Saturday, July 20, 2019

Indian Creek Reservoir

Every year my family makes an attempt to get together for a weekend of camping, boating, eating and general water fun. Those of us with campers try to get campsites near each other. That usually doesn't work terribly well, but it's good to have two general areas. One can escape to the other area when necessary.

After all, when many people gather in one place, there's bound to be some noise. Unfortunately, not many of us were available this weekend, but three campers and two boats showed up and brought 25 or so people for an afternoon of water sports and supper. Ahh, family!

So these pictures are some that I took in the afternoon near the waterfront. I didn't have to walk far to take them. As Richard and I were walking "home" to our camper, we saw a little squirrel who leisurely climbed this odd tree with the hole right through the trunk. I missed the squirrel, but the tree cooperated.

Notice that I didn't take any pictures of family. Actually it's because I did not want anyone taking pictures of's so hot I truly was melting in the heat. Not something I want posted on social media, so I decided to abide the golden rule. How do you decide which family pictures to post? It's a tricky question for me, especially when posting on my blog. Do you feel that way? 

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Kaja said...

Family or not, this is such a beautiful spot. I don't post family online, because I'd have to keep asking if it was okay and I'd lose interest somewhere along the way. Mind you, I like seeing/hearing about other people's family so I'm not at all consistent.