Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Pin It Weekly #288

Would you like to meet new friends? Here are three followers for Fleur de Lis Quilts on Pinterest. Let's begin with Kate Janssens' "bags" board because she has some interesting little DIY bags.


sashiko - agnès delage에 대한 이미지 검색결과wataridori мешок / купить Фактический / Мины perhonen доставка на дом покупка специализированный магазин падение [падение]

Jun Kaneko

Linda Hains has the sweetest board, titled "art," that has the most precious drawings. How stinkin cute are these?

Stop...have a chat~!YIPPEE!~



And finally, Mya Ballard is a girl after my own heart. Check out her "School Survival" board!

"A girls emergency kit for school" by kaisenlindsay ❤ liked on Polyvore


I guess surviving school these days takes more than a few pencils and some paper. And for those especially rough days, an emergency kit for true emergencies. I guess the office doesn't keep a bottle of Tylenol for teachers anymore. :) If you're starting back, what do you consider "survival" necessities? Or are you a member of the no-extra-weight-in-the-backpack crowd? I still am the latter.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

GSQA Meeting

GSQA Opportunity Quilt
This lucky gal has been doing so many quilty things lately! I don't know how July became the quilt travel month for me, but wow! I'm having fun. Of course, I'll have to settle down and get busy with our quilt show, which is on Sept. 28th. In other words, the heavy lifting is about to begin. 

This travel was to attend the GSQA meeting in Brandon, Mississippi, with Lori, a friend who is about to become the new GSQA president. Her term begins in January. 

Detail of opportunity quilt
I was a little more than moral support: I also had the opportunity to "sell" my circuit teacher classes. There's a system to how that's done. First, the teachers lay their class quilts out on tables and chairs to be seen by anyone interested. Then we each had a few minutes to talk about the classes so that the audience could get our perspective of what we teach. 

There wasn't much time, but showing our class quilts and giving a little blurb may have interested someone who will go back and encourage her guild to hire a teacher. Cross your fingers and hope that I'm one!

The hosting guild had a mini quilt show, which was a sweet surprise. Those are the quilts you're seeing here. Unfortunately, the quilts did not have information as to who their makers are. 

Did I mention that we did part of a shop hop along the way? I know, I know, but yes, I did buy fabric. How about the goodies come in another post? This one is plenty full of eye candy.

We also had a show and share. I wanted to show Dropcloth, so I was standing in line or helping to hold other folk's quilts and didn't get any pictures. Just trust me, there were some fabulous ones.

Lastly, MJ Kinnan gave a trunk show and presentation. You have to check out her work! It's amazing. Can you imagine what this quilt looks like in person? It's a stunner, for sure. These are two of MJ's diamond quilts. Both photos are from her website. Though I did take photos of my own, you can't imagine how difficult that is until you try sitting down behind people, while one or two others (who are always too short) hold up and move the quilt. I'm not very good at photography when everything is in my favor, so the pictures I took? Nah, not even.

photography by tony bennett studio

I had not even heard of Kinnan before this meeting. Well, maybe in passing. Have you? She'll be teaching in Houston and has had quilts in several major shows. If you have the opportunity to see her teach, jump on it! Quick, fast and in a hurry. She's that good and her quilts that fabulous. 

Between River and Sky_Finished Full Size.jpg
PHOTOGRAPH from MJ Kinnan website.

I must live under a rock. Are you there under the neighboring rock or are you familiar with some of the big name quilters? How do you manage that? Really, I read about quilting all the time. Where and whose work should I be reading to keep up? 

Monday, July 29, 2019

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: egg shapes

Sometimes I look at an item and see a quilt. And sometimes I look at a quilt and see an object that probably is not meant by the maker. The first is a possible idea for a future quilt. The second is probably odd. Regardless, this inspiration comes from a quilt and manifested itself into an SQI. Or something like that.

It's no summer cookout without deviled eggs, and this patriotic batch will be a huge hit at your 4th of July celebration. #4thofjuly #4thofjulyideas #4thofjulyparty #4thofjulyfood #4thofjulyrecipes #fourthofjuly #fourthofjulyfood #summerrecipesDeviled eggs are hard boiled eggs where the yolk is mixed with mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper. A little sprinkle of paprika on top helps make these the best deviled eggs recipe.

So are you curious what kind of quilts might be deviled eggs incognito? Quite often they're modern, artsy, and colorful.

