Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Red and Black

The last few weeks I've been trekking down memory hill, reviewing the more popular Sunday Quilt Inspiration posts. This one is from December 11, 2016. Enjoy the eye candy!

We still have a size 4 and 0 in this stunning style!! Give us a call today to help find your perfect dress for this prom 2016 season!!  (770)831-8795: ✯ Black and Red Rose....would never be my favorite. I want roses to reflect sunshine or delicacy, and these just don':

~ Scarlet Red Betta ~ by pattpoom, via Flickr Beautiful fish. The colors are beautiful. Incensewoman:

The Blackbird, also called the Black Stone Violin, is a full-size playable violin made of black diabase after drawings by Antonio Stradivari (Stradivarius), but with technical modifications to allow it to be played. The violin was conceived and designed by the Swedish artist Lars Widenfalk.:

checkered, vest, red and black, ryleigh rue, boutique, online shopping, online boutique, mommy and me

Red and Black M&M's® - Chocolates & Sweets -

10 Piece Queen Dawson Black and Red Comforter Set

These breathtakingly beautiful birds are Black-and-Red Broadbills (Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos). They have a black head, back, and tail feathers with crimson underparts. The bill is most striking, as it is a wonderful light turquoise on top with yellow underneath.    Catch More Creatures Here:

Red and black quilts? Well, of course!

Scraps of Life: My Quilts   The use of red really makes this quilt pop. The narrow bands between the rows of larger black and white are a great design element:

red & white & black quilts | Black, White, and Red zig zag quilt | Quilts:

Modern Baby Quilt Black White and Teal by AllAboutTheDetail:

Black and Red plaid flannel quilt:

Disappearing nine patch - lovely:

Another finished top by Certified Shop, Mami's Country Quilts from Duck Lake, SK, Canada! Love the Black and Red! Very rich! Contact shop for kitting info!:

Meets a lot of my goals in quilting... Black and White with Red pops of color.:

I love black, white, and red quilts...this was fun to make :):

Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilting: What's Black and White and Red All Over?:

I love the graphic intensity of this one:

Saturday, June 29, 2019

20 Skills Every Sewist Learns

Have you ever wondered what skills you've learned as you picked up sewing? It was a topic of discussion on one of the Facebook groups where I'm a member. The writer mentioned several and others chimed in. I've compiled the list of skills with a few examples of each. This list is certainly not exhaustive, but it's a great way to get started thinking about the many skills you have learned along the way.
  1. Artistry (creating and designing, use of color, fit and form)
  2. Chemistry (fiber content, treatment and care of fabrics, glues)
  3. Color theory (using color, color wheel)
  4. Conservation (avoiding waste, recycling)
  5. Construction (basting, stitches, sewing buttons)
  6. Efficiency (meeting deadlines, completing projects)
  7. Finances (making purchases, budgeting)
  8. Fine motor skills (hand sewing, putting in zippers, easing)
  9. Following directions (putting patterns together in order)
  10. Gross motor skills (cutting, using large equipment, setting up work-space)
  11. Hand eye co-ordination (threading needles, sewing straight and curved lines, detailed handwork)
  12. Math skills (basic math, fractions, geometry)
  13. Mechanical skills (threading and adjusting machines, long-arming, cutting equipment)
  14. Physics (fabric content, drape, pressing, lighting and electrical)
  15. Reading comprehension (patterns, books, magazines, blogs)
  16. Spatial awareness/geometry (sizing, fitting pieces together)
  17. Teaching (planning and teaching the next generation)
  18. Technical knowledge (selecting fabric, thread, and machines; adjusting patterns)
  19. Terminology (specialized vocabulary)
  20. Troubleshooting (diagnosis and repair of machines)
What have I missed? Add your ideas in the comments! 

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Pin It Weekly #283

 At our last BRMQG meeting, one of the ladies talked about making fabric postcards. I decided to play a little with that idea. Then, as I so oft do, I wanted to play more. This time I played on Pinterest. 

 I started out looking for a few ideas and ended with over 250 pins. Organized, into seven sections: food, houses, birds, sea, animals, houses and people. I got a little enthusiastic and had a little time on my hands. 

But since I've done the work. :) I thought I'd share.

Apparently I especially like flowers and birds. I like the way the artist built this gray and blue flower postcard. I hadn't thought of making the fabric section smaller and sewing it on with a single seam around the perimeter. 

Applique Vase of Flowers - Gift - Greeting Card A hand embroidered gift card. This gift is made using 100% linen background with hand cut flowers, hand sewn buttons and embroidered stitching to create the image of a rustic vase of flowers. This product takes quite a while to make,

Handmade sewn thank you card made using Moda fabrics and buttons

These simple but delicate flowers were made by sewing organza onto a canvas background. The finished result is similar to that of a painted picture but far more special and unique. The needle was my pen and the fabric was my paint. This card would shine out from any others in a line up. It would be perfect for framing as a special memento to keep long after the event. Each card is individually handmade by me in my studio so small variations from the one in the photo make it uniquely special. ...

