Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cotton Quilters' Guild Show

My guild had its quilt show and festival today.  What fun!  I spent a few hours helping out in the country store which sold fabric in every way imaginable.  Why I didn't take pictures of our booth is beyond me, but trust me when I say you could not walk away without fabric.  $2 yard fabric. $5 yard fabric. $1 bags.  50 cent fat quarters. $5 panels.  And other options.

I almost managed to not buy fabric.  Ahh, I finally gave in and picked up a couple of fat quarters to add to the neutrals.  I kept telling myself that I could pick some up anytime I go to a meeting AND I HAVE ENOUGH ALREADY.  Yeah, all caps on that part, because I really do.

There were four of us working the booth, so we were able to take breaks on occasion.  I used mine to go into the show and snap a few pics.  One problem with our show is that there are so many quilts that they are sometimes folded or placed so close to each other that one covers parts of its neighbor.  The aisles are also quite narrow.  Together this means getting pictures requires contortionist arms, but I managed to get a few.  Some may even be okay pics.

Still, I had lots of fun seeing the quilts, visiting with guild friends, and handling fabric (even if it was going home with someone else).

I have more photos but will save those for another post since I need to clean them up a bit.  

Happy quilting,

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