Friday, January 31, 2014

Some Sad Puppies

Our puppies are going through a bad spell.  I sure hope that it doesn't last too much longer, because we are a sad lot.

It started with Candy.  She is depressed since we sold the last puppy on Sunday.  I can understand her sadness, she generally goes through a period of not wanting the babies around her at all, then when they are gone, she mopes around and stays to herself.  One of her favorite activities is guarding the door, but she has just begun doing that again today and only for a very short time.

Cotton has an arthritic hip and this weather has really done him in.  He can barely get around, holds his right back leg taut, and really is too quiet, even for an old man.  His pain must be really bad: All he does is lie under a warm blanket.  I put the hot pad over his hip and side for a while this morning but it's difficult to tell whether that helped.

Finally there's silly Little Little.  She stole a half sleeve of crackers yesterday afternoon.  Ate every crumb and licked the salt.  Although she passed most of it, she still threw up all night. So today she is exhausted and mopey.  She won't move from her perch on the back of the sofa.  When someone says her name, she moves her eyebrows, nothing else.

Didn't I tell you we're a sad lot?  

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

No School = Sewing and Quilting!

We've had a crazy week of winter weather.  Generally we get a bit of ice on and off during winter.  Occasionally we even have an ice storm, but this business of three days of ice and snow is unreal.  I'd say it happens about one in a 10 year span.  That means that we just can't handle the problems that ice and slush bring with them.  Driving is dangerous, so buses can't run, and that means schools are closed.  Finding sitters is difficult, if possible, but most of the stores and restaurants are closed.

Art Quilting Studio MagazineI took advantage of our days off to sew, watch a few movies and spend time with Richard.  I bought a few magazines a while back and in Art Quilting Studio magazine, there's a great article on making bracelets from fabric.  I really like the idea and decided to play.  

Did I have fun!  I used a piece quilted muslin left over from a previous project and added silks, vintage lace and ric rac, and some buttons and beads.  The resulting bracelet is very artsy and bold.  I haven't had an opportunity to wear it, thanks to the snow days, but it's coming. 

I haven't decided exactly what to do with my bracelet, so I guess I'll just wear it!  

Pin It Wednesday #52

Happy Snow Day Wednesday.  I'm enjoying our couple of days off.  I've been sewing and quilting and have had so much fun!  

Jedi Craft Girl: Jedi Craft Girl Quilts...I could change colors and do one for my Boy

These quilts are all from my "heart, quilts" board.  I've invited some of my followers to pin to the board, but I'd like to have more pinners adding to the beauty.  If you're interested, let me can comment here or send me an email (

Penny Sampler top | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

If you're interested in pinning to this board, you have to follow it, and I have to follow you.  Once that's done, I can invite you (add you to the list of people) and we're all set. 

Solid Squares Quilt.

Wouldn't it be great to have several people all adding quilts to the same board.  Of course, you've have access to it anytime, and I certainly don't have a problem if you were to use the photos on your blog.  All you'd need to do is let your readers know where they can find the pics so that they can follow the pictures back to the original source.

Midwinter Stars - My Red Door Designs

Love this for scraps!

How To: Sew a Diagonal Strip Quilt | Jenallyson - The Project Girl - Fun Easy Craft Projects including Home Improvement and Decorating - For Women and Moms

love this simple quilt


Between The Lines quilt pattern by Denyse Schmidt

Beautiful Neutral Quilt

stitches of love: I love the sashing

Supergoof Quilts: 'Sjaan, Diamanten & Apies'.
Here's hoping you join me
Happy pinning,

Monday, January 27, 2014

Just in time for the weather!

My husband doesn't like an electric blanket, but my feet get very cold at night.  We've found a compromise: we keep a heating pad at the foot of the bed for my feet.  He isn't overly hot and my feet stay warm.  As you can see from this picture, the heating pad cover has seen quite a few nights.  I've been saying that I'd replace it.  I finally got to it.

I pulled out two unfinished pieces from a class that I taught last summer.  They were almost the right size--all I had to do was find a few 2 1/2 inch strips to add as borders.  I auditioned several and finally settled on a yellow and a stripe.

Richard wanted me to use the original cover because, he said, it is treated with fire  retardant.  I said that any chemicals it once had are now long gone, but I didn't argue: in it went.  And, in fact, I used it for a pattern.

A piece of muslin backing, some quilt batting, the original cover and the pretty tops, and we were in business.  I stitched the front and back pieces together along the bottom to make one piece.  It didn't take long to quilt

After quilting it, I folded it in half along the bottom seam with right sides together and stitched the side seams.  Then I stitched along the top edge leaving a space open against the corner.  My particular heating pad has the cord coming out from a corner.  I used the open space to turn the cover right side out, then hemmed the raw edge with a small piece of binding that I sewed down right side together and turned into the opening.  

That's it.  All done.  I really should have done this long ago.  It was much easier and faster than I imagined it would be.  That said, if you have something small that you want to cover, get busy with it.  It doesn't take very long.

Happy Quilting,

Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow Day to Play Day

It's nice to get a day off now and again.  Today's day off was a nice surprise that I decided to take advantage of.  I did a little cleaning, a little sewing and a little playing.  

 I found this small Grandmother's Flower Garden piece at my mom's a couple of days ago.  The moment I saw it, I decided to make a pin cushion with it. 

Although I thought I'd gotten all the fabric at my mom's house, I discovered another chest of drawers in a different bedroom.  Full of fabric.  Mostly cotton.  Kinda cheap.  Very thin.  Walmart fabric.  But in the midst of it all was this cute little piece and I could not leave it behind.  Well. I couldn't leave most of it behind.  I hauled a small box home.  Then Rich went back and got the chest of drawers.  

I appliqued it to two pieces of white muslin using a blind hem stitch.  I made a pincushion last year that already is beginning to come apart from the pins, so I've learned that I need to double the fabric. 

I really like it.  Isn't it pretty?  It was fun to make, especially at the end when I added the crewel cotton to help hold it's shape and add a fun touch.  I had to use an extra long crewel needle so it would reach through the pincushion.  It is a sweet reminder of my mom and grandmother so I'm happy that I made it.

Happy Quilting,