Wednesday, January 29, 2014

No School = Sewing and Quilting!

We've had a crazy week of winter weather.  Generally we get a bit of ice on and off during winter.  Occasionally we even have an ice storm, but this business of three days of ice and snow is unreal.  I'd say it happens about one in a 10 year span.  That means that we just can't handle the problems that ice and slush bring with them.  Driving is dangerous, so buses can't run, and that means schools are closed.  Finding sitters is difficult, if possible, but most of the stores and restaurants are closed.

Art Quilting Studio MagazineI took advantage of our days off to sew, watch a few movies and spend time with Richard.  I bought a few magazines a while back and in Art Quilting Studio magazine, there's a great article on making bracelets from fabric.  I really like the idea and decided to play.  

Did I have fun!  I used a piece quilted muslin left over from a previous project and added silks, vintage lace and ric rac, and some buttons and beads.  The resulting bracelet is very artsy and bold.  I haven't had an opportunity to wear it, thanks to the snow days, but it's coming. 

I haven't decided exactly what to do with my bracelet, so I guess I'll just wear it!  

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