Friday, September 12, 2014

Grand science stuff

Earlier in the week the grands came for a "quick" visit so that I could help Dusti (the oldest who is in 10th grade biology) gather up a few items for a science project.  

Note the verb: gather.  In my mind that means, well, gather.  Put together.  Find.  Collect.  Choose.  You get it.  

 In the end, we did gather...all the items.  

She figured out how to assemble them on the styrofoam.

But I glued them down because E6000 is strong, scary glue, and the thought of her gluing herself or inhaling it was just not acceptable.

In the end, I think we did a fairly decent job.  Here's the final product next to the picture guide in her biology book.  I didn't do the work for her (except the gluing).  Nope, this teacher is a bit more demanding than that.  

I made recommendations for the cell parts and let her decide which ones to use and insisted that she place every item.  Then she had to paint in the lines using some fabric paint.  It didn't take very long, especially since we ate supper while the glue set.  She seemed happy with the outcome and I got the fun of working with her one to one.

When was the last time you had the pleasure of helping with a school project?

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