Thursday, February 27, 2014

As promised....

I said I'd show you the scarves I've made recently and here they are.  As modeled by the new mannequin in the studio.  All of these were made with recycled fabric samples that my sister Laura gave me when she came to visit the last time.  

I pulled out a couple packets of sheers and separated the packets. Then came the difficult part: pulling out the heavy duty staples and cleaning off the paper backing.  Sometimes the paper will peel like a banana, but usually it takes the patience of a saint.  It wants to tear into strips about a quarter inch wide and maybe an inch long.  Ah well, ya gotta work for some things.

This colorful one is an infinity scarf, which means there are no short ends, instead they are sewn together so make a complete circle.  It's twisted and double-draped on Lady M.

My favorite is the heavier solid white.  It's really soft and warm.  I like the sheers, but they are a little scratchy.  I wore the colorful one to mass on Sunday and fiddled enough that Richard told me to be still.  Well, that didn't help!  I absolutely cannot stop wiggling (or giggling) just because someone says to.  And I surely can't stop itching just because we're in mass.  No, I couldn't take it off: I was wearing it to cover up the only cleavage I have.  Anyhoo, I now plan to wash before wearing.  Maybe some fabric softener will help.

Lady M has not complained one time about the itching.  I suppose I could learn from her, but she's not explaining anything.  :-)  But then her head isn't big enough for a mouth.

Happy sewing,

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