Saturday, January 18, 2014

One long week!

Wow!  What a long week!  I spent three days getting ready for Beta Convention, three days at Convention, and now at least three days recovering.  It's funny how exhausting having fun can be.   We really did have fun.  I had fun when another sponsor knocked on my hotel door at 1:30 to tell me that one of my students was in the hallway (it wasn't my student).   I had more fun sitting in hard seats for hours during the sessions.  And the most fun?  Packing 42 teens in a bus and driving the narrow streets of Lafayette while they sang (and yelled) at the top of their lungs.  They were happy and celebrating.  I don't know what they were celebrating, except that we were on the way back to the hotel and they needed to find a way to wake up before we arrived.  Who goes to a hotel to sleep?  Surely not teenagers! There's too much fun to be had: texting, TV and movies, and running the halls, and talking on the phone, and....

We returned home yesterday and I slept 14 hours straight.   All I can say is it takes a lot of rest to recover from 78 hours with 42 teens.  Today I hit the studio running and tonight I took the button quilt off the long arm.  It will take a few more days before it's finished, but it's really beginning to take shape.  I started with just a small idea and let the quilt speak to me.  Turns out that the quilt has quite a bit to say!  

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