Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Easy Quilts

Ever just want to work on an easy project?  Something that your hands can do while your brain is fiddling with something else?  I've found that straight line sewing with scrap pieces is the best for easy quilting.  

from Cotton Quilters Guild Show 2013

Using the paper bag method, which is just tossing all the pieces into a bag and pulling them out as they come, allows the brain to work on a different problem than which color or piece is next. 

from Cotton Quilters' Guild Show 2013
Plus, there's the added benefit of strip piecing.  Square pieces of any size works, as do thimble/tumbler blocks and strips.  Just sew as it comes and don't over-think the process. 

These are also called one-block quilts and generally don't take very long to make, especially if they are lap or baby quilts, but even the larger ones are pretty fast about coming together.  

And the best part is that there are so many easy shapes and blocks that you can make several before you get tired of them.  Stick to a color scheme, or don't.  That's part of the fun of easy quilts.

All photos from Pinterest unless otherwise noted.

Another bit of the fun is that you can churn them out while your brain is multi-tasking.  

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