I don't know what I was thinking when I started pinning bird ideas. I must have been on a whimsy kick, because well...look.
Beso de pajaritos

Original Textilkunst Vogel Bild Applique Kunst Handarbeit

Sewn card with buttons- would be great for many occasions

Not every idea is a postcard, either. If I liked it, it's here.
tessituras crafts

desenho da Kajsa Wikman | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A Vase of Flowers ~~ another Richard finish

It seems that I'm reporting on Richard's great work rather than my own work. This finish is too pretty to not report. 

So Richard decided to make a vase to put flowers on his dad's grave. He used some of the cypress wood that he recently acquired. It's beautiful, even without the flowers.

Each side is just a little different because of the wood grain, but every one also has a perfect little cross. 

According to the guys the cypress wood won't deteriorate for many years, even though it's exposed to the elements while sitting on a grave.  

I haven't yet, but I'm thinking of asking him to build another for my grandmother's grave. What do you think?

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Thread Cabinet ~~ Richard's Finish!

My husband. My wonderful, loving husband. Forty years we've been husband and wife. 

He's is one put-together guy and knows oh-so-many things. Sometimes I think he just knows all the things. I have no clue how he can know or understand all these concepts and mechanics and stuff. 

He can fix a leaky pipe, cook a meal, cut down a tree, explain a football game. He can tell you how safe (or in danger) you are, how to fix just about anything mechanical, figure out interest rates, grow a garden to feed the neighbors. I've barely begun, but I'll stop because there's something wonderful that I want to show you.

Most recently he's been showing off his carpentry skills. It's taken a while but finally, it's finished. Even better, his carpentry has been working for me!  

Check out the drawers in my cabinet: thread drawers, you see.

There are five drawers, each one with three shelves. The number of spools depends on the size of said spools, but I've put at least 10 on a shelf. Which means it can easily hold up to 150 spools regular embroidery spools. 

The drawers pull out completely so I have easy access to the spools at the back of each shelf and can see all of the colors at once. (Isn't that a cool feature?!) Don't look at the paint job. That's my mess. Rich wanted to clean it up, but I insisted that he deliver the cabinet instead. I'm leaving it. And that's the end of the discussion.  

I've arranged the spools by color, of course. The librarian in me insisted. It's the same system I use for fabric...white, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, navy, gray, black. Sort of ROYGBIV, Mary style.

The cabinet sits on my sewing table close to my embroidery machine. Custom made for that spot, which I chose. It's a great improvement over the open system that I had before, thanks to Richard's thinking: the cabinet has doors to keep dust and light out. So now do you see why I give such accolades to the man with whom I hope to grow old? 

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: B U T T O N S

Here's a repost of a 2013 Sunday Quilt Inspiration.

I'm working on a quilt inspired by a few of my grandmother's buttons.  My mom gave them to me many years ago and I've kept them all this time.  I can't bring myself to use them because they may be lost, so they serve more as a memento of her than as buttons normally do.  A few days ago I saw a quilt on Pinterest that I decided I wanted to replicate.  
Image © Love Patchwork & Quilting  Cute as a button! Applique Quilt by @Kate Mazur F. Jones

Well, I can't replicate anything.  The moment I begin working, I start making changes.  Before I realized it, the only thing that my quilt had in common with the Pinterest quilt was that I was still sewing fabric buttons.  In no time I was thinking of that plastic bag of my grandmother's old buttons.  I pulled it out and looked for unusual specimens.  They are pretty much basic 1960's button salvaged from all manner of clothing, but I was inspired by the colors, shapes and designs.   

I thought that you might be inspired by a few buttons also.  You don't have to make a quilt exactly like the one I started with.  People have used buttons to make many different projects, so I thought I'd show you a few.  Maybe one these projects will inspire you.  Just be warned: for some of these, you'll need boxes of buttons!

I love this idea, especially because it looks more like a piece of art than as a globe. It can also be done using a styrofoam ball, and tons of studs (seeing as I always seem to lose one of the pair).

Super-pretty button bracelet... lots of color schemes in the Etsy shop:

Ideas for recycling those buttons we get with shirts etc we purchase that just get thrown in the drawer & never seen again.

Love Buttons

This would be cute told hold Alana's jewelry on.48c68add21f36eac098bc81afed35b8a.jpg 396×600 pixels  Free Wire Name Information.  FREE NAIL ART INFORMATION  More Fashion At   WWW.THEDILLONMALL.COM

Not just any pillow: a ring bearer's pillow!
Vintage Ring Pillow: The buttons are so cute!

Love these earrings.
vintage buttons turned earrings ~ great idea!

Buttons on a plain sweater or sweatshirt. I might have to do this.


So, now a few button quilts, because why not?

patchwork buttons

Cute as a Button quilt

Fabric covered button small quilt.  Could be done with yo-yo's too.

Have a lot of wonderful buttons and looking for a way to showcase them?   A Button Quilt!


Happy Quilting,