of the 10 APSD schools.
   She noted that several board members “send their children or grandchildren to the charter school or to a private school. That speaks volumes. If we don’t think the school system is good enough for our children, then why is the system good enough for others?”
  Board member Chris LaCour’s two children attend Avoyelles Public Charter School in Mansura, as does Van Kojis’ three grandchildren. Board member Mike Lacombe’s grandchildren attend the parochial Sacred Heart School in Moreauville.
   Kojis said he has three grandchildren at APCS, “but I don’t tell my children where to send their children to school.”
   LaCour had no comment on the matter, but has mentioned in past board meeting discussions that his children attend the public charter school.
   Lacombe noted that his three children all attended St. Mary’s Catholic school in Cottonport until they entered high school. All three attended and graduated from Bunkie High.
  “I highly recommend, that if you see Red River (Charter) Academy recruiting in your community, sign your kids up,” Blackman-Dupas wrote in her Facebook post. “When Avoyelles Public Charter School accepts applications for new students, take some time to go and sign your child up. At a minimum, your child deserves an opportunity to receive a good, solid education.”
  The Mansura board member said most of the district’s schools have failed to provide a good, solid education and places the blame on the School Board for being more concerned with the student enrollment numbers than about the students.
   “Meanwhile, the kids are failing miserably,” Blackman-Dupas added.
   She said her children are grown, so she does not have to face that issue herself. However, she noted that she is raising a 1-year-old great-niece and “ I can assure you that if she were entering school today, I absolutely would not enroll her in this public school system.”
   In her message to parents, Blackman-Dupas said those who hope their children will obtain higher education should “seek alternative education for him/her as soon as possible, for it is highly unlikely they will be prepared in the Avoyelles Parish public school system.”

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pin It Weekly #175

Tonight I am suffering with a horrid sore throat that has me fearing strep. I have an appointment in the morning, but in the meantime I'm feeling very under the weather. I decided that instead of a big deal for Pin It Weekly, I'll just post a few quilts from my board, "heart, quilts" which has over 6,000 pins.

Squares Plus - featured in McCalls Quick Quilts Feb/Mar 2015:

Very cute and easy 'Tumbling Charms' - free quilt pattern - needs 2 charms squares and some jelly roll strips for the white bits and the border.:

Sweet Pea quilt ~ inspiration for a baby quilt:

Cute Little House Quilt in Red, White & Creams xxx:

Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt:

Peas in a Pod: FREE Quick and Bright Twin Size Quilt Pattern:

Grandma's Window Quilt Pattern / PDF on Etsy from the Vintage Clothespin Would be fun I Spy quilt

Red Pepper Quilts: Liberty Tana Lawn and Collage Checkerboard Quilt:

Love this pattern...first time I've seen it in this color selection....NICE!!:

Cute quilt Nine Patches:

Modern quilt  geometric print by dawnandgingersew on Etsy, $175.00:

Modern Quilt // Modern Christmas Quilt // by ModernQuiltDesigns:

::Value Added::  Using Value in Modern Quilts:

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Recently I've been using up some of the calico in my stash as backing for baby quilts. They are light and soft and cheap. Well, cheap in my mind since I either bought them long ago or inherited them from mom's stash. 

As I was cutting into the last pile I was a bit sorry that they were all gone. Still, I decided to check one more time to see whether I could find a few small pieces or something to add to the leftovers. 

I found a few more than expected! Yay, right? After I pulled them out, I started looking through the pile to make sure that they were all calico and to look at sizes. That led me to thinking that maybe it would be good to discuss calico. 

Calico is a thin, woven cotton fabric made from unbleached, undyed threads. The selvage is slim and tight but barely noticeable or distinguishable from the rest of the fabric. Generally there's no writing or label on the selvage. 

It is generally coarser than other cotton fabrics, but softens when washed. It's about the same weight as muslin and is usually overdyed in small print patterns. One of the oldest fabrics made in mills, it was used for dresses, aprons, and quilts. 

It may have more than one color but rarely has deep, rich colors or large prints and are not colorfast because they are cheaply processed. They work well with solids, especially thin, cheap cottons. Calico is used by fashion designers and sewists who create dummy pieces when designing since it is much cheaper than luxurious, expensive fabrics, such as silk, damask, chiffon, etc. 

Calico makes great backing for quilts, especially children's quilts, precisely because they are thin and soft after washing. I am thrilled to have found more calico in the stash. I think this may be it, though. I'll have to move on to other fabrics when the basket is empty.