Monday, December 10, 2018

Sunday Quilt Inspiration -- Houston IQS {page 7}

I know, I'm late again with Sunday Quilt Inspiration, but on a positive note, the Christmas gifts are all in my spare bedroom! So Yay! for that, right? In other happy news, I found a few more photos from IQS that I could correct enough to post. I hope these inspire you!

                                        Painted Surface category
Allegory of  Life by Christine Alexiou

La Dama de Cedanyola by Marina Comerut Ramirez

What Remains by Ana Buzzalino

  Spiraled by Sherri Lynn McCauley

Auto Arachnid by Esterita Austin

Magical by Joanne Baeth

Byzantine Beauties, The Pots of Istanbul by Tami Graeber

 The Orion Nebula by Robin Hart

 Copper Enamel Ammonite by Kimberly Lacy

   Encrypted by Hope Wilmarth

 Wolf--The Eyes Have It by Rhonda Denney
 Iria in Purple, Color of the Year by Mary Ann Vaca-Lambert

 McMacaw by Debra Cline

Bald Head Island Beauty by Karen Ponischil
 Pages in My Book by Peggy Brown

Which of these is your favorite? 

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Wedding dress finish!

My niece has a wedding coming up in a couple of weeks. Just before Christmas. So wedding  bells and Christmas bells will all be ringing. 

Anyway she contacted me with an alteration request. At the time the dress was too long, but in the weeks since she's lost weight, so the dress was also a little big. Just big enough to need a few tucks.

She drove the normally five hours in a torrential rain for this. The dress is well made with underpinnings and boning, and interfacing, and lots of other stuff all built in. However, the structure was such that the top of the bust gaped open and looked awkward. So we had an awkward conversation about those "big girls" and the likelihood that they would escape. It didn't take much convincing since, it turns out, she didn't know how to ask for help but had great concern. The irony!

I tried a couple of ideas: taking in the sides where the armseye would be, drawing in the center of the sweetheart shape, tightening the crisscross drawstring. Nothing made me happy. Either the gap shifted forward, the bust became too tight or I created bulges in odd places. 

Finally I suggested straps. Let's just try ribbon and safety pins. No harm no foul and maybe it will work. Well, lo and behold, that was the answer! She hiked up the dress, I pinned on some satin ribbon front to back and we hemmed and hawed. Then I changed the ribbon to create a halter top and we hemmed and hawed. Lastly I crisscrossed the ribbon in the back and the dress Behaved. With a capitol B, I tell you. Just like that the dress knew who was boss. And the big girls didn't look so nervous. 

So the white ribbon stayed pinned to the top and I tackled the hips. Just a tiny little adjustment took out one the finicky curve and we were in the business of finding a good hem length. I decided to cut an extra half inch off so that I'd have enough for my secret weapon.

After lots of measuring and two little panicky hot flashes, I cut and hemmed the dress. Then I used the pieces of fabric I cut off the hem to create the straps I needed for the top. Yes, there's always a place to steal fabric from the dress. This is my third time, so I know. (Alayna's dress is here.)

I didn't even sweat over the fact that there were curves in the fabric. Instead I let that work to our advantage and turned the straps so the curves are toward the neck and could follow the shape of the shoulder. That removes any stress or pulling against the shorter side of the strap and gives a snug, fitted look. Happy accidents are nice after panic stress. 

We tried getting the dress on with the straps pinned, but that was not happening, which meant I had to devise a way to remove the straps for dressing/undressing. A couple of little white buttons on the back side of the dress did the trick and don't show at all since they are on the inside. 
To make neat buttonholes, I added heavy interfacing to the end of the straps. It's going to take time to get this chick into and out of that dress, but she looks great when she's all buttoned and strapped and busted and SPANXed in. In other words, a typical wedding gown.

I don't have an it's-finished-and-it's-perfect picture for you. That picture will have to wait till the wedding. Since it's only two weeks away, you won't have to wait long. The bride-to-be is happily snoozing surrounded by unwrapped Christmas gifts in our spare bedroom. She'll leave tomorrow with a lovely, well-fitted gown that is much less likely to malfunction on the important day. In other words, a fabulous wedding gown.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Pin It Weekly #259

I haven't introduced followers in quite a while. That means it's time. Here's a 10 for 10 breakdown--the most recent 10 followers and a pins (10 total) with links, of course. 
Remote control holder from old blue jeans. Contains other craft ideas for recycling old items into new uses.
10. Lynne Peters 

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7. Anna Vandendries-Barr 

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Alamosa Quilter: Lattice Quilt Tutorial
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Meets a lot of my goals in quilting... Black and White with Red pops of color.:
1. Shirley Carman
Wow! "heart, quilts" now has over 8,000 different quilts pinned!!!

Mary Marcotte (Fleur de Lis Quilts)

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Let's play catch up!

Since I've not been able to blog the many goings-on in my life, I thought I'd just get it all in at one time. Or try to anyway.
Let's start with cute. Or ugly. Either way. A miniature horse newborn that looks like a donkey. Sweet little thing has no idea just how ugly she is. 
Momma and baby doing fine
within minutes of birth.
Two days later and she looks
even more like a donkey.

I've managed a little sewing.
A couple of burp cloths for baby Ryder due in January
And a couple of bibs. The veggie fabric
came from Mom's stash.

Monday was our Cotton Quilters' Guild Christmas party. 
Such fun. And food. And games. And gifts. And friends. 

I made centerpieces using flowers from other events: a magnolia, a sprig of white baby's breath, burgundy ribbon, and greenery created a little candle wreath. They did double duty as door prizes, a big hit since so many people liked them. Just as nice, every bit came from my studio. Even the new, unopened white candles (not shown) were ones we ended up not using at a wedding.
centerpieces / door prizes.

Monday was also the Baton Rouge MQG Christmas party. (I ate all day!) I took one picture the entire night, and it was of this beautiful quilt top that Belinda wanted opinions on. Love it!

Coming Saturday! My friend Leta and I are having a Mommy and Me paint class. I'm getting excited about teaching, even if it's not literature. 

And how about ending with a couple of pictures of some real cuteness and another horse? Check out Miss Milly on her rocking horse that Poppa made. She absolutely loves Horsey and jumps on him as soon as she arrives. 

A socialite riding her Thoroughbred.
Giving her babies a ride.

 And there we are. A busy week or was it two? 

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Sunday Quilt Inspiration -- Houston IQS {page 6}

I'm not sure how many more IQS posts I can get as a result of the photos I took while in Houston, but this one is a show stopper. All of the quilts are winners. (Some even won ribbons.)

I'm starting with this one because I'm proud that I outsmarted Google Photos to get the collage I wanted. (Finally)

The rest are just my regular ahn-pictures, but I love the quilts!

People, Portraits, and Figures category
Twins with Friends--Do You Feel a Breeze? by Henry Donges

Ashes of Roses by Ellen Parrott

Summer Time by Monica Nirolau

 Flower Girl by Ellen Parrott  
 Papaw and Hunter by Linda Berry Smith  

 Nurture by Sara Sharp
Is She Ready Yet? by Heidi Proffetty

 The Arc by Betty New

 Put Up Your Feet and Take It Easy by Cindy Richard

Surface Design category
 Lost in the Sun by Peggy Brown

 Revival by Betty Hahn

Sunflowers by Linda Waddle

Naturescape category
 Reeds in the Marsh by Sue Colozzi 
 Sunset Serentiy by Cheryl Quesnell

Sacred Places by Kathy McNeil

Sunset From Little Island by Sue Colozzi

 Moonlight Night-1 by Chi Chen Wen

 A London Memory by Ann Graf