Thursday, July 4, 2019

On Retreat

A couple of older kits ready to go.
Today is the first day of a quilt retreat with other women from the Baton Rouge Modern Quilt Guild. We're at a beautiful retreat house in Baton Rouge that has lots of space: cooking, laundry, living and, of course, sewing. The quilting area is a large, L-shaped room with sewing tables for 12, cutting areas, pressing stations with Oliso irons, and sitting areas. 

Amanda Jean's QAL
I've been prepping for this retreat between all the other things that are happening. Mostly I decided what I want to work on. Then I cut the fabric and made kits that include instructions and thread. I put everything into a plastic bag that linen comes in (the girls save them for me) with a completed block. 

I had several already put together, so I went through those yesterday and chose to bring a couple, just in case. One is a second version of the Amanda Jean Nyberg QAL that I participated in back in 2017.

One of the kits that I cut and set up is a blue, green and teal scrap quilt with lots of white background. I just kept cutting and adding fabric to the kit. If I use it all, I'll have either two medium size quilts or a huge king. Yeah, I lost control of that plan. But, you know, it's better to have too much, right? 

The last kit is one that I've been collecting for years. As I purchased or used these modern prints, I put a little aside for a time when there would be enough for a modern quilt.

There are plenty! I cut blocks in three different sizes: 6½" square, 6½" by 4½", and 6½" by 2½". Then I cut RJR solid in  white linen into 6½" by 2½" pieces. That's the quilt that I worked on today.

The last thing I did to prepare was to gather the items I use everyday: scissors, rulers, pins... You know, all those things. You'd think it would be easy. Think again.

I have lots of sets of everything, but nothing stays in this container just waiting for a road trip, so I was a little concerned I'd forget an absolutely imperative, most necessary thing. Then I'd have to either waste time to make a run to an LQS or just (gasp!) do without. No way. 

I spent lots of time thinking about what I'd need by running each kit through my mind and systematically seeing what I'd use. It really helps if your brain works systematically. Mine doesn't. But I did a pretty good job anyway. 

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Kaja said...

I think you did a great job! I like the idea of having a kit ready for each quilt and am properly impressed by your organisation. Have a great time at your retreat.