Friday, April 3, 2020

Pin It Weekly #311

Happy Weekly! I have a special announcement tomorrow. Here's betting you can't guess, but it would be fun if you tried. :)
Today, though, it's time to meet a few new folks who have joined the Pinterest party.  Let's start with Rebecca Cameron who just followed all of my boards today! She has a "fan quilts" board that is rather unique. 
Am I Shouting Yet?: Blogger's Quilt Festivalquilt

Best Tips for Mini Quilts | A Quilting Life - a quilt blog

1930s Fan Quilts

Say hello to Suzi Chankhio. I could not resist the hydrangeas on her flower board.

And finally we have Dana Å ubrtová who has a board called "soupravy pončo a čepičky" which means ponchos and cap sets. Know how I know? I used Google translate. Hey, do what you have to do, am I right? After all, there's not much sweeter than these little pieces.

Have a great weekend and stay safe from CoVid-19.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Family, flowers, face masks...the little things in life

A rose from the new bushes
A beautiful moth Rich discovered this morning.
 Look at those markings.
I haven't been sewing very much of late. Between enjoying the beautiful weather and the yard, dealing with being quarantined, and making masks (yes, sewing but not my fav), the days are flying by. 

My new issue of Quiltfolk,
dedicated to Louisiana quilters
The children do occasionally visit, but we are keeping social distancing alive in the back yard. And of course, we visit Rich's mom daily, but again social distances have become the norm. 

New tee-shirts that a wonderfully talented friend delivered
to my mailbox. Social distancing means not visiting as usual.

I've been walking more while it's cool enough to be out-of-doors. I took these pictures of the slough down the hill from our house on one of those excursions. 

And those masks! Thus far I've made and mailed four to my sister Laura, donated 10 to the local nursing home, and have two ready to mail to my niece who cannot find completely black masks for her flight attendant job. 

Happy birthday little reader!
And the most heartbreaking of all: this little guy turned one Sunday and we could not attend his birthday party. Family who live close by drove to their house and sang happy birthday from their cars. We did so via Skype. 

My fear is that they littlest ones will forget who we are if the quarantine lasts as long as projected. I guess it just means we'll have to make up for lost time by spending lots of time with them when CoVid-19 is in the past.

Please keep safe distances of six or more feet from others, even the ones you love. We can beat this pandemic with time, distance, and clean hands. 

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Daisies

Happy SQI today! It's the end of March (a grandson's birthday) and we're all still in quarantine. This week I hope to add a few daisies (Shasta, maybe) to the garden of flowers that are thriving in the yard. And so, I thought that perhaps daisies would be a good theme for quilts. Guess what?! It is!

And because SQI must always have quilts, here are just a few that I discovered...

Tamarack Shack: Doo Da Daisy Quilt

Daisy String Quilt – Quilt Art Designs

I suppose you could say we're doing great. When I think of the alternatives: a sick baby, a family member suffering from the Coronavirus-19, severe, pervading depression and so many other horrors that the world holds. I am grateful for our beautiful, healthy, God-fearing lives. I hope you and yours are all doing well and manage whatever quarantine rules have been recommended for your area. 

Friday, March 27, 2020

SLW quilt ~~ a finished top

I started this quilt in a Sherry Lynn Wood workshop back in November. Since it was a two day workshop, I brought home only the beginnings of something. I could not determine what that something was. Can you tell from this picture that I was not impressed? Thanks to my friend Glen of Quilts and Dogs for taking this shot when I was completely lost in my piece.

In January I challenged the Cotton Quilters' Guild to bring a difficult unfinished project to the next meeting. At that time we would each present the project and tell the group what our challenge was. In March we were to bring the project to show. The beauty of the idea was that everyone got to choose her own piece and decide for herself what she would try to accomplish. 

 For example, one lady brought in a completed top and challenged herself to have it quilted (though not necessarily completed). I brought in the "SLW mess" and challenged myself to figure it out and complete the top. In March I would show the top and challenge myself to quilt (or complete) it.

Since AHIQ ( was having an hourglass challenge, I decided to add a few hourglasses. That was the pivoting point. After that the pieces seemed to just make themselves. 

As you all know there have been all manner of crazy things happening in the world. The March meeting was a sewing room tour and, because of the Coronavirus, we won't meet in April. 

I decided that I would still meet the challenge and get it to a completed top for the beginning of April. But look at that messy confusion on the design wall. I needed a strategy. Back to AHIQ, of course. At one point we had a Chinese Coins challenge going...What if? 


I tested my theory and voila! If you have too much happening, separate the confusion. Calm it, slow it, sort it. Just do something to give the eye a way to see the ideas individually. I used every inch of the neutral. Otherwise I'd have made the top and bottom strips wider to make the quilt longer. I am much happier with it now, however. I'm not exactly looking forward to quilting it, but once it's on the longarm, something will happen.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Pin It Weekly #310

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Welcome to PIW! 
My most recent pins have been additions to the "mixed, media" board.
Italian collage and the garden of lovers, caterina giglio La Dolce Vita

by dailypoetics, via Flickr great use of a collaged ground with areas highlighted using the gesso.

Crossings - Strummel's work is inspirational.  I can learn a lot from her.

These pins are from Susan Camata. I didn't translate, but I think we can all figure out what she likes, especially considering that this is one of eight sewing boards.

And these are from Dawn Hunton's "floral applique" board. Talk about inspiring!
Small Flower (c) Vanessa Brisson 2005  19.5"x15"Ribbon Cone Flowers

Madam Quilter.  And this is a pattern you can buy!

Stay safe everyone. Remember, social distance helps to protect you and to avoid you from carrying the CoVid19 home to your loved ones.