Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pin It Wednesday #50

Wow!  50 weeks of pinning on Wednesday!  Now that's a record that seemed very far away on a while ago.  I'd say it time for a giveaway soon.  I have to get to work on that after learning French for the class I'm teaching, and quilting the quilt I've started, and writing the tutorial I've taken pics for, and well, you get it.  

My To Do List is looong!  But I have a feeling that it's not any longer than anyone else's list, so I'll just stop the whining and get to pinning.  

Dear Hearts

Civil War Quilts: Dixie Diary Progress

Catnip! Quilt Pattern


Quilt Inspiration: Welcome to the 2012 Arizona Quilter's Guild Quilt Show !

Jessica's Quilting Studio

Second Floor Walk-up: Super-Quick Cool Scrap Lap Quilt Pattern

Sew Fresh Quilts: Blogger's Quilt Festival - Spring 2013 - Sew Retro, Baby!

Piece N Quilt: February 2013

A Comma Quilt Finish - An Asymmetrical Wedding Quilt - Emmaline Bags and Patterns

autumn squares quilt

Knockout Quilting

so cute

Red Pepper Quilts

Mod Medallions

Gorgeous! Think how this was done

Happy Quilting,

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