Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pin It Wednesday is the Big 40!

And to celebrate, let's look at old stuff turned new again!  Reclaimed, recycled, revamped, renewed, reborn, re-somethin'.  I won't even do the upcycle thing; instead I'll just get to the pretties.

>Found this on HG Crafts< Wall of words, This is a project I made using a bunch of old wood an pallet wood i had. I cut sanded and then painted it in shades that match my decor. I used the Cricket machine to help with the letters and fonts....then distressed it using sandpaper, Wall of words, Home Decor Project

Shelves from old wooden box crates.

I adore this! A 90 year old door made into a headboard.

Repurposed crib into porch chair.

how to paint a vintage sign style table: an easy step by step project without a craft cutter!

repurposed doors | Repurposed door | For the Home

Wow. I am pinning this just to keep her website!

14 Wooden Crates Furniture Design Ideas

Blue and White

Reclaimed Wood Frame

Repurposing wooden doors and shutters


Cape Cod Kitchen Island available @ is a timeless design. #coachbarn #furniture #design

hillside landscaping

Mike Project...barn wood top,,different sides

The Cottage Market: 25 Repurposed Shutter Ideas

Repurposed windows

crib upcycled into a wagon

Repurposed shutters

Lego table! Great idea! These old step tables are in all the thrift stores for practically nothing.

Recycled Bird Feeder

Okay, doesn't this prove that 40 is a great number?  I wonder how many of these doors, windows, shutters and so on are over 40 years and how many more they have in their new jobs.  Like most 40-somethings they are filled with stories and have something to teach all of us about what is really important in life.  Here's to those of us who already know.

Happy crafting,

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jenclair said...

These are all great! Love me some Pinterest. But maybe I spend more time admiring than doing. The other day, I thought maybe I'd choose one pin from my boards to use as inspiration each week. Truthfully, though, the inspiration works through to so much of what I do. A pose for a doll, a combination of stitches, and so many ideas of activities with B.E.