Thursday, November 29, 2018

Pin It Weekly #258

Whew! It's been a long time since the last Weekly post! So let's make this one count. To that end, here are a few of the most recent pins to "heart, quilts":
first up, themed quilts
For my sewing room. A Quilter's World by Lori Holt. Got the pattern at Long Beach 1012 Quilt Show.:

Lori Holt Trunk Show...gosh I never thought about putting a quilt in my laundry room, but this would be a winner, and I'd see it every day!Paper Dolls

Darling Valentine quilt by Lori Holt....I LOVE her work!!!XOXO.

This is too cute and wonderful quilting

secondly, modern quilts
 I'll slowly get to updating this with images of finished quilts!      Jeans Love         Working Style       String Bee Quilt      Reflect...

modern quilt made from a selection of fat quarters.

FliQS - from Lemontreetales by mamacjt, via FlickrStar Gazer Quilt Kit

QuiltCon 2017 Award Winners     Group and Bee: 3rd Place    Organic Mid-Century Mod  Pieced and quilted by Laura Bennett, Jessie Aller, Neva Asinari, Ashley Bander, Tracy Baird, Ruth Bass, Laura Bennett, Nicole Folino, Michelle Kochan, Jessica Levitt, Janet Schoenfeld, Robin Tillsworth, Colleen Wiest  Princeton, NJ, United States  Central Jersey Modern Quilt Guild  @drlbennett  60 x 60 inches

Third, mid-century modern art prints by Thedor, of Etsy who is having a sale, so go. (No affiliation. I just like these.)
MOVE Giclee Print Mid Century Modern Danish Modern by ThedorCLUSTER Giclee Print Mid Century Modern Danish Modern by Thedor
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

MQG entries ~~ photographed, entered, paid ~~ finished!

This is a quick post to update you on my entries for QuiltCon, which will be held in Nashville in February. I have every intention of going if possible. It's just nine hours of driving from here. (Said like nine hours of driving is typical.) But there's a ploy in play: Richard wants to go to the Ark Encounter, which is only three hours from Nashville. I'm thinking, let's do both!

We'll see how that pans out. In the meantime, I'm hedging my bets by entering a few quilts into the show. Hopefully they'll get juried in. That will definitely help my cause. :)

I asked my sister, Laura, who is a much better photographer, to photograph them when our family got together before Thanksgiving. She emailed them to me the same day! Talk about good customer service, and I'd paid her with my love. 


I did have a bit of trouble with the online application. Apparently there's no one-time entry, one invoice, one payment system. It's possible to enter all of the quilts at one time (which I did) but paying for more than one quilt requires going back to the beginning and making three (in my case) separate payments. 

I wondered which quilt would be entered if I'd simply misread the instructions and paid only once. That's a real possibility for anyone but especially for those who have limited or no English. I sent an email just to make sure that I hadn't missed a step. I'm definitely keeping all of the paperwork showing that I registered the quilts and that I paid. 

Otherwise, all is well on the quilt front. I'm excited for the guild Christmas parties on Monday. Is your guild doing anything special for the holidays? I'd gladly take a few suggestions for our party, so tell us what your guild does to make the holiday gathering extra fun.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Thanksgiving, school props, and painting (Adam's finish)

Lots going on in the Marcotte lot. Firstly, we celebrated Thanksgiving in grand fashion with two meals on Thursday. One for the parents at noon because Papa can't handle too many people. About three is his limit, so we cooked a second meal for the kids for supper. 

That also gives the boys a chance to visit with their wives' families, and they can drop in on their grandparents a few at a time. No one gets left out this way. It's lots more work, but worth the extra effort since it means making things easier for the aging parents and it helps the kids arrange holidays with their families. Of course, there's nothing left of the food. By now everything has been eaten as leftovers or put in the freezer. 

Saturday and Sunday everyone just tried to rest and do a few things around the house. Adam and Richard had a special project going on. They built props for an upcoming school play. Can you guess which one? If you said A Charlie Brown Christmas, I'd have to agree because these are definitely CB props, but the real truth is that no one has really told me anything except to come see the cuteness. And, well, it is all kinds of cute.

