Friday, February 7, 2014

Finally! Presenting a Finish

I actually finished this little quilt last week.  First I needed photos and then, well, I don't know, exactly.  I think life just got in the way.  I did get photos but they are the usual bad pictures.  The weather has been absolutely miserably cold, so going outside was not happening.  I have outside duty early in the morning and take all day to warm up, so no, I'm not going out for pics.

The quilt is remarkably traditional for me: a few four-patch blocks alternating with a block made from some of my mom's fabric, which I found at her house only a few weeks ago.  It works so well with the five in squares that Lane won as a door prize when we went to a quilt show in the fall. 

The fabric from mom's house is burgundy and white but it almost reads pink in the photographs.  The deep burgundy is from my stash.  I'm not so sure I like the blocked border, but I've been wanting to try this for some time.  I'm not going to use it again any time soon, but oh well.  I had to figure that out, I guess.

I used an allover feather quilting design, which I do like very much.  This is the second or third quilt that I've quilted this way.  It's almost perfect: fast, easy and almost impossible to mess up.  I did get carsick though.  I like to loop my feather stem in and out rather than just stitch straight across.  Start adding the feathers to those roller-coaster loops, and after about an hour I was getting queasy.  Did Richard have fun with that!  He teased about getting drunk on my own quilting and laughed at his own silly jokes.  

All I could say was "I am happy someone can appreciate it because I am not in a mood to laugh about nausea."  That only fed his fire, so I stretched out on the couch for a nap, then went back to the long arm after a good 30 minutes.  Of course, I was still too queasy to cook supper two hours later!

Happy Quilting,

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