Thursday, September 18, 2014

Church of the Little Flower FAIR

Last weekend was our church's annual fair.   Richard and I worked both days. We generally help with the Bingo game on Saturday evening.  On Sunday we make cold slaw for the dinner.  Of course, mixing the slaw is only part of the job.  The other part is serving it!

Keep in mind that we usually have 1000 plates to serve.  That's a lot of slaw!  I don't have photos of working or fun from Sunday.  Three was no time for that.  10 or 12 people serve lunch continuously for hours with only a couple of very short breaks when we run out of food.  Of course, we laugh and joke, catch up with each others' families, visit with customers, and adore the children who occasionally pass through to give a hug to a hard-working grandma.  

 Our fearless leader calling numbers in this next photo.  Angela works hard all year long to secure great prizes for Bingo.  Some people come for hours and, actually, days to play, visit and win.  We could not find someone willing to work so hard or who could do a better job of getting prizes, workers, and everything else we need for a successful Bingo at the fair.

Here's my little crew of kids and grands playing Bingo.  There was no conflict of interest with Richard and me working and our family playing!  We openly root for them and, when I call, I tease them on the mic.  It makes for fun and transparency in volunteerism.  

 One fun, crazy gal and the cutest hubby around working.  Gotta love those money aprons.  Our fair is a typical country fair: low tech and high fun!

Children's games!  Mostly it's just kids running around, occasionally getting prizes for no reason, and making lots of noise. 

How do they not get into trouble?  Well, part of the shade has some "granny chairs" so grownups can keep an eye on whichever kid happens to be running past.  When granny gets tired, she goes play Bingo and grandpa has to sit a round or two.

One of the things I do to help out the fair is to donate a small quilt to the Bingo table.  This is the one I decided on this year.  It's a long lap quilt in blues and greens with a touch of yellow.  The idea is that the blue squares look like flowers.

I can say with a sense of pride that my quilts are a winning prize.   Players begin asking us to put it up as a prize on Saturday evening, but we make them wait for Sunday.  The hope is that people will come back to play again on Sunday if there are some great prizes available.  I missed the game when it was put up since I was serving lunches, but it's okay: I didn't donate it for the recognition. 

And so another fall fair is behind us.  That means the weather will be getting cooler and the holidays are not far behind.  The year is rolling by pretty fast.  I hope it's going well for you and yours.

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