Even better everything is made from left-over wood from a job or previous project. Even the mailbox is recycled. We replaced ours a few weeks ago and it had not found its way to the trashcan for pickup. Apparently we generate more trash in the fall, when we tend to purge the most, thanks to the cooler weather.

Adam retrieved it from somewhere, banged the dents out (it had been run over by a tractor) and mounted it on a freestanding pole. Then he painted it a very bright yellow. The flag was missing, so he even built a wooden flag that moves up and down. 

And now we're on to my current project. I'm working on another cotton painting. It's much like one in neutrals, beige and brown that I wrote about here. I also painted two in blues and wrote about those here.

I didn't like the beige one until it grew on me, then it became my favorite. I planned on painting a few using a green background but that hasn't happened. I supposed green needs to be higher on the list. At any rate this one is still a wip. 

The cotton bolls are still too dark and I need to add to the stalk. Cotton plants, you see, have many sharp limbs that do not bear unless the earliest flowers or seed pods are lost--as in eaten by a cow or destroyed by a storm. Then the plant is poised ready to put out new seed pods as soon as the early ones are lost.

It's interesting how much you can learn about a subject when you begin a "little" research just so your art is more authentic. Anyway, I'll show pics when the painting is complete and the frame is complete, and I pair the two. That may be a week or so, since my husband insists on making frames as though they will be seen from the front of the artwork. They are not but he's a perfectionist. And I am asking for a favor, so I guess we'll wait for a perfect frame.

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Tactile Architecture at IQS {page 5}

Tactile Architecture is my favorite exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. I've submitted a quilt or two in the past, neither of which got in, but I love looking at and analyzing these quilts the most. I suppose it's because it's also one of my favorite genre of quilts to make.
Spinning Wheel by Sharon McWilliams

Tel Aviv Symphony by 6 Hands: Azrieli Towers
by Leanne Shilo, Liat Engler, and Orit Mondiano

 Yorkville Shack by Deanna Apfel

Circular Infinity by Susan Michael

Earthquake by Betty Hahn
See Taiwan ~ Taipei 101 by Hsi-Chen Hsu 

Crumbling Facade by Ginnie Hebert 
St. Stephen's Cathedral by Ursula Biermaumer-Bohle

 Lady of Freedom by Rosalie Baker

Balustrade by Amy Canvaness

La Chiesa di Bolzano Vincentino III by Barbara Triscari 

Peering Out of the Darkness by Shannon Conley

 Quilting Overtakes the GRB by Jean Grimes

Changing the Landscape by Susan Fisher King

Paris Door by Laurie Simpson

The Triangle by Teresa Barkley

Happy Houses by Debra Allen

Harry's Neighborhood by Anita Stevenson

And lastly, my favorite quilt from the Hands All Around exhibit. Look at the detail of the metalworker's shop. 

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Houston IQS {page 4}

From the A Celebration of Color exhibit:

Sea Glass by Christina Arcenegui Bono

An Explosion of Happiness by Eva Arellano Martin

Colored Pencils by Phyllis Carlyle,
Thea Carlyle, and Alex Carlyle

Hexagon Charm by Cheryl Miller

 Absolutely Certifiable Insane by Connie Peterson
Quilted by Janet Mason

From the In Full Bloom exhibit:

Forget Me Not by Fiona Lindsay

 Mama T's Garden Party by Theresa Marler and Mary Covey

So Sorry, I missed the title and maker for this one.

Flora Australis by Denise Griffiths
Flora Australis by Denise Griffiths

Yellow Roses for Mom by Vicki Bohnhoff

The Yucca and the Moth by Shannon Conley

Soaking up the Sun by Pam Seaberg

Aussie Bush Delights by Lois Parish Evans 

 This Daisy's Got the Blues by Linda Swanson

 Containers by Orti Modiana

Wild Things by Marianne Williamson

Sunflowers by Peg Collins

Tactile Architecture is coming! I promise.

Want to see more of the pictures I took at IQS? All of the posts are here:

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