Monday, February 3, 2014

Modern Monday

I began a new project over the weekend.  It was supposed to be a modern quilt and started out with this inspiration quilt.

How To: Sew a Diagonal Strip Quilt | Jenallyson - The Project Girl - Fun Easy Craft Projects including Home Improvement and Decorating - For Women and Moms

We aren't there anymore.  It's more a mess than a quilt and is certainly not an inspired quilt.  I'm not sure what will happen next.  The quilt is speaking in some strange, foreign tongue and I can't decipher it.  So I've spent some time looking through my modern quilt board to see if I can salvage what I have done.  It would be a shame to lose it all.  I almost have a whole quilt.  Except that it's a mess.  

I have an idea that it needs a calming influence....big spaces of quiet.  Maybe like these
Wonderful color and simple wonk

Racing Stripes quilt by Valerie of Between Quilts. Looks modern

Goodness, I may have two quilts already!  Hmm, maybe the quilt(s) have been speaking the language of the modern aesthetic and I have been listening with traditional ears.  Wouldn't that be the way?  

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