Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Pin It Weekly #252

How to Cut Fabric and Make a No-Sew Appliqué| Where The Smiles Have BeenI have a Silhouette Cameo machine. Now I'm not so excited because it's not my machine. It's actually Stacey's Cameo 3, but she doesn't seem to want to deal with it. 

How to thicken a font so it will cut nicely on your Silhouette machine.

It's taking space in my studio, so I've decided to use it. The problem is that I haven't the slightest idea how. Uhhm, Pinterest, please. 

This is such a cute wedding or anniversary gift for adventurous couples! --- Adventure Together Print 4 Personalized Map Mountain Print by AGierDesign --  This is my original trademarked design! We have over 2000 five star reviews on Etsy :). Shop our secure Shopify website

Simple tips to help you visualize designs in Silhouette Studio (scheduled via

And so these pins. Mostly tutorials. A few project ideas. And a couple of lettering thingies. I have to start somewhere, right?

CLICK HERE to see the tutorial.

Craft-e-Corner Blog * Celebrate Your Creativity: Applying Vinyl to a Curved Surface - Garden Flower Pot for Mother's Day

My Vinyl Direct Vinyl Cutting Machine Settings Silhouette Cameo Vs 3

I have a feeling that I'll go down a rabbit hole when I get started with a few of these. Oh well, one rabbit hole or another. Does it really matter? 

7 Tricks to Cleanly Cutting Tiny Script Fonts on Vinyl with Silhouette CAMEO - Silhouette School

How to convert a portrait photo into cuttable SVG & DXF file for Cricut & Cameo SIlhouette. It will be very useful to know how to cut personal portrait for your DIY craft project- gives a special touch, and make it extra special. You can convert your pet's, loved one's and memorial photo, into cuttable SVG & DXF file easily! With a help of Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop

Where are these? All in my "Silhouette, Cameo 3" board. Along with another 20 or so pins. I was a bit discerning when pinning because, well, that rabbit hole is pretty big without digging it deeper.

Monday, August 13, 2018

The Forest: a novel by Edward Rutherfurd {book review}

Edward Rutherfurd || Russka

It's Monday morning and I am finally realizing that I have not posted Pin It Weekly and Sunday Quilt Inspiration! I'd say that is because I just didn't have enough time, thank you doctor's appointments

Richard had two tests and an appointment; I had two appointments, and the dreaded look-inside-the-entire-human-digestive-system scopes. Luckily I've blocked out (or drugged out) every possible moment of our time with doctors. 

On the happy side, all of the waiting room sitting meant I got to read! I'm almost in the middle of Edward Rutherfurd's The Forest.

The forest: a novel by Edward Rutherfurd (Book)

Here's a blurb on Rutherfurd's book:  " AS ENTERTAINING AS "SARUM" AND RUTHERFURD' S OTHER SWEEPING NOVEL OF BRITISH HISTORY, "LONDON,"" "- The Boston Globe"""" Engaging . . . A sprawling tome that combines fact with fiction and covers 900 years in the history of New Forest, a 100,000-acre woodland in southern England . . . Rutherfurd sketches the histories of six fictional families, ranging from aristocrats to peasants, who have lived in the forest for generations. . . . But the real success is in how Rutherfurd paints his picture of the wooded enclave with images of treachery and violence, as well as magic and beauty." "- The New York Post""

Edward Rutherfurd || RusskaI think, however, that the best acclaim I can give is that his works are on my reading list, and I rarely deviate from classic fiction. Thus far I've read Russka, London, and Sarum which means I have four more works Paris, New York, Rebels of Ireland, and Princes of Ireland. I love his on-going historical sagas. 

It's rather like living through centuries of time and, even better, I am a character in each account. So as I read about a family during a particular time of New Forest, I am the main character. The chapter closes; we time-travel 100 or so years, and in just paragraphs I become a new character in a new time. The setting is still New Forest, but perhaps the location has moved to a different area of the Forest. 

Edward Rutherfurd || SarumRutherfurd continues to use the details of place, however. So by looking at the map provided in the front of the book, I am able to keep my bearings and follow the overall story. Rutherford's motif of describing a character trait in a particular family and continuing to use it through the generations of that family is my favorite thematic structure. This trick is especially useful in remembering the family and its connections to other characters. 

Rutherfurd is my favorite current writer. I have no doubt that his works, with their historical accounts, elevated writing style, and interesting characters, will become part of the classic writing canon. Do pick one up and give yourself an opportunity to enjoy historical fiction that is as much history as fiction. 

These book pins can be found on my board, "bookworm, books."

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Meet Marty Mason

On Thursday I finally got around to writing about our August meeting. In that post I teased everyone with a little about our special guest, Marty Mason, and promised more today. So here we are. Marty is a quilter from North Louisiana who blogs over at Marty's Fiber Musings. I contacted her a while ago and asked her to come to one of our meetings to give a trunk show. 

Wow, did she surprise! I knew she'd do a great job--she's given trunk shows and workshops before--but even though I'd attended one of her presentations, I am still in a little bit of show at how well-received she was.

