Saturday, September 27, 2014

Art 101

Earlier this week our basketball coach asked me to drive the middle school team to a tournament about 40 minutes away.  I rarely drive the bus for another teacher but she was in real trouble and we're friends.  I relented, but it wasn't too difficult to convince me.

Now I agreed with stipulations: I would drive only, not be responsible for kids off the bus, and I would be allowed to grade papers while they played.  I'd planned to grade essay that evening and didn't want to put it off. 

It was too hot to sit on the bus without a/c, so I was going to grade papers in the gym, but the noise and game were very distracting.  I gave that up after the second paper too twice the my normal time for grading.  I decided to beg for an cool area.  (The floor in a hallway if nothing else.)

I got very lucky.  Just outside the gym is the cafeteria and the door was open.  Yay!  Tables, seats and lights.  Plus, once I entered, I discovered the art.  How cool are these three dimensional pieces?

And check out the dream catchers.

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