Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Pin It Weekly #297

It's been a minute since we've met new followers. Here's Salma Shehada and her board on rugs and rug making.

A&Co CamelliaAlfombra de esparto - ECOdECO Mobiliario

nuLOOM Alexa Eco Natural Fiber Braided Reversible Circles Jute Area Rug (6' x 9') (Natural), Size 6' x 9'

These pins are from Amber Rush Moore's Quilts of Valor--a nod to this week's Veteran's Day. Thanks Amber!

 AOL Mail

Amber's Quilts of Valor board impressed me. And just like that there's another section on "heart, quilts." For now it's the first one, but my OCD librarian tendencies will move it into ABC-order, so don't be surprised.
Quilt Show | Gems of the Prarie Quilt Guild

Road to Oklahoma - Free Quilting Pattern | Beautiful Skills - Crochet Knitting Quilting | Bloglovin’Every quilt has a story – but some you can sum up in a sentence and others are a little more complicated… Celebration Cake is one of those quilts whose story is a little more complicate…

Starry Path Quilt Kit - 84 x 84

These last ones come from Leesa Stroman. I love her color studies board. 

shades of green / blue / teal / aqua / mint / white / colour / ombre / rainbow / textilesBerry Bash begins with a lilac purple and changes to a deep berry-plum.

Teal Tide colour inspiration for Mamas and Papas #armadilloflip baby stroller and pram from newborn.


Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Ouch! and the Arts Festival

A front porch with the funniest table and chairs.
Did I tell you about the foot accident? Ah yes, I did here.  In a nutshell: Milly accidentally pushed a hitch out of the truck. Onto my foot. Right on the bone that goes to the big toe. A metatarsal, I'm told. I find out, for sure, whether it's broken on Wednesday.

Today  I'll see a doctor to find out why this shoulder hurts so much. The last time I saw him, he gave me a shot right in the joint. Ouch! It has not helped. I'd take another shot though, if there's a chance it will help. The shot is painful (oh so) but that pain ends in a few seconds. This pain is constant. How's that for attitude?

My weekend was great, though and I'll focus on that instead. I went to the Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana (CFAL) meeting on Sunday. No pictures...I felt that as a guest that would be overstepping. 
Then my little group went to lunch, followed by the Covington Arts Festival downtown. That was great fun. First a delicious Fat Spoon Restaurant salad. Then all manner of inspiration and visual delights at the festival. These pictures are from the festival.

We were a little pressed for time, so we strolled down maybe four or five blocks, each one lined on both sides of the street with vendors, and at sidewalk level were the permanent boutique shops and stores. There were also a few live musicians scattered about and occasional live DIY displays. 

The day could not have been more beautiful: bright sunshine and cool weather. Perfect. 

These are just a few of my favorites. Some artists requested that photos not be taken, others had "No Photography" signs, and some encouraged photos. Where there were no signs, I asked. Now I wish I'd also asked for business cards.

All in all, it was well worth the trip. I'll add it to our calendar to return next year. 

Sunday, November 10, 2019

International Quilt Show ~~ Houston (12 winners)

Best of Show

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Cotton Quilters' Guild November Meeting

It's November 2019 already and my presidency has come to an end. We'll meet one more time in December for our annual Christmas party, and that's it. We elected new officers who will take over in January. It's been fun and a barrel of laughs but also time consuming. I'll appreciate just showing up at meetings with my quilts. 
Pam showed the goodies she bought at
Quilt Fest in Houston. There were several things
along with the Farm Girl Vintage 2 book and fabric. 
Mostly I'll try to not run things! That's me. Always with an opinion and ready to help. The problem is that sometimes other folks don't want help. I'll have to be mindful of that. Remind me at times, will you please? 

So this meeting was easy. Mostly. We bullied elected officers. I brought up a subject with an ulterior motive that had a great idea behind it. We quickly lost sight of the subject at hand. I kinda  definitely blew that. Everything got tabled, and Mrs. Mary saved me with her fabulous presentation on curved piecing. Bless her heart, she saves me every time. Finally show and tell came up. 

Mrs. Priscilla loves to recycle and
made this pillow from a former skirt.

Smittie showed this beautiful leaf panel.
Check out her quilting on the back!

Mrs. Mary had a couple of "Turning Twenty" quilts that she just finished. Can you believe the difference two colorways make?

I showed two small quilts, one so freshly off the machine that it's not even trimmed and bound. Hopefully you'll see that one finished in a few days. The other one, well, I'm almost certain that I've taken a few pictures of it, but I can't find even one. Hmm. I wonder if I've taken any? Have you seen pics of little blue and white quilt recently? It's part of the MQG rally block study. 

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Houston

What a week! It really began on Wednesday, in a way. Richard had a doctor's appointment for plantar fasciitis. We were loading the grandies into the truck when Meme accidentally stepped on the hitch that was lying on the floor of the truck. It slipped out onto the top of my foot. I've been in a boot since, mostly to protect the foot while traipsing around at the Houston Quilt Show.

Houston began early the next morning. We arrived an hour late because traffic in Lake Charles was crazy slow. The delay may have been a good thing since we closed down the George R. Brown Convention Center (GRB). Dinner at Olive Garden --yummy!-- and we were passed out quite early.
The second day at the GRB began at 10:30. We tried to close down the place but just didn't have the energy. That night we ate at Saltgrass Steakhouse --YUM! Another early night.

We drove home on Saturday. I think I'd have liked a few more hours at the quilt show. There were some quilts that I didn't see. 

I made a few mistakes this year. Don't get me wrong, I had a blast and saw many, many quilts. I took about 500 photos! But as we talked about the show on the way home, I realized that there were more quilts I'd have really liked to see.

It's easy to miss a few, even if you go up one aisle and down the next. But strutting around in a boot was exhausting and (sometimes) painful, making the chances of missing something even more likely. 

What I did not miss was the beauty of the city. We drove into and out of the downtown area every day, giving me several chances to click a few pics. I hope you enjoy these. 

I've begun processing the pictures taken at GRB and will post some of those in a day or two. Expect them to be in all of the SQIs and PIWs for the month of November.