Thursday, January 23, 2014

Puppy Fun and Friday Closings

We're down to only one puppy left from the last litter that Candy had.  Hopefully, we will be able to find a new home for him soon.  He's cute as can be and very entertaining, but we're beginning to become attached and that's not good since it makes letting go so much more difficult.

Marley really likes to come over and play with him.  He's quiet enough (for a few minutes at a time) to sit in her lap.  Last weekend she came by during nap time and he was quiet enough that she dozed off, but before the nap, came the fun.

Tonight we're supposed to get freezing rain and snow, then wake up to 24 degrees.  Schools are closed because the roads will be too bad for buses.  Those of you who are used to snow are likely thinking that this is a poor excuse for missing school, but consider that we get this kind of weather only once every few years, so drivers do not know how to handle icy roads.  I am sure there are a few children who are celebrating the school closings.  I'm just a little happy about it myself.

And finally, here's an article about how the movie Twelve Years a Slave may affect race relations in Bunkie.  Since I'm from the Bunkie area and teach at BHS, I am interested in any news that discusses our town.  I am disappointed in the overall theme of the article because it is so negative.  Although I admit that racism and prejudice still exists, I don't believe that relations are as bad as the article portrays nor do I think that the movie will increase the problems by a significant amount.  If there's one thing I am sure of, it's that we can discuss race relations and give our students an opportunity to express their feelings and concerns.  Hopefully those opportunities will ease anger and teach alternative ways of dealing with emotions.  If we're very lucky, students will take that home to share with their parents and instead of causing issues, the movie will become a catalyst for discussion, learning and tolerance.

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