Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Quilt Challenge Day 8

 This quilt is the result of needing to use up scraps, in this case neutrals. To give it some contrast, I toss in lots of browns and just a few grays. I present to you, "Muddy Waters." It kept reminding me of the bayous and ponds in our area. Places where we went crawfishing, back when we were young. These days, we buy a sack of crawfish to boil or go to a restaurant where other people do all the heavy lifting and the cleanup. "Muddy Waters" is all improv--my favorite way to piece a quilt. It's fun, stress-free, and I get to make things up as I go along. When I'm finished with an improv top, I always quilt it using improv--whatever comes to mind is what I quilt, and I make it up as I go. I love making a "mistake" that turns into another motif!

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Quilt Challenge Day 7

This happy cross quilt is one that I pieced on a trip to the Great Lakes. I always take a couple of easy kits that are cut and ready for sewing. When we return home they are quilted (or put into a basket where they may wait a bit too long.) I sold this one at a guild show a few years ago. It became a gift to a priest who was leaving one parish and going to another. Don't you think happy is a good description for this one?

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Quilt Challenge Day 6

 And so it continues. Halfway through the challenge, I'm sharing this quilt that sold at a quilt show back when the museum was the sponsor. I don't know that this picture does it justice, but I barely managed to get this one. The technique, called "repeating Dresden plate" is one that I teach. It such fun to watch the plates create their designs as you put them together. Like magic!

A modern Dresden Plate quilt.  I don't remember the name, and it sold at its first show, where apparently it also won a ribbon.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Quilt Challenge Day 5

 I haven't forgotten about this challenge. Let me explain the whole "Mary" story. A real-life friend, who is also a Facebook friend, challenged me to show 10 quilts, probably in 10 days. I posted four days of quilts....four quilts. No one person liked, commented or otherwise acknowledged even one of my posts. Now it makes sense but at the time I thought I was just, well I'm not sure what I thought, but it was a little unsettling. No one? Not one like? Not a "uhmph"? So I quit posting. 

One of my three entries for QuiltCon.

At Monday's guild meeting, someone mentioned that it might be a good idea. Nope, I interrupted. I posted pictures of my quilts. No one even bothered. At that point, several people started talking at the same time. "Well, I guess we aren't friends." "We are friends and you didn't post anything to me." "Maybe they aren't shareable." And so on. Hmm, I wondered. I got out my phone and sure enough, I solved the mystery. 

You know, I forgot that my posts are set to send to Richard only. It's just so I don't send out really ridiculous or obnoxious posts. A safety button, if you will. Safety buttons, however safe they are, won't allow you to pull the trigger. So while I did post my pictures, I also didn't pull the trigger. I suppose you could say I pointed the gun but didn't shoot. Well, shoot! (I don't like the analogy but I do use the expletive.)

One of my three entries for QuiltCon.

So there. The quilt challenge mystery. Solved. In the meantime, I've been waiting for Facebook to catch up to the blog. Now my social media outlets are on the same challenge day. Five. It is day five, right? 

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Pin It Weekly #327

Hello! Happy Weekly! Actually, I'm not so sure it's a happy weekly. Pinterest and I have been fighting. For some odd reason it won't always load. I'm thinking I've almost reached my limit of pins. Is that even a thing? Oh horrors, I hope not!

So I haven't been pinning much lately. Also, I've begun a new project. I'll tell you about it when I have something to tell. That may take a few more days. In the meantime, I thought I'd dig deep into my "heart, quilts" board and find some old favorites to share.

Even with thousands of pins at my fingertips, it's not such a difficult idea. Many are sorted into categories; the rest are in the main board. Those defy my reasoning. Which board? Which board? Okay, just put it on the main board, right? Just agree with me. I
t's what I do anyway.

If you've gotten this far, I'll remind you that these are not my quilts. I didn't make them--that's on my trunk show board--and I don't have patterns for them. I simply found them on Pinterest. If you want to find the maker, do a reverse search: copy the pin and paste it into Pinterest or Google and search for the image. In Pinterest, appears below the pin under the title, "more like this."

Barbara Brackman's MATERIAL CULTURE, Kindred Quilts, Tabitha, made with Metropolitan Fair fabric by Barbara Brackman

Monday, August 3, 2020

Quilt Challenge Day 4

I made this king size, gray and yellow quilt using a pattern from an old quilt top my grandmother hand-stitched. We discovered the top in mom and dad's house. The quilt was juried into QuiltCon, the national Modern Quilt Guild's annual show.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Sunday Quilt Inspiration:

 What a beautiful Sunday we're having. Sunny and hot, the ground is drying after two days of stormy rain. My succulents are growing. The flowers are blooming. There's chocolate in the house!


Chocolate dipped cupcakes


My chocolate is nothing fancy like these, but it's chocolate. While I am discerning and prefer really smooth milk chocolate, I'll eat any that happens to be around. Chocolate quilts? Well, sort of...

Have some blocks that would look good done like this

love brown, red and cream together--- verry pretty!

Pink nine-patches alternated with appliqued hearts... What if only half the hearts were there?

needle turn applique

Make Mine Mocha

And some chocolate fabric for lagniappe
Bridgeport "Browns" Fat Quarter Bundle - 9 fabrics