Let me start at the beginning--which would be lunch. You know how eating is important to Louisianans. I should have been taking guild members who give presentations to lunch on their day to present. Well, I'm not good at entertaining, so you can imagine that I've been derelict in my duties. To make things right with those ladies I planned a nice lunch at one of our local restaurants and invited Marty to join us. Everything planned for the same day meant having to pull myself together only once. Doable in other words.

I couldn't choose a favorite, but it
would be a toss up between this gray...

and this white/neutral.
Lunch was a hit; everyone had a great time; getting to meet Marty early was a special treat. Yay! Redeemed! We left Bunkie and went to the museum in Cottonport for our meeting and got going right on time. 

Once the business part of the meeting was over, we settled down for Marty's presentation. She showed her quilts; told stories about some of them; described the inspiration for others; and entertained us with her humor. Every quilt is unique and interesting in its own way. I kept thinking "I like this one," "This is my favorite," "I have to try to make this." 


Now don't think I am one to gush and stutter and aw shucks over every quilt. I have my own tastes and I know what I like. Truthfully, there were a few that while I wouldn't necessarily want to make them, I still found interesting and unique. Surely the one with all the curved seams is more work than I am willing to give, but it's a stunner because of that. 

In the end I can say that bringing my bloggy friend in was a grand idea. But if every cloud has a silver lining, it also has a little rain--now I'm expected to continue my good work. As if I can entertain again next month. 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

August Cotton Quilters' Guild Meeting

My version of the Row by Row
quilt on the design wall
On Monday the Cotton Quilters met at our usual place, usual time. But oh wow! did we have an unusual meeting. More on that in a minute. First, we held a meeting. You know, pledges, updates, minutes and reports: business matters.

And, as we have for the last five or six months, we shared our row quilt blocks. Then I gave out the final block. It's a Dresden fan that will round out our 70 x 84 quilt. 

As you can see from the picture on the left, I chose to put my quilt together but did not put the blocks in order. I wanted my guild sisters to see that it isn't necessary and also because when I put my blocks on the design wall, I didn't like the way they looked. Ha! What's new in my world, right?

Some months there are few show and share items, other months there are lots. You just never know. For August everyone seemed to have one or two. A pig and a flamingo from Pam.

An interesting log cabin. A huge flower.

 A beautiful Cathedral Windows and some quilts meant to use up scraps.

And this pretty green and white sampler. There was so much laughter and talking that I missed a couple of photos and faces. But it's all in fun and we had a great time oohing and ahhing at each others' quilts and quilt tops. 

Then we had a very special guest. Marty Mason from Marty's Fiber Musings came for a visit. She gave a trunk show and had a program in which she explained modern and improv quilts. She also talked about her inspiration and shared some of the books that she especially likes. 

Now this is the point when I tell you that this post is a tease. Yep, sure is. Marty deserves her own special post, so you'll have to come back on Saturday to see some of her other work. 

All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon. I wish you had been there, but you can be here Saturday for a little more Marty.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: F A R M

Farmhouse style seems to be one of the styles of 2018 so let's see how that may have inspired quilts.

Country Backyard Landscaping | Country Garden | Farm, Garden & Landscape. #PinMyDreamBackyard

Learning how to save your seeds is just part of living a more self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyle!Handpainted distressed "Life is better on the Farm" sign "one a day" winner by DeAnna McCasland Photography on Facebook! #child #lifestyle #photography

Farm:  Down on the #farm.This farmhouse laundry room makeover is amazing! Go check out this One Room Challenge room reveal.

Some quilts are farm quilts because they depict farms; others, no matter how modern, are inspired by the plain farm style of old. 

Love these blocks from Farm Girl Vintage book

I want to show you something fun that    we did for our    Farm Girl Vintage Retreat    last week.   This is my Farm Girl Tractor    (w...

Dreamy and Artistic Quilt art to inspire - Rhinetex Lifestyle Fabrics http://www.rhinetex.comMemory Quilt from family clothes

I started this quilt when the @beelori1 Farm Girl Vintage book sew along started back in May 2015. The tractor block was always going to be the star of the quilt, with all the other blocks set around it. Working out how to set the 16″ x 20″ block amongst...

Scrappy Quarter Log Cabin Quilt + Tutorial | Red Pepper Quilts 2015

This sweet Apple Bloom Quilt is 58 x 58 Inches (170 x 170 cm) and great for picnics, as a play quilt or a cozy sofa quilt. If you want a bed quilt you can easily add another Log Cabin row or two. Each row will including the border build 16,5 inches (41 cm).

Love how my #farmgirltractorblock #farmgirlvintage quilt turned out, even if Brent says I was wrong to mix my tractor colors.

16 Farm Animals E-Book

Farm Girl Patchwork Pumpkin and Scrappy Maple leaf blocks. I'm getting ready…

How adorable is this Farm Girl Vintage Quilt that @sewbella50 has been working on? #southernfabric #quilting #sewing #farmgirlvintage #quiltsofinstagram #quilt #loriholt