Saturday, February 1, 2014

Princess Sophie

We celebrated our sweet Sophie's third birthday this afternoon.  I really enjoyed sitting at the kids table with Caki on my lap.  She'd taken a fall and was suffering a skinned knee, so Grandmay felt compelled to hold her for a little while.  We had a perfect view of the candle blowing and gift opening.  

Sophie, in the meantime was very busy among all the children and gifts.  She is the one dressed in the Minnie Mouse outfit.  

I think Poppa and Grandmay did okay with the gift giving.  We happened to give her a princess mirror and a dress-up outfit from the new Disney movie, Frozen.  She loves the movie and her parents toyed with the idea of purchasing the mirror only a few weeks ago but decided to wait till after her birthday.  We had no idea all of that had transpired, but we know the girls are in the princess stage.  How could we go wrong?

Caki's knee didn't take long to feel better--she got a few gifts and enjoyed taking pictures with Grandmay's phone.  In a few minutes she was smiling and laughing.

All in all, a party worthy of a princess and a great day for the grandparents.

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