Thursday, July 11, 2019

Retreat Finish (the first one)

I managed to sew up three quilt tops while on retreat last week. Despite the wine. And the shenanigans. And the huge amount of time we needed for eating. Oh, and we did sleep. Apparently I was a worker bee extraordinaire! 

The first quilt I worked on is this easy little quilt that consists of all these modern fabrics that I've been collecting. I cut 2½" strips of white from yardage, then pulled all the moderns I could find. Those I cut into three sizes all 6½" long. Pieces are 2½", 4½" or 6½" wide. I worked out the math so that I'd need three pieces of each size per row. 

What possessed me to think that I'd stick to my well thought-out formula? Yeah, I haven't the slightest idea. Because I unzipped the little bag of pieces and straight away went to work destroying that formula. Meh, it was math anyway. Do we really need that?

The final outcome took much longer than it needed to take. Thank you Math, for abandoning me in my hour of need. Nevertheless I got through it, improv-like, and love this happy little modern top. 

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