Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow Day to Play Day

It's nice to get a day off now and again.  Today's day off was a nice surprise that I decided to take advantage of.  I did a little cleaning, a little sewing and a little playing.  

 I found this small Grandmother's Flower Garden piece at my mom's a couple of days ago.  The moment I saw it, I decided to make a pin cushion with it. 

Although I thought I'd gotten all the fabric at my mom's house, I discovered another chest of drawers in a different bedroom.  Full of fabric.  Mostly cotton.  Kinda cheap.  Very thin.  Walmart fabric.  But in the midst of it all was this cute little piece and I could not leave it behind.  Well. I couldn't leave most of it behind.  I hauled a small box home.  Then Rich went back and got the chest of drawers.  

I appliqued it to two pieces of white muslin using a blind hem stitch.  I made a pincushion last year that already is beginning to come apart from the pins, so I've learned that I need to double the fabric. 

I really like it.  Isn't it pretty?  It was fun to make, especially at the end when I added the crewel cotton to help hold it's shape and add a fun touch.  I had to use an extra long crewel needle so it would reach through the pincushion.  It is a sweet reminder of my mom and grandmother so I'm happy that I made it.

Happy Quilting,

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