Friday, January 31, 2014

Some Sad Puppies

Our puppies are going through a bad spell.  I sure hope that it doesn't last too much longer, because we are a sad lot.

It started with Candy.  She is depressed since we sold the last puppy on Sunday.  I can understand her sadness, she generally goes through a period of not wanting the babies around her at all, then when they are gone, she mopes around and stays to herself.  One of her favorite activities is guarding the door, but she has just begun doing that again today and only for a very short time.

Cotton has an arthritic hip and this weather has really done him in.  He can barely get around, holds his right back leg taut, and really is too quiet, even for an old man.  His pain must be really bad: All he does is lie under a warm blanket.  I put the hot pad over his hip and side for a while this morning but it's difficult to tell whether that helped.

Finally there's silly Little Little.  She stole a half sleeve of crackers yesterday afternoon.  Ate every crumb and licked the salt.  Although she passed most of it, she still threw up all night. So today she is exhausted and mopey.  She won't move from her perch on the back of the sofa.  When someone says her name, she moves her eyebrows, nothing else.

Didn't I tell you we're a sad lot?  

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