Seeds and Sun by J Luckhurst

Eccentric Concentrics Quilt - The Quilters Applique Workshop. Stunning applique art quilt by Kevin Kosbab.

Carbonated by Carolina Patchworks

Crop Circles #Quilt


by Elizabeth Hartman, from her Modern Patchwork book

Modern Shapes Quilt



Festival de couleurs | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

These quilts and over 600 others (though not devil egg incognito) are in the modern section of my "heart, quilts" board. Do you see devil eggs in these quilts? 

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Pin It Weekly #287

Hey folks! Happy weekly! Meet some new followers with amazing boards. Irene Borjas, for example, has a DIY obsession, which means many boards with DIY ideas. How do you like this one called corazones, Spanish for hearts? 

Cómo hacer un corazón de tela – Gineceo39 Amigurumis (Patrones en español)

Another DIY guru is Annatjie von Staden. Why don't we just jump to her "creative ideas" board? Don't you want to see more of this?
These, my dears, are made with utensils. Are you wowed yet?
15 Junk Silver Spoon and Flatware CraftsFork??? might have to make a few of these.

But there are many other ideas on this board, so....
5 pointed origami star - step by step instructions

Solar Mason Jar Lights | DIY outdoor solar lights | Upcycled mason jar solar lights | How to drill glass easily | How to easily drill ceramic | DIY outdoor solar sconces from mason jars | DIY outdoor sconces | DIY Porch lighting | Repurposed mason jars | #TheNavagePatch #DIY #SolarLights #MasonJars #easydiy #masonjarlights #Lighting #Upcycled # Repurposed #HowTo #CurbAppeal #Porchdecor #farmhouse #farmhousestyle | TheNavagePatch.comEasy kid craft -n o-sew sock animal

Finally this board is so unusual that I have to share: "Ideas for someone who has passed away" is Deneen Tressler's board of Christmas tree ornaments and memory makers. 

Memorial Ornament In Memory Sympathy Gift Personalized- filled with white feathers

Personalized Christmas ornament are designed to be in loving memory of ornaments. A way to carry and keep our loved ones close to us this holiday season. __________________________________________________________________ These ornaments are a very sentimental gift to give this season, they can also be used as:  -Remembrance ornaments -In memory of ornaments -Memory ornaments -Memorial ornaments -Personalized Christmas ornaments -Photo ornaments -Memorial Christmas ornaments -Keepsake ornament...

Keepsake Floating Ornaments: Printing on Transparencies with Free Cut File - My Paper Craze

Have a wonderful rest of the week. Here's hoping you got lots of DIY inspiration from this post, and even better, that you get to put it to use, right? 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

A Quilty Jaunt -- more of CFAL in Baton Rouge

Lucy Landry -- Life's Journey-Marathon
Since I didn't get to process all of my pictures for the first post of the Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana (CFAL) exhibit at the Louisiana State Archives building, I thought I'd get to work and try to show you the rest. None are in any particular order. I started out trying to systematically take pictures, but well, I'm more ADD than systematic. 

Yvonne Bayham -- Here Kitty Kitty
This one really tickled Richard! He kept going back to it to look for the 3D effects and to giggle at the pure joy of it.

Vicky Thompson -- Flight of Fancy

Bebe Tulley -- Walking Home from School, Uganda
Sally Gordon -- Bird on a Wire
Lisa Ducote -- Guardian of the Forgotten

Melanie Borne -- Jerusalem

Donna LaFleur -- Lightness
Did you notice the little feather in the bottom right corner? Not me! I saw it while working on the pictures.

Vicki Thompson -- A Light in the Woods

Suzi Stone --
Spirit-- Through the Stars to Mars

Suzi Stone --  Gorden's Musical Journey

Melanie Borne -- Losing Ground

Melanie Borne -- Leaves

BeBe Tulley -- St. Mark's Church Door, Philadelpha, PA
I can't say I have a favorite, but Susan Broussard's Sigh (below) certainly makes my heart happy. It's just so realistic-looking yet has a sense of mystery to it. I couldn't help but to take a closer look. Even with a close-up, there's no way a photograph can do it justice.

Susan Broussard -- Sigh

Of course, it isn't just this last one that deserves to be seen in person! Is it just me or aren't they amazing?  Fiber artists for certain. Which one really speaks to you? Or has you thinking of home? (That's what Sigh does for me. That cypress could be in my back yard.)