Saturday, February 15, 2014

Goodbye to the Old House

My parents' old house has been standing empty since their deaths a few years ago.  We've had some problems with people breaking and entering and stealing what little had been left.  Finally, my sister, who owned the house decided that it had to go.  She could not insure it and didn't want the responsibility of someone breaking in and getting hurt.  Besides that could bring a lawsuit.

So after many weeks of trying to figure out what to do, today she had the fire department do a controlled burn.  They set the fire and stayed to make sure that no cinders caused unwanted damage. In the weeks that we were waiting for the weather to cooperate, we managed to get much of the house removed.  Someone took the metal roof, some of us removed the windows and doors, and others removed some of the cypress woodwork.  

Although not all of the "good" parts were taken out--I noticed the crown molding this morning, too late--most of the things that could be recycled was.  Most of use who took wood/windows are planning to use them for crafting and upcycling projects.  

So today was the day and, though it was a little emotional, I was not as upset by the loss as I expected.  Maybe I've moved on, maybe it hasn't found the right nerve.  

Maybe it will really hurt when I go back and see just a few brick and ashes.  


jenclair said...

I hated the destruction of my grandparents' house, but there was no "home place" for my family as we were transferred frequently. I'm glad you managed to get as much that could be recycled as you did!

Anonymous said...

A touching story. I "lost" my beloved grandmother's house when someone bought it and renovated it out of all recognition. I was surprised to find that I wasn't as hurt by the changes as I had thought I would be. People are more resilient than we sometimes give ourselves credit for.