Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunshine finished!

I put together a small quilt top last week and quilted it over the weekend.  It's bright and colorful and filled with a yellow that came from mom's stash, hence the name.     

Beside the colors and the bright yellow, I really like the quilting.  I chose to drop in circles of three sizes across the quilt, overlapping some and leaving background space between others.  I quilted in some rocks (as opposed to pebbles which are small) in the background.  Then the fun began.  I quilted in different motifs in the circles but where they overlap, I changed the motifs in each section.  Scrolls, shells, spider webs, circles, feathers, swirls, anything goes!  

I had so much fun with my crazy quilting, that I'm using it on the quilt that's on the long arm right now.  The best thing about this technique is that I can just have fun and nothing has to be exact. I'm not a repeat-something-exactly-the-way-I-did-it-already kind of quilter.  In fact, I'm not that kind of gal!  I need lots of change and fun and out-of-the-box thinking. This Sunshine quilt definitely allowed for my type of craziness!

What kind of quilter are you?  A repetitious or crazy quilter?  Do you need to be inside the box or outside?  

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