Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flowers and Apologies

First, my apologies for not posting in a few days.  I suffer from depression and it has gotten really bad in the last few months.  Some days are horrible.  I'm on a new medicine that may be helping but it's difficult to tell.  And while this isn't an excuse for not writing, it's all I have.

I spent part of the weekend putting some flowers together for the family graves for All Saints' Day.  Cleaning the graves and putting new flowers on them is a tradition here in the deep South, especially among Catholic families.  This weekend congregations everywhere will pray for the souls and bless the graves.  

Rich and I first went to Moreauville to visit my grandmother and grandfather's graves.  We forgot to bring a broom, so we stopped at the dollar store on the way.  In no time we had swept the dust, grass, and cobwebs off the grave and gravestone.  I arranged the flowers and snapped a few pictures so my sisters and other family members can see how pretty the flowers are.


The next grave is my great-grandparents' and great-uncle's grave.  Yes, all three in the same plot.  The concrete is barely above ground, so it gets very dirty in the course of a year and requires lots of scrubbing.  He has a Woodmen of the World vase on his grave, so I didn't need to buy a vase.  

We also went to visit my parents' grave.  Cleaning that one is easy since it's still new.  Rich took the reins on this one while I arranged the flowers in mom's sewing basket vase.  Dad bought the vase before his death, so it's really special to us.  

And that was the big part of my weekend, except for the many papers I graded, but there's nothing interesting about that boring chore.  How did you spend your weekend?

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