Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Pin It Weekly #253

Are you pinning this week? I am not. I've been in the studio jumping from project to project. Not really getting anything finished, but advancing none the less. Since I haven't pinned anything of interest, let's take a look at what is trending.

Hair: Balayage color
Keep right up to date with approaching trends here and now as we cover the major trends and the best hairstyles for 2015! Side-swept hairstyles for 2015 This is one of the most frequently featured hairstyles for 2015, as seen on the runway models from Wang, Chai, Zimmermann and Som plus lots more. However, each …

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Trending Now! The most popular hair trends for 2018 ✨Brown Hair With Bronde Balayage Highlights

DIY: industrial design
20 Savvy Handmade Industrial Decor Ideas You Can DIY For Your HomeA desk and shelf wall unit with the design you want and the function you need. The industrial strength pipe fittings support 8 long stained 2 x 12

Industrial Design Table "DIY" Parts Kit, 1-1/4" Black Pipe- Optional table top/seats, FREE SHIPPING!!

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Fall Decor: leaves
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Fall challenge for Flirty fleur with only fall textures and no flowers! Designed by Floral Design by Lili

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I Was Going To Bag My Leaves This Fall. But Now I'm Going To Do THIS Instead!

What's trending on your Pinterest?

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A quick catch-up

I haven't been posting as I normally do. It's really beginning to irk me that I've gotten lazy about reading and posting. Hopefully now that the kids are back in school, and there will be less babysitting, I'll be able to pick up the pace.

In the meantime, there are a few happenings that I want to share with you. One is that I visited a friend and saw her great-grandmother's Sunbonnet Sue quilt hanging in a guest bedroom. It's in pristine condition, which tells me that it was put away for special guests.  Isn't it sweet? And to have been hand quilted by her great-grandmother! She told me that it is over 100 years old. What a treasure.

The second thing is that Richard helped me to remake the design wall. Check it out. It has two parts. 

The top is a flannel fabric with one inch lines. I found it in my mom's fabrics. It's old and discolored but for the most part intact. I had to piece it together but did a pretty good job of matching the lines. 

The idea is that I'll be able to use the lines to keep my blocks straight as I put them up. I may even be able to use them to measure blocks and strips. That we'll have to wait to see.

The bottom part is a vinyl tablecloth. I've had it for a long time so the fold lines are seriously ugly. They may relax over time, not that it matters much. What does matter is that the design board is about 84" square. I need a step to reach the very top and it goes to the floor, but there are times when I need that much space. I'll keep a step-stool in the play area that Milly can sit on when she plays dolls. 

Friday, August 24, 2018

LSU Memories ~~ a finish!

A finish! Wait, a quilt finish! I've actually finished a quilt. This one is a memory quilt made of tee shirts from LSU. Purple and gold again! 

This quilt is to be a gift. A former client returned to request that I make another. I guess I couldn't resist that compliment because I happily took the job.  

I can't seem to just do the easy thing. I have to try something different every time I make a quilt. With this one, I decided to give color blocking a run. Some of the tees had designs on both sides, so those were easy to match up. Luckily, there were a few different shirts that looked good together and could make a large color block.

six gold blocks, note that I placed
 the two heavy designs side-by-side
four purple blocks from three quilts;
not all blocks are the same size

Of course, I didn't made this color block decision until after I'd already sewed columns together, so I had to rip a few seams out to make things match up. 

one block from many small designs
one block from four designs,
two pockets, and some filler area

Some of the tees had small designs that I could sew into one block. On the left block two pieces are actually pockets, which I left intact and open. Since I got two blocks this way, I was able to get 30 blocks to sew into five blocks by six blocks, making the quilt 70" x 84".

As I generally do with memory quilts, I chose to quilt each shirt or section with a different quilting motif. In the collage above you can see that the gray has an allover meander of loops within loops; the white Spring Greening Day has a tight flower motif; the purple (though it looks blue) has one of my favorites, scrolls; and the white Tabasco shirt has bamboo stalks. 

Each one either mimics a design on the shirt itself or picks up the theme of the shirt. For example, Avery Island, where Tabasco is made and bottled, has a grove of huge bamboo stalks and a large Buddha statue. Anyone who has toured the island would remember seeing the bamboo grove. Many brides have their bridals taken in the gardens, and there's a place in the grove where photo subjects can easily step into the bamboo for shots. I'm not sure that it's encouraged, however. 

And finally for the binding I chose this interesting tiger-skin cotton from my stash. The colors are blackish purple and shades of gold. I'm not sure I'm thrilled but it fits the theme of the quilt and seems to frame it well. 

Quilt Stats
Name: LSU Memories
Size: 70 x 84
Fabrics: Tee shirts from client
Backing: Natural muslin
Binding: Tiger-skin fabric from stash
Batting: 100% Cotton
Pattern: Puzzle design
Quilting: custom design based on tee-shirts
Completed: 2018 August

Here's another LSU quilt from 2012. It seems that I've made two LSU quilts already, but I can't seem to find the other. I suppose that I've lost track of all these memory quilts. A bit ironic, don't you think?

Link Ups
(It isquilt finish, after all!)

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Life's little things

Do you have those days when it seems that you haven't accomplished much, but a look back makes a few small discoveries?

I've had weeks of those kinds of days. I really felt that I had not accomplished anything of worth lately. Then I drove Richard's mom to a wake. As we were talking, I mentioned my feelings of wasted time, and she began a list my recent doings.

She and my father-in-law belong at the top of the list. I don't do enough for them, but I do try to help. They truly enjoy when I  visit, but even just a few in a week eats into four or five hours. Let's just say I'm a good conversationalist. Plus I have experience with dementia patients. And they are good people.  

She reminded me of the little dresses and outfits I've made for Milly and the 7-8 year olds. Marley, Caki and Soph have gotten only a few pairs of shorts, but I've also altered a few uniforms for grandchildren so everyone could start the school year off.

Hmm, she reminded me that I'm the lone member on the church directory "committee." It's not a difficult job, but it takes time and only one person can put all the information and photos into the directory. And other committees are slowing me down since I have to wait for their info and photos. These two photos came along quite recently. The one on the right below is a painting of the church by a local art teacher, Mrs. V. McNutt, who has been deceased for several years. 

Then there's a quilt guild that requires about three days of each month. Not much, grant it, but still there go three days.

And in case I don't have enough going on, there are grandie duties--babysitting, taxi services, general pop-ins, plus family time, meals and the happy news of little ones on the way. 

In the studio there are some things happening: I've finished another quilt in my bipolar series and begun a fourth. I'm sewing lots of tee shirts for my friend Leta. Uh, 75ish so far and still another 50ish to go. 

Then that idea of cleaning the studio got started. What came over me? I haven't a clue, but I've made a huge mess--really huge--and pop! Nothing happening for weeks now. 

Except that Richard helped build a new design wall. The old one was a mess, dirty and ugly, so we pulled it down. He also built a cabinet with cubbies for fat quarters and small cuts. I folded for days!

We concocted this design wall using flannel and a tablecloth. I'm hoping the lines on the flannel will help me to keep blocks in relatively straight row/column lines. I make lines that slant higher and higher as I move to the right. I need level lines to follow. 

The flannel was in my mom's stash and I knew immediately what it was meant for. Now the wall is about 90" square. A good queen size. I may add numbers to the blocks on the flannel for easy measuring.

Since there are so many things happening, I have a plan to finish some of these starts: 

  1. Tee-shirts go out this weekend. Boom! top of the list. 
  2. My self-imposed deadline for the church directory is the 30th. (No more waiting...get the stuff to me or don't.) That book is going!
  3. The alterations and repairs have been shut down for a while now that everyone is back in school. On hold till the Christmas holiday rush.
  4. The guild meetings happen when they happen, and get done at the last minute. That's just how it is.
  5. The cleaning mess will annoy me until that day (not too far away) when I can't stand it. At that point nothing else will happen until I finish cleaning.
  6. The in-laws are flexible and I can pop in at any time. So I'll just continue to do that two or three times a week. I sometimes bring handwork to do while I sit and visit, something I used to do when I'd sit with momma. My hands like to be busy.
  7. I don't know. The rest will take care of itself. I'll get a quilt finished eventually and then I'll start cranking them out again. That's just how life's little things happen here. 
How do you handle life's little things? Do you plan or fly by the seat of your pants? Or do you do both badly, like I seem to do?

Monday, August 20, 2018

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: plaids

Plaids are different. Let's look at a few.

I had no idea there are so many types of plaid!

Beautiful bolts of Tartan ~ Britex Fabrics, San Francisco.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Vebier Plaid - Caribou - Alpine Lodge - Fabric - Products - Ralph Lauren Home - RalphLaurenHome.comDarice Pastel Yarn Dyed Plaid Fabric


$78 Free shipping on F Schumacher fabric. Search thousands of fabric patterns. Strictly 1st Quality. Item FS-3452002. $5 swatches available.Multi_Plaid fabric by duckerdesigns on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Flannel fabric bundle, Plaid flannel, Red Plaid, Red Fabric, Gray fabric, Lumberjack, Apparel fabric, Kaufman, Bundle of 4, Choose the cut by FabricShoppe on Etsy

And for a few quilts that make good use of plaid fabric.

Americana Cambridge Plaid Patchwork Quilt Throw - great inspiration, this would be so soft made out of flannel.

(7) Ð ?? Ð'нÐÐÐÐÐ »Ð ° Ñ ?? Ñ ?? ники

Plaid valentine quilt by Marjo (The Netherlands).  MBW quilts and other material issues: February 2012Yay! The stripes on the fabric are straight! I thought I was the only one who is meticulous about stripes.  :-)

Quilt made from homespun plaids using the hopscotch pattern.

Patchwork Plaid Quilt Twin Plaid Homespun Fabrics Quilt Made By Lauren Applebee Patchwork Plaid Baby Bedding Plaid Patchwork BeddingPlaid Quilt Design Plaid Bedding Ideas Find This Pin And More On Quilts Plaid Tartan Gingham Homespun By Tartansanta Plaid Fabric Quilt Patterns Quilts Plaid Quilt Patterns

Quilt made out of stipes or checked or plaid look

Plaid Flannel Quilt Patterns Find This Pin And More On Fabric Plaid Quilt Ideas By Fabricfunk Plaid Fabric Quilt Patterns Plaid Quilt Tutorial Quilts Plaid Quilt Patterns

Stepping Stones pattern - love the colors of the homespun fabric in this quilt; black fabrics were used for the the centers....

Easy Plaids Scrap Quilt Pattern. So dynamic. I love the colours.

Join the 2,000 other followers and see over 8,000 other quilts on my Pinterest board, "heart, quilts."