Saturday, February 25, 2012

Book Review: Heaven is for Real

I've been telling friends that I'd like to read Heaven is for Real after reading how successful it has become and then reading Marley's child version of the book.  

The story of Colton's experience in heaven had me intrigued.  How innocent and simple would his description and story be?  

I figured it would be interesting to read a child's point of view of heaven.  Remember Christ's admonition to the disciples when they tried to stop a child from "bothering" Jesus?  It had me thinking that a child's heavenly experience would be even more fascinating than an adult's.  

Colton and dad, Todd, signing books.
Now, before you wonder if I believe the story: I believed the story was possible before picking up the book.  I assume that if God is all-powerful and capable of anything, then He is certainly capable of this.  He made the universe.  He made the child.  He determined what realms the universe consists of....moving a four year old through those realms would be a small matter for God.  

I drove our school golf team to a tournament on Thursday.  Knowing my gift for getting into trouble when I'm bored, I considered grabbing a book of the shelves before leaving the library but just didn't get it done.  As I was racing out the door (late as usual) the counselor thrust a book into my hands and said someone (I missed the name) wanted me to read it.  That's my kind of divine intervention.
Recent photo of Colton, 11
I guess that reviewing a book means I should try to remain somewhat unbiased, but that would be impossible, so the heck with biases.  I loved it!  In fact, I now have Richard reading it.  I plan to add it to the library collection and will hand it to a couple of students as soon as I do.

Rather than tell you the story, I'll allow you the pleasure of this easy read.  (I read the entire book in less than three hours.)   But because you may want more information about the Burpos and their story, I'll leave you with the web address which includes their NBC interview.  I